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Who Should Be the New Leader Of the House Of Black?

September 21, 2022 | Posted by Kelly Sullivan
House of Black, Malakai Black Buddy Matthews AEW Rampage Image Credit: AEW

After their match at All Out, in which the House of Black came up short against the trio of Darby Allin, Sting, and Miro, Malakai Black stopped on the stage to hug his teammates as well as acknowledge the crowd.

There had been rumors for weeks surrounding Black and his status in AEW, and most of those rumors had to do with Black dealing with personal issues and needing to take a break from professional wrestling. And Black’s bow in front of the adoring Chicago crowd at All Out seemed to confirm that he would indeed be away from the AEW scene for some time to come.

The next question that needs to be asked is what is next, if anything, for the House of Black? Will they remain a team or go their separate ways?

Brody King seemed to answer that question very clearly on last week’s Rampage when he told Darby Allin and Sting, “…..you think just because you cut the head off the snake, there’s not plenty of venom left in the fangs.”

So with the House of Black seemingly moving forward as a unit, they will need a new leader.

There are a couple of in-house candidates in Brody King and Julia Hart. King has shown in his promo work that he is capable of delivering on the microphone just as well as he does in the ring. And in Hart, the House of Black has someone that has shown tremendous strides in her work since joining the faction. She is still green in the ring but has absolutely played the dark, mysterious, and evil leading lady of the House of Black to perfection over the course of the last month and having her warped mind guiding two monsters in Brody King and Buddy Matthews could lead to some really interesting programs.

But the truth is that neither King nor Hart has the star power to elevate the House of Black into something that is must-see television. The faction has so much potential to be a force in AEW, but it is missing that magnetic leader that people pay their hard-earned money to see.

There is someone on the AEW roster that fits that moldm and that man is Sting.

In addition to the reason listed above, Sting is the perfect choice to lead the House of Black moving forward.

Sting already has the mysterious and dark demeanor that would integrate him into the faction. He has also already been sprayed by the mist, which could be used to explain as to why Sting has joined the House of Black.

But the biggest reason that Sting should become the new leader of the House of Black is that it would be the best thing that could happen for Darby Allin.

Since Sting’s arrival in AEW, Allin’s booking has suffered tremendously. He has gone from someone that is challenging for the AEW World Title on numerous occasions to someone that is having trouble picking up any sort of high-profile singles win. The only time Darby seems to get wins in high-profile matches is those in which he is teamed up with Sting in some capacity.

Allin has gone from one of the biggest stars in AEW to playing the role of the little brother that gets bullied and needs his big brother to come and bail him out of trouble. Breaking off the relationship between the two would force AEW to either book Allin more strongly or risk having fans lose interest in him altogether because of his continued poor booking.

And it just so happens that Darby Allin and Sting have a scheduled match at the Grand Slam episode of Rampage this week against the House of Black. This gives AEW the perfect setting to make something huge happen that will get the world of professional wrestling talking about AEW in a positive light.

All things considered, Sting most likely is not going to be wrestling much longer. And if he wants to go out as a babyface working with Darby Allin, that is just fine.

But the absolute best way to get the AEW crowd reinvested in the House of Black and to start the much-needed rebuild of Allin into a star is for Sting to join the House of Black as their new leader.

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