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WrestleMania 2000 Review

March 22, 2009 | Posted by Rob McNew
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WrestleMania 2000 Review  

-4/2/2000 from Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, CA

-Hosted by Jim Ross & Jerry “The King” Lawler

-Lillian Garcia kicks things off with her rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”

The Godfather & D’Lo Brown (w. Ice-T) vs. The Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan

Rapper Ice-T raps Godfather’s new entrance theme on the way to the ring to get things started off. D’Lo starts off with Buchanan. Brow hits the ropes and goes for a rollup, which Buchanan blocks. A back elbow follows up heel kick from Brown. Tag to Godfather who delivers a legdrop, and misses an elbow drop. Bossman tags in and hammers away at Godfather in the corner. Bossman gets whipped into the corner and Godfather hits a clothesline. Crescent kick from Godfather gets a two count, and he tags in D’Lo. Bossman gets a right hand and rams Brown into the boot of Buchanan who tags in. Brown rams Buchanan into the top turnbuckle, then mounts the second rope for ten punch combo. Buchanan gets sent into the corner, but springboards onto the top rope and delivers a clothesline. Buchanan delivers a bodyslam, but Brown comesback hammering Buchanan into the corner. Bossman tags in, and Brown runs into a drop toehold from Buchanan setting him on the second rope. Bull and Bossman both slide to the floor to deliver uppercuts, and Bossman comes back in to make the cover getting two before Godfather makes the save. Bossman delivers a headbutt, and sends Brown into the ropes delivering a big boot. Tag to Buchanan who comes in with a scissor kick for a two count. Buchanan fires D’Lo outside, and Bossman goes to the floor dropping Brown on the railing. Back inside Buchanan whips Brown into corner, and then rams him into the boot of Bossman who tags in. Double back elbow connects for the heels and Bossman covers for a two count. Buchanan comes in with a boot to the face and locks in a bearhug on Brown. D’Lo punches out of that and hits the ropes, but runs into a back elbow. Bossman tags in and they both deliver boots to the gut of D’Lo. Brown hits the ropes and goes for a crossbody, but gets caught and a backbreaker connects for Bossman getting a two count. Buchanan tags in and comes off the top rope with a double axe handle. Buchanan connects with a backbreaker, and goes to the top rope again but the Godfather shakes the ropes and crotches him. Brown goes upstairs and delivers a hurracanrana allowing the hot tag to Godfather. Backdrop connects to Buchanan, and Godfather throws Bossman into him sending Buchanan to the floor. Bossman tries a corner charge, which misses allowing Godfather to connect with the Ho Train. D’Lo goes for the Lo-Down, but gets shoved off the top rope by Buchanan. Brown runs into a Bossman slam, and that allows Buchanan to come off the top rope with a legdrop, which finishes at 9:04. Pretty decent opener all things considered.

Winners: The Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan (Buchanan pins Brown-Top Rope Legdrop **1/4)

-Triple H and Stephanie discuss things in the locker room.

-The Referees explain the rules for the Hardcore Battle Royal. Fifteen Minute Time Limit and whoever is the champion when its over leaves the champion.

WWF Hardcore Championship Battle Royal: Participants-Tazz, Viscera, Pete Gas, Rodney, Joey Abs, Hardcore Holly, TAKA Michinoku, Funaki, Mosh, Thrasher, Faarooq, Bradshaw, Crash Holly ©

