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William Regal Looks Back At The Star Power Of FCW’s Roster, Says Damien Sandow Was ‘Magic’

November 21, 2022 | Posted by Jonathan Hunter
Damien Sandow Image Credit: WWE

On a recent edition of the Gentleman Villain podcast, William Regal recalled how loaded the FCW talent roster was, and discussed why Damien Sandow should have had a much better career. You can read some excerpts below:

On the FCW talent roster at the time of Rollins, Moxley, Reigns, Sandow, Husky Harris, and if Regal realized just how good it was: “I wish I could tell you that. I always thought well of all those fellas, but it was just another day at work. Now, looking back I go… oh yeah. Surrounded by these great people. I thought all of them were gonna do well. And they all did well in their own ways.”

On Damien Sandow being magic: “I do believe Damien Sandow was far better than his career ended up being. Everybody else’s career has played out incredibly well; far better than mine ever has. I couldn’t be any more happy for any of them. They were all incredible. But Damien Sandow was absolutely magic and special.”

On why he liked Damien Sandow: “If anything, that’s why I liked him so much: he was like me. Is he gonna be the top guy like Seth Rollins and Jon Moxley and Roman Reigns? Maybe not. Is he gonna be a perfect player on your show? Can do anything and make anything work? Yes. You can find a spot for him. I don’t like to say certain things, but I always thought he’d have a job in wrestling at a higher level forever. And when I say higher level, I mean in a top company. Because he could do anything and blend in with anybody.”

On the difficulty of being a good comedy wrestler: “There’s very few people who can pull off good comedy. I like to consider myself one of those. And he was just brilliant at it. Damien Sandow was just the one that got away, really. As far as what he could do, he could do anything and connect with anybody. For some reason, in America, he didn’t quite crack it.”

If you are using any of the above quotes, credit the Gentleman Villain h/t 411mania.com