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William Regal Recalls Visiting FCW With Triple H, Joey Mercury Hiring Jon Moxley

November 19, 2022 | Posted by Jonathan Hunter
William Regal WWE NXT Image Credit: WWE

On a recent edition of the Gentleman Villain podcast, William Regal spoke in detail about the transition from FCW to NXT. Regal did a deep dive into his history with Jon Moxley both behind the scenes and their on-screen feud. He spoke highly about several FCW trainers… and had some harsh words for an unnamed person “in charge.” Read a few excerpts below:

On going down to FCW with HHH: “Triple H and me, obviously, go back a long way. I knew that he was going to be taking over a bigger role in the WWE. He asked me to go along for the ride with him. The very first week that a lot of people that thought they were in charge found out that they weren’t, we went down to FCW to see all the talent there. There was a showcase put on.”

On the origins of FCW and what it did well: “It was a developmental system that Steve Keirn started, and they did a great job. HHH had bigger ideas. Obviously that’s where NXT came in and moved to Orlando. But at the time, FCW was a great thing. Norman Smiley was there, Doctor Tom [Prichard], Joey Mercury; fantastic people, fantastic trainers.”

On Joey Mercury hiring Moxley: “It wasn’t me [who hired Mox]. I believe it was Joey Mercury [who] got Seth Rollins and Jon Moxley hired. I’m really happy that he did that because it’s worked out for a lot of people in a lot of ways, right?”

On his opinion of Joey Mercury: “Joey Mercury was a smart lad. I’ve got of time for Joey. There might be other people who say other things but I’ve always rated Joey. Joey’s got a great mind of this. I think Joey had got [Mox] the gig. Joey’s used whatever pull he’s got there to get Jon hired. I could have this wrong, I’ve never checked. Joey’s like me, not the kind of person who’s gonna tell you if he’s done something good for somebody.”

On the individual in charge of hiring talent before HHH took over developmental: “I don’t think it was the person who was in the job before me [who hired Jon Moxley], because I’m not sure if you put their brain into a tortoise it wouldn’t make the tortoise walk backwards.”

If you are using any of the above quotes, credit the Gentleman Villain h/t 411mania.com