Big Brawl to start, and everyone ends up on the floor. Tazz catches Crash in a T-Bone Suplex to win the Hardcore Title at :27. Tazz gets caught by Vis on the floor who splashes Tazz on the floor and wins the belt at 1:01. Hardcore Holly bashes a box fan over the head of Crash, as everyone continues to brawl on the floor with a host of weapons. The Acolytes double team Vis on the floor, but he comes back with a cookie sheet. Viscera cracks a box fan over the head of Rodney, and then hits a double arm chokeslam on Crash who is busted open. Viscera continues the assault bashing Faarooq with a cookie sheet. Bradshaw starts laying out everone on the floor with a cookie sheet, and Hardcore nails Vis with a garbage can lid for two. Faarooq fires Pete Gas into the guardrail, and Rodney bashes Tazz over the head with a cookie sheet. Finally some guys end up in the ring, and Viscera starts taking out everyone with the cookie sheet. Viscera goes to the top rope, but gets slammed off by the Acolytes Faarooq breaks a 2X4 over the head of Viscera, and Bradshaw comes off the top with a flying shoulder block. They put Kaientai on top of Viscera and the ref counts three. He declares Funaki the official winner and new Champion at 7:19. TAKA attacks Funaki and chases him to the floor. Funaki takes off running for the locker room, and everyone follows. They catch up to Fuanki backstage and after Joey Abs fires Funaki into the wall, Rodney covers and becomes champion at 8:10. Abs attacks Rodney and hits a gutwrench suplex pinning him and becoming champion at 8:25. Thrasher attacks with a dinner cart, and throws Abs into a garage door getting the pin and winning the title at 8:46. Thrasher takes off running back into the arena with a bloody Pete Gas in two. Pete Gas delivers a shot with a fire extinguisher and becomes the new champ at 9:23. Tazz takes Gas back to ringside delivers a suplex on the floor winning his second hardcore title at 10:21. Hardcore Holly fires Tazz into the ringsteps and covers getting a two count. Thrasher bashes a cookie sheet over Tazz’s head and gets another two count. Hardcore fires Tazz into the ring, and the Hollys double team Tazz in the ring. Crash turns on Hardcore bashing him over the head with a garbage can lid, but Tazz comes back with a shot to Crash. Hardcore hits Tazz with the 2X4, but both Hollys go for the cover. Tazz comes back to catch Crash in a suplex. Hardcore hits a suplex, but Crash breaks up the count and goes for the cover himself. Tazz kicks out, and Hardcore fires Crash to the floor. Dropkick connects by Hardcore for a two count at the one minute mark. Tazz comes back with a suplex sending Hardcore to the floor. Crash comes in with a cookie sheet and bashes Tazz with it winning the title at 14:28. Tazz comes back locking in the Tazzmission on Crash. Hardcore comes in with a candy jar and bashes it over the head of Crash and gets the pin at 14:59. This was actually a botched finish as the time was supposed to run out, and Crash was to retain but Holly made the cover too quick and Tim White was forced to count the three. He didn’t actually count the three, but it was so obvious they were forced to count it. Match was far more entertaining than it had any right being.

Winner: NEW WWF Hardcore Champion-Hardcore Holly (pins Crash-Candy Jar to Head **3/4)

-A behind the scenes look at WWF Axxess.

-Al Snow is talking to someone in the bathroom about the big entrance, and Blackman stops by to tell him not to do anything crazy.

Al Snow & Steve Blackman vs. T&A (w. Trish Stratus)

Chester McCheeserton comes out as the mascot of Head Cheese to smack his ass to the tune of “Lets go Head Cheese.” It’s a midget in a block of cheese costume in case you were wondering. Test starts with Blackman. Test ducks an enzaguri, but gets a thrust kick. Tag to Snow who comes in and hits the ropes walking into a clothesline. Tag to Albert who avalanches Snow in the corner, and he walks into a big boot from Test for two. Snow fights back in the corner and delivers a clothesline. Enzaguri connects for Snow getting a two count before Test can make the save. Tag to Blackman who comes in and hit the ropes delivering a shoulderblock. Albert returns the favor with a shoulderblock of his own, but Blackman comes back with a legsweep. Snow comes in with legdrop, but walks into a big boot from Test. Blackman gives Test a kick, but Albert comes in with a shot to regain control. Test charges at Snow and gets backdropped to the floor. Albert goes for a press slam on Snow, but Blackman saves him with a chop block. Double dropkick sends Test off the apron back to the floor, and then a double clothesline puts Albert back down. Snow makes the cover, and gets a two count. Suplex connects for Snow, and he follows up with some stomps to Albert. Blackman tags in and double elbow is delivered to Albert. Blackman comes off the second rope with a headbutt for two. Blackman comes back with a headbutt below the belt, and continues with the stomps. Tag to Snow who goes to the top rope with a forearm. Albert fights back and hits a double arm suplex on Snow. Test makes a tag as does Blackman and Test has shoulderblocks for both men and a sidewalk slam to Snow. Double powerbomb connects to Snow, but Blackman makes the save. Blackman hits a legsweep sending Albert to the floor, and then connects with an Asai Moonsault. Blackman puts Test on his knee and Snow connects with a legdrop from the top rope which gets two when Albert makes the save. Albert hits a modified powerbomb and a clothesline sends Snow to the floor. Scoop slam from Albert sets up a press slam to Test on top of Blackman for two. Snow pulls Test to the floor, and Blackman delivers a thrust kick to Albert. Albert comes back with a press slam, and Test delivers a flying elbow off the top to pick up the win at 7:01. This match was an absolute trainwreck even forcing JR to bust out the “bowling shoe tendencies” line. After the match Snow apologizes to Blackman for the McCheeserton stunt, and puts the midget in the ring. Snow tells Blackman its time to cut the cheese and attacks the midget. They deliver their finisher to the midget in what I guess was a heel turn.

