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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: Scenic City Rumble

April 9, 2017 | Posted by TJ Hawke
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Views from the Hawke’s Nest: Scenic City Rumble  

March 4, 2017
Soddy Daisy, Georgia, USA

Commentators: Brad Stutts & Dan Wilson


Iceberg & Tank vs. The Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) vs. The Lynch Mob (Joey Lynch & Matt Lynch)

Watch this match here.

While this did feature a handful of labored spots and cringe-inducing decisions from the competitors, this was an incredibly fun match and successful opener. Pretty much everyone got to look good and the focus was clearly on the four younger competitors.

There was just a great energy to this match that made this whole thing impossible not to enjoy. All six guys were busting their asses, and they took the crowd on an exciting ride. This was exactly what he show needed to get things going.

The finish was also cool. Kerry had Iceberg in a Boston Crab, and Iggy was continuously throwing forearms at the defenseless Iceberg. The referee kept trying to throw Iggy off but the latter would not stop. The referee eventually gave up and called for the bell. It initially seemed like he was calling for a DQ or throwing out the match (which would have been abysmal), but he ruled the match in the favor of The Carnies. Love it. (***1/2)


Kyle Matthews vs. Shane Marx

Watch this match here.

This was a fine battle. Shane’s distinct size advantage helped him to cut off Kyle. The match then became about Kyle surviving the match.

Kyle managed to do just that and quickly finished Shane off with a Slurpy Kick/inside cradle combo. The suddenness of Kyle’s win was well executed.

This was a successful undercard match in that it got in and out without burning out the crowd or anything like that. It was not particularly impressive within a bubble though. (**3/4)


Matt Knicks vs. Rob Matter vs. Stevie Fierce

Watch this match here.This was a Freelance Wrestling “Showcase.” Unfortunately, it was not a great showcase for that company. It very much felt like a cliche triple threat match most of the time, and the action throughout in no way justified the existence of the match. To compound the issue, no one in this match really stood out as a talent that needed more exposure (especially Fierce and Matter). There was not much of value here.  Fierce defeated Matter with the KillSwitch. (*3/4)


Anthony Henry vs. Torque

Watch this match here.

This was for Henry’s PWX Heavyweight Championship.

This was really good and basically solidified Henry as the ace of the SCI shows. He just always delivers.

The match started off with Henry acting like he did not need to take Torque remotely seriously. Torque took it to Henry though and forced the champion to actually worry about his title. We got ourselves a super energetic and competitive battle as a result.

This was a great example of using what could have been a forgettable match and making it mean something. Torque now means more in the SCI universe. Torque is now clearly a guy that should be in the proper SCI tournament. Great job all around. Henry successfully retained the belt, of course. (***1/2)


Austin Theory vs. Sal Rinauro

Watch this match here.

This was perfectly fine and watchable if unspectacular. The story was very logical if nothing else.

Sal was playing the crafty/cheating veteran. Theory was the hot prospect who is known for his high-flying and his general high level of athletic ability,

They let that basic dynamic carry the match, and it obviously informed the finish. Theory went for a running shooting star, but Sal was able to avoid it and then leverage Theory’s weight into a pinning combo to pick up the win. (**1/2)


Corey Hollis, Gunner Miller & Kevin Blue vs. The Hierarchy (Adrian Armour, Chip Day & Murder-1)

Watch this match here.

This match had some good ideas and moments, but it never really seemed to come together as a whole to be as satisfying as you would hope it would be.

The most interesting story in the match was the whole deal with Corey Hollis. According to the commentary, Hollis’ mental health had deteriorated dramatically after he hadn’t been signed by a national company in the last six months. He was just a mess in this one. He was not cooperative with his teammates at all and seemed to only be a detriment to their success. He eventually walked out on the match.

Beyond that though, the match just felt like a series of scattered moments and sequences instead of a tight package. Ah well. It at least did not go too long. (**1/2)


Sal Rinauro vs. Jaden Newman vs. Ryan Vega vs. Kevin Blue vs. Ray Ray vs. Chip Day vs. Trevor Aeon vs. Chip Hazard vs. Talon Williams vs. Mecha Mercenary vs. Ike Cross vs. Corey Hollis vs. AC Mack vs. Cyrus vs. Torque vs. Baniac vs. Kyle Matthews vs. Brad Cash vs. Chase Jordan vs. Adrian Armour vs. Tommy Maserati vs. Chris Crunk vs. Tank vs. Austin Theory vs. Billy Buck vs. Shane Noles vs. Alan Angels vs. Shane Marx vs. Matt Lynch vs. Murder-1

Watch this match here.

This was the Scenic City Invitational Rumble Match.

Royal Rumble matches are definitely way more fun when you know 95% of the wrestlers, but this was just fun enough to overcome my lack of southern indie knowledge. Everyone was working their ass off here, and the match came off very well and seemed like a big deal as a result.

The other key to the match was that they did a really nice job of setting up a compelling closing sequence. After winning the semi-main event, the three members of The Hierarchy were all in here at the end against Tank. Tank managed to overcome the odds though and eliminate all three members of the dastardly heels to win the Rumble. This was fun, easy to watch, and satisfying. (***)

Tank selected Matt Riddle as his first round opponent for the 2017 Scenic City Invitational Tournament.

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The 411
With a "less is more" philosophy, SCI has quietly developed quite the universe for itself. They have done just five shows in 18 months, and yet they have managed to develop their characters well and position certain wrestlers to be real standouts. This was a very satisfying and easy-to-watch show in it of itself and a great way to hype the third invitational tournament this summer.