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Winfree’s MLW Fusion (Ep. 150) Review 6.23.22

June 23, 2022 | Posted by Robert Winfree
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Winfree’s MLW Fusion (Ep. 150) Review 6.23.22  

Alright everyone, time to head back to the land of MLW. Tonight’s big match is the theoretical blow off for Jacob Fatu and Mads Krugger when they meet in a Weapons of Mass Destruction match. We’ve also got a triple threat match for the MLW middleweight title, Myron Reed defending against Arez and KC Navarro.

A hype package for Krugger vs. Fatu opens things, they did a pretty good job here.

Myron Reed gets warmed up in the back, Davey Richards comes in and they talk. Richards reminds Reed that they have to beat him, advises him to stay cool and retain the belt. A bit of an odd look from Richards towards the belt.

Match #1 – MLW Middleweight Title Triple Threat Match: (c) Myron Reed vs. Arez w/ Gangrel, Mini Abismo Negro, Holidead, and Dr. Dax vs. KC Navarro

Reed avoids both Arez and Navarro at first, but eventually he eats a double super kick and heads out of the ring. Arez and Navarro with some lucha spots then Arez unloads with strikes in the corner before kicking Navarro out of the ring. Navarro avoids a dive then hits a low suicide dive onto Arez. Now Reed wants to dive but Navarro cuts him off and then they take turns avoiding strikes for a bit. Reed winds up on the ring, he elbows Navarro but then Arez yanks him off the apron. Arez misses a moonsault, Reed heads into the ring then dives onto him over Navarro. Navarro with a rebound off of the ropes to hit a double DDT on the floor. Navarro and Arez are back in the ring where Navarro covers for a 2 count. Arez starts landing strikes then eats a powerbomb to counter a hurricanrana but Reed breaks up the pin. Navarro hits an enziguri to Reed, then he and Arez trade strikes again while Reed takes a powder. Arez avoids a corner rush, trips up Navarro then ties him up in the ropes to hit a super kick then slide through the ropes for a moonsault to Reed, then a jumping DDT to Navarro back in the ring. Arez with a cover but Reed comes in with the No Cap Splash to break up the pin, but he can’t pin Navarro or Arez, only getting 2 counts on both of them. Navarro and Arez both head out of the ring, but Holidead trips up Reed on a dive attempt, allowing Arez to grab a school boy for 2. Kick from Arez then he eats an enziguri but Navarro is in and trades roll ups with Reed then lands a kick and hits a big dive onto the pile of bodies outside. Well, everyone but Gangrel who isn’t getting paid enough to take that spot. Navarro drops Arez with the Jesus Peace, Reed then hits Navarro with the Flame On, but holds onto the neck and then hoists him up to hit an Air Raid Crash onto the body of Arez and he pins Navarro to retain the title.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Myron Reed retained the title in 6:08

Rating: 2.5 stars

Decent little spot fest, I’m perpetually impressed with how smooth Arez is and this was no exception. Reed retaining makes sense, especially if they’re setting up something with him and Davey Richards.

Post match Reed gets an interview, he says to be the best you’ve got to surround yourself with the best and thanks Davey Richards for his help getting ready. Reed wants to defend the belt against the best. Asked about potentially having a dream match with Richards Reed walks off not liking the question.

We get the date announced for Kings of Colosseum, it’ll be July 14 but no matches yet announced.

Mads Krugger video, he says tonight will be the war to end all wars. Fatu is just a traitor and Krugger will show him the horrors of war. Tonight Fatu will wind up begging for mercy, but there will be no salvation for Fatu and his broken vows. A bit better from Krugger, whoever’s writing for him is getting a slightly better feel for how to convey these concepts without deliberately copying famous lines from film or literature.

Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas are out for a press conference. All they’ve wanted is a fight, but they keep getting the ACG’s or Tankman’s of the world. Kane thinks they need to incentivize the people to show up and fight them. They decided to offer 20,000 dollars to anyone who can last 20 minutes with Kane. 20 minutes with the champ for 20k. Kane, per usual, just yells Bomaye to close. That’s not the worst gimmick to try and run with for a bit while Kane keeps improving.

EJ Nduka has joined commentary for our next match. Los Maximos are out first and they get into a minor shoving bout with EJ.

Match #2 – Tag Team Match: Los Maximos (Joel and Jose) vs. Chris Cage and Jaden Valo

Valo and Cage jump Los Maximos but this goes poorly. Diving Doomsday Device wipes out Valo on the floor. Cage with a spinebuster to Joel, in the back Tankman has been jumped so EJ heads out to help his partner. Valo avoids Joel for a bit then hits a hurricanrana and a running double stomp. Joel intercepts Valo on the top rope with chops, Cage tries to help but he eats a double swinging facebuster. Jose and Joel head up top with Valo for a Spanish Fly which connects and ends things.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Los Maximos won in 2:40

Rating: 1.5 stars

A bit too evenly booked to be considered a full on squash but this was also kind of pointless. Neither Jose nor Joel look to be in great shape and looked a touch blown up at various points. If we’re doing them getting a title shot as a nostalgia thing OK, but this didn’t exactly inspire confidence in what a match with them and Power and Hustle might look like.