Winners: T&A (Test pins Snow-Diving Elbow Drop DUD)

-Mae Young talks to The Kat in her locker room while she’s naked. Cleverly placed props keeps you from seeing any nudity.

-Michael Cole talks to The Dudley’s about the triangle ladder match.

WWF Tag Team Championship Triangle Ladder Match: Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boys vs. The Dudley Boys ©

This is essentially the precursor to the TLC matches. Edge and Christian attack the Hardys and the match begins. Everyon brawls to the floor, and Matt ends up in the ring with Christian. Dropkick connects to Matt who rolls back to the floor. D-Von and Edge end up in the ring, and Edge delivers a spinning heel kick. Back to the floor they go, and Bubba and Jeff end up in the ring. Bubba delivers a pair of chops Jeff, but a whip to the ropes is followed by a Whisper in the Wind from Jeff. Bubba comes back with a Bubba Bomb and Jeff rolls to the floor. Christian takes a ladder into the ring, but gets yanked down by Matt. Edge and Christian double team D-Von in the corner, and Matt rams Bubba into the top buckle. Jeff comes back in the ring and chokes out Bubba allowing Matt to throw the ladder in his face. Jeff delivers some poetry in motion to the ladder sandwiching Bubba in the corner. Christian dives into the corner, but gets hit with a ladder from D-Von. The Hardys take out Edge with a ladder aided double clothesline. Matt rams the ladder into the gut of D-Von, and then slams on to the ladder. Matt goes to the second rope and delivers an elbow drop while D-Von lays on the ladder. Jeff delivers a DDT to Bubba, and then sets him on the ladder. Jeff goes for a 450 onto Bubba, but he moves and Jeff connects with ladder. Bubba hits a senton onto the ladder with Jeff underneath. Christian sets a ladder on top of Matt, and then Edge comes off the top riding a ladder down on top of the ladder and Matt. D-Von places Edge underneath a ladder and comes off the top with a legdrop to the ladder. Bubba gives an airplane spin to the ladder taking out everyone in the ring, but Christian and Edge put a stop to it with a double dropkick. Edge and Christian send D-Von face first into the ladder with a stun gun. Christian climbs to the top of the ladder and delivers a crossbody to both Bubba and Matt on the floor. Jeff sets up a ladder in the middle and climbs for the belts, but gets speared by Edge off the ladder. Edge sets up the ladder and clmbs for the belts, but Matt Hardy catches him and delivers a sit out Razors Edge off the ladder. Matt climbs but gets thrown off the ladder by D-Von. D-Von goes after the belts, but Christian throws another ladder at him knocking him off. Christian climbs for the belts but gets a shot from Bubba. Bubba climbs a ladder next to Christian and delivers a Bubba Cutter off the ladder. Matt fires D-Von the floor, and puts the boots to Bubba. Both Hardys climb ladders in the corner, and Matt delivers a legdrop to Bubba while Jeff gets a splash. Edge and Christian fire the Hardys to the floor, and then Christian and D-Von Brawl at the top of the ladder. Edge sets a ladder up next to Christian and they deliver a double superplex off the top of the ladder. At the same time Matt fires Bubba into the ringsteps. The Hardys set up ladders in the middle side by side and both Hardys climb ladders, and so do Edge and Christian. Christian delivers a facebuster to Jeff, while Edge gives Matt a side Russian legsweep off the ladder. All six men begin climbing ladders in the middle, and Jeff and Christian get dumped to the floor. Edge and Matt get thrown off their ladders as well heading to the floor leaving just the Dudleys in the ring. Christian crawls back in the ring, but gets sandwiched by the Dudleys. A 3D is delivered to Edge, and the Dudleys go get the tables. They set up two ladders in the middle and put a table on the top of them to serve as a platform. The Dudleys start to climb, but the Hardys stop them from climbing. Bubba gets another table and sets it up in the ring, but Matt pulls Bubba to the floor. Bubba fires Matt into the ringsteps, and sets up a table on the outside. D-Von puts Jeff on a table in the ring, and splashes him off a ladder. Nearly simultaneously Bubba delivers a powerbomb to Matt through the table on the floor. Jeff runs the guardrail, but Bubba sees him coming and throws the ladder at him. Bubba goes and gets the 20 foot ladder and sets it up in the entrance way. He grabs another table and drags it back to the ladder. Bubba drags Jeff back to the table and sets him on the ladder, but Christian attacks from behind with the ringbell. Jeff comes back and fires Bubba into the guardrail and puts him on the table. Jeff then makes the famous swanton leap off the ladder through the table. Back in the ring D-Von delivers a slam to Christian and climbs towards the belts. Matt pulls D-Von off the ladder and delivers a twist of fate. Matt and Christian climb the ladders and end up on the platform at the top. Edge climbs up from behind and shoves Matt off through the table at the bottom. That allows Christian and Edge to grab the belts and win the titles at 22:29. This is my favorite of all the TLC type matches, as it was the original and truly groundbreaking for the time. I cannot find a fault with this match. Tremendous stuff.

