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Will Ospreay Responds to Allegations of Blacklisting Pollyanna, Apologizes & Denies Role in Any Blacklisting, Pollyanna Claims He’s Not Sorry

June 20, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
NJPW Will Ospreay, Raw RevPro

– British wrestler Will Ospreay has responded to allegations regarding his role in allegedly blackballing British wrestler, Pollyanna, who retired from the wrestling business in December 2016. With the recent #SpeakingOut movement, a number of allegations have been released regarding abusive talents in the wrestling business. You can read Will Ospreay’s statement on the matter below.

Previously, it’s been alleged that Pollyanna was sexually assaulted by Scott Wainwright, another British professional wrestler, who was apparently friends with Ospreay. At one point in November 2017, Will Ospreay tweeted on November 17, 2017, “Think it’s disgusting that people can use social media to accuse people of sexual assault. More than a handful of people know the real you. Trying to use your position to isolate and assault someone is pathetic.” You can see a photograph of the deleted tweet HERE.

It’s believed that Ospreay was tweeting about the Wainwright/Pollyanna issue. That tweet was later deleted. The following day, he tweeted out this message on Twitter, “I cannot express how sorry I am that I may have turned people into thinking I’m so careless about this subject. I care way too much about my fans and the victims. I really hope you guys can forgive me & will happily listen too any suggestions to make this right again.”

It’s been alleged that Ospreay played a role in Pollyanna being blacklisted from other wrestling promotions. In his statement, Ospreay denies playing a role in any type of “blacklisting” of Pollyanna. Also, Pollyanna alleged that Ospreay’s girlfriend, AEW wrestler Bea Priestley, would say awful things about Pollyanna in the locker room.

In the caption for his tweet, Ospreay wrote, “Here is a statement regarding my deleted tweet from 3 years ago. More importantly my apology to Pollyanna. If there is anything more I can do please reach out & keep Speaking Out. Please know I haven’t committed any crime & I am one of the good guys, I’m just severely uneducated.”

For her part, Pollyanna later responded to Will Ospreay’s apology. She wrote, “You are not sorry. You did blacklist me. When I first messaged your friend’s Mrs, you then told everyone I had lied about us sleeping together. I know, I have sources from so many different people telling me Bea would be saying awful things about me in a locker room.”


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