Los Maximos get an interview after the win, they say they’re here and they’re the real OG’s of MLW and run down the champs. Los Maximos want the belts.

Strange Sangre walk in the back, where Cesar Duran finds them. He wants them to face Microman next week and take care of that little nuisance once and for all. Gangrel agrees, and Duran says now it’s time to deal with the Samoans.

Another Killer Kross video.

They announce that Alex Hammerstone will defend his title against Richard Holliday to main event Kings of Colosseum. Video from Hammerstone, he says Holliday will have a chance to prove all the things he’s said. But Hammerstone isn’t here to prove anything, he’s just here to beat Holliday’s ass and promises that Holliday wont like what he gets.

Next week Strange Sangre will take on Taya Valkyrie, Lince Dorado, and Microman in trios action.

Mads Krugger came to the ring with his baklei war club, Fatu has new music and comes armed with a chair.

Match #3 – Weapons of Mass Destruction Match: Mads Krugger vs. Jacob Fatu

Fatu immediately throws the chair into Krugger’s head and they start brawling on the floor. Strikes from Fatu then they head into the ring. Krugger knocks Fatu off the apron then sets to dive but he runs into a chair shot to the head from Fatu. Fatu opens one of the weapon crates at ringside, finds a kendo stick and smacks Krugger with it a few times. Krugger tries to fight back but Fatu keeps him down with another stick shot. Krugger gets a crate and opens it to find a couple of tonfas, which he uses to abuse Fatu for a bit then slams him into the barricade. Another crate is opened and Krugger finds a chain, but Fatu cuts him off with a punch then starts choking him with his scarf. Fatu with a chair and throws it into Krugger’s back. Fatu picks up a crate, puts it in the ring but then grabs the chair again and smacks Krugger with it. Now Fatu gets a chair and sets it upon the outside as Krugger opens the crate in the ring. Fatu has the kendo stick but Krugger found powder in the crate and blinds Fatu, then hits a sloppy and very dangerous powerbomb through the table from the apron. Fatu is lucky he didn’t get hurt on that one, it was bad. Krugger finds a can of gas under the ring and a lighter, then gets his club as the crowd chants for fire. In the ring now Krugger lays in some strikes, Fatu fires up with strikes of his own before running into a big boot. Krugger brandishes his club again, but Fatu avoids the swing and hits a Spear. Fatu gets the club now and tries to brain Krugger with it but Krugger intercepts, gets the club, and cracks Fatu with it. Rather than cover Krugger covers Fatu in the Contra flag then douses it with gas. Krugger goes to light it on fire, but Fatu kips up and sends Krugger out of the ring then dives onto him. Back in the ring they trade strikes again before Faut hits a back suplex but Krugger pops up to hit one of his own. Chokebreaker from Krugger but Fatu drills him with a German suplex after taking it then hits a pop up Samoan drop. Krugger fights to his feet and staggers into the corner to land a back elbow. Krugger heads up top and hits a Panama Sunrise, Fatu staggers then hits him with a super kick and a Whisper in the Wind. Fatu up for the double jump moonsault, he hits it but Krugger rolls away from a potential pin and out of the ring. Fatu hits a dive to the outside, they’re by a stretcher now. Krugger is put on the stretcher, then Fatu hits him with the Contra flag. Fatu finds some gloves in a crate, they’re to help him handle the barbed wire in there. Fatu puts the wire on top of Krugger, climbs to the top rope and hits a Splash onto Krugger on the stretcher. Crazy looking spot. Back in the ring Fatu covers Krugger but only for 2. Krugger tries to grab a triangle choke, wait more of a gogoplata but Fatu rolls him up to force a break. Fatu runs into a high angle spinebuster. Krugger calls for help, then Sentai death squad goons show up and get a ladder for Krugger. The ladder is set up now, and the squad goons throw a table in the ring as well. Krugger lays in punches to Fatu as the squad goons undo the middle rope and Krugger sets up the table in the ring. Fatu fights back with a super kick to Krugger then abuses the squad members but he turns into a hard clothesline from Krugger. Once again Krugger sets up the table and tries to chokeslam Fatu through it but Fatu fights free and hits a super kick then a chair shot to the head. Krugger falls onto the table, which breaks under him. Fatu doesn’t care, climbs the ladder despite the lack of table and hits a Splash from the top to end things.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jacob Fatu won in 16:28

Rating: 3.5 stars

I think this went a bit too long, but these two had a darn good plunder and hate filled brawl. Krugger held up his end of things, and I think working with Fatu has done wonders for his in ring ability.

Post match Fatu complains to the ref about his left arm, given that botched powerbomb he could easily have tweaked it in some capacity. Krugger takes a bit but he revives and resumes brawling with Fatu. Both men fight to the floor but Fatu opens a gimmicked crate and shoves Krugger’s face into the smoke then removes his mask as he’s shoved into the crate. Fatu heads up the ramp with Krugger’s mask as people in biohazard gear attend to Krugger.

The final score: review Good
The 411
The effort turned in by the main event bumps this up a bit, they worked hard despite the early botch that could have gone horribly wrong. The middleweight title match was fine, the only real downside was Los Maximos. I like the direction for Kane's character, the obvious big main event for Kings of Colosseum got announced, and Fatu finally moves beyond the feud with Krugger. Solid show overall.

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