Winners: NEW WWF Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (Claims The Belts *****)

-Kevin Kelly talks to Mick Foley and Linda McMahon about his role in the main event tonight. Foley promises his fairy tale will come true.

Cat Fight: Terri Runnels (w. The Fabulous Moolah) vs. The Kat (w. Mae Young)

Val Venis serves as Special Guest Referee for this one. Cat Fight rules are first one to throw their opponent to the floor wins the match. JR warns us at the outset that if we’re looking to judge this one on the star system we might be disappointed. Well I didn’t have very high expectations to begin with. Pull apart brawl to start, and Val pulls Terri off and they make out. Kat responds by making out with him too. Terri pulls Kat around by her hair and gets speared. Mae gets on the apron and tries to show her puppies, so Val thankfully stops her. Kat throws Terri to the floor but Val is tied up with Mae and doesn’t see it. Moolah fires Terri back in and the brawl unfortunately continues. Mae goes after Moolah on the floor, and the old ladies end up in the ring. Mae gets a kiss from Val, and The Kat fires Terri back out of the ring, but Val is still tied up with Mae. Moolah fires Terri back inside and pulls the Kat out. Val turns around and calls it off at 2:25. Afterward Mae and Moolah brawl and Mae hits a Bronco Buster. The less said about this match the better.

Winner: Terri Runnels (Throws out Kat -****)

-The Radicalz discuss the six man in the back, but Eddie needs to concentrate on the match and not Chyna.

-Chyna is disgusted at Eddie, and is ready to take care of him.

Eddie Guerrero, Saturn, & Dean Malenko vs. Too Cool & Chyna

Eddie had been courting Chyna with his Latino Heat to no avail, which is what led up to this one. Eddie starts out with Scotty. Eddie delivers a shoulderblock off the ropes, but runs into a monkeyflip. Scotty connects with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and tags in to Chyna. Eddie bails tagging out to Malenko who runs into a clothesline from Chyna. Malenko goes for a piledriver, but gets a clothesline from Scotty. Tag to Sexay and him and Chyna deliver a double clothesline. Malenko ducks a clothesline, but runs into a slam sending him to the corner and tag is made to Eddie. Sexay gets a back suplex, and heads to the top rope. Saturn pushes him off the top though, and Guerrero hits a dropkick. Tag to Saturn who puts the boots to Sexay and tags in Malenko. Double clothesline connects, and a tag is made to Eddie. Suplex connects by Eddie, and goes for a backdrop, which is stopped by a kick to the face. Scotty tags in, but runs into a stun gun from Eddie. Back suplex from Eddie, and then he flips in from the apron with a senton. Chyna turns her back, and Eddie rams her to the buckle. Scott attacks from behind and sends Eddie to the ropes. Sexay suplexes Eddie from the apron to the floor, and that brings Saturn and Malenko into the ring. Both guys end up in position for a worm from Scotty, which connects, to both guys. Eddie slides in and goes for a clothesline, which Scotty ducks. Eddie distracts the referee allowing Saturn and Malenko to pull Scott to the floor and whip him into the guardrail. Chyna goes after Eddie, but the referee stops her, and Eddie slides to the floor. Eddie slides back in with Scotty and delivers a European upper cut. Saturn tags in and delivers a superkick to Scotty. Top rope elbow drop connects for Saturn who tags Eddie back in. Eddie goes to the top, but Scotty is up and crotches him on the top. Superplex connects for Scotty, and both men are down. Scott crawls for the tag and tags in Chyna. Saturn and Malenko come as Eddie crawls away, but she delivers a double clothesline and slams to both guys. Handspring elbows connect to both Saturn and Malenko by Chyna, and with the ref tied up she gives both men a double low blow. Eddie attacks from behind, and goes for a power bomb. Chyna counters into a powerbomb of her own, and grabs a handful of Eddie’s nuts. Chyna hits a press slam, and then a sleeper slam finishes things at 9:39. Fun little match here, even if seeing Chyna take out a bunch of men makes me sick to my stomach. Chyna would end up going with Eddie the next night rendering the whole thing pointless.

Winners: Too Cool & Chyna (Chyna pins Eddie-Sleeper Slam **)

-Shane promises Big Show will be the new Champion tonight.

-Kurt Angle asks the head of security for extra security when he celebrates after retaining his titles

WWF Intercontinental & European Championship Two Fall Triple Threat Match: Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle ©

Kurt Angle’s manager Bob Backlund put both of his titles on the line in this match, which ended up getting him fired on Heat. Basically this is two matches in one with the belt on the line in each fall.

First Fall-Intercontinental Championship

Benoit attacks Angle on the floor and throws him in the ring. Jericho delivers a chop to Angle and a clothesline. Angle hits the ropes and gets a back elbow from Jericho. Benoit attacks and chops Jericho in the corner. Back suplex attempt is countered by Jericho and a kick sends Benoit into the ring post and out to the floor. Angle gets Jericho from behind and goes for an Irish whip, which is reversed sending Angle into the ropes. Dropkick connects for Jericho sending Angle to the apron. Jericho goes for a springboard, but gets stopped by Benoit. Benoit punches away at Angle on the apron, and Jericho springboards again hitting a dropkick sending both guys to the floor. Jericho delivers a baseball slide to Benoit, but Angle flapjacks Jericho into the ringsteps. Back inside Angle hits a belly to belly on Jericho, but Benoit makes the save at two. Angle hits the ropes and gets a clothesline from Benoit, which gets a two count. Jericho makes the save and he and Benoit trade chops in the corner. Angle comes in, and gets a double underhook backbreaker for Angle. Jericho goes to the top rope, but gets shoved off by Benoit into the announce table. Snap suplex by Benoit gets a two count on Angle. Back suplex connects by Benoit for another two count. Jericho comes in with a dropkick to Benoit, and gets a boot to Angle. Dropkick off the second rope to Angle gets two for Jericho as Benoit makes the save. Benoit delivers a backbreaker to Jericho getting two as Angle makes the save. Angle connects with a suplex to Benoit getting two, and then goes back Jericho. Jericho gets a bulldog on Angle getting two. Benoit gets a series of chops to Jericho, but a back suplex from Angle puts Benoit down for a two count. Jericho makes the save and locks in a camel clutch on Benoit. Angle tried to make the save, but Jericho lets the submission go and punches Benoit. Vertical suplex for Jericho connects, and Benoit dives for the cover getting two. Angle charges at Jericho in the corner, but runs into a boot. Angle comes back with a belly-to-belly for a two count. Benoit gets a rollup on Jericho in the corner for two, which Angle breaks up with a dropkick sending Benoit to the floor. Angle gets a crossface chickenwing on Jericho, but Benoit makes the save with a dropkick and fires Angle to the floor. Benoit throws Angle over the guardrail, and then delivers a diving headbutt off the top on Jericho, which picks up the pin and the Intercontinental Championship at 7:48.

Winner: NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion-Chris Benoit (Pins Jericho-Diving Headbutt)

Second Fall: European Championship

Benoit goes right for the cover again, but its broken up by Angle. Angle hits a suplex on Benoit and gets a two count. Bodyslam sends Angle to the top rope for a moonsault attempt, but Jericho crotches him. Jericho goes up after him but gets crotched by Benoit who delivers a back suplex. Both men are down and Angle goes for the moonsault, but no one is home. Angle crawls to Benoit and gets a two count, then Jericho crawls to Angle for two. Jericho locks in the walls of Jericho, but Benoit breaks it up with a clothesline. Jericho hits the ropes and gets a knee to the gut from Benoit. Angle comes back and delivers a slam to Benoit, and then pounds away at Jericho in the corner. Jericho comes back with a spinning heel kick to Benoit, and a double power bomb to Angle. Jericho turns to Benoit and gets hit with rolling German suplexes for two, as Angle breaks up the count. Full Nelson suplex on Angle gets two, and Jericho comes back with a chop to Benoit. Jericho hits the ropes and goes for a flying forearm on Benoit, but Benoit ducks and the ref goes down. Benoit locks in the crippler crossface on Jericho and Jericho taps but there is no ref. Jericho comes back with the walls, but Angle is in with a belt shot. Angle covers but Benoit makes the save. Angle and Benoit trade blows in the center and Benoit delivers a back suplex. Benoit heads to the top, but misses the diving headbutt. Jericho delivers a lionsault to Benoit from there and picks up the victory at 13:48. Angle never gets pinned, but loses both titles. Somewhat predictable booking, but a great match. What else would you expect from these three?

Winner: NEW WWF European Champion-Chris Jericho (Pins Benoit-Lionsault ***1/2)

-Michael Cole catches up with Vince McMahon who re-emphasizes he will make things right.

-HHH tells Stephanie its not about making things right, but proving who is the best.

X-Pac & “Road Dogg” Jesse James (w. Tori) vs. Rikishi & Kane (w. Paul Bearer)

Tori was Kane’s girlfriend, but left him to go with DX necessitating this match. DX attacks Rikishi in the ring, and Kane chokes Tori on the floor. X-Pac goes after Kane, and Rikishi delivers a stinkface to James. Tori running from Kane ends up in the ring, and Rikishi goes for the stinkface on her, but X-Pac makes the save. DX decides to head for the exit, but Kane and Rikishi drag them back. X-Pac delivers a spinning heel kick to Rikishi, and sets up for a Bronco Buster in the corner. Tag to James who comes with a flying forearm and a knee drop for two. Tag to X-Pac who is with a series of kicks to Rikishi. X-Pac runs into a cutter from Rikishi, and the hot tag is made to Kane. Big boot connects to James, and a backdrop for X-Pac. A clothesline sends James to the floor, and Kane delivers a corner clothesline to X-Pac. Rikishi comes in and sets up for a stinkface, but James pulls him out. Paul Bearer fires Tori into the ring and Kane fires her into the corner. Rikishi delivers the stinkface to Tori and Kane give X-Pac a tombstone, which finishes at 4:16. Too Cool comes out, and The Famous Chicken runs out as well. Everyone assumes it’s the Chicken in the Pete Rose outfit again, but the Chicken just wants to dance. Too Cool, Rikishi, and The Chicken all dance as Kane stares down The Chicken. After the dance Kane attacks the Chicken, but Pete Rose sneaks in with a baseball bat. Rikishi steals the bat, and Pete gets a chokeslam from Kane. Paul Bearer gives the most awkward crotch chop in history, and Rikishi delivers the stink face to Pete. The post match angle lasted longer than the match, which was pretty much just on the card to give Kane an excuse to beat up Pete Rose.

Winner: Rikishi & Kane (Kane pins X-Pac-Tombstone *)

-Kevin Kelly talks to The Rock. He promises to lay the smack down on a bunch of candy asses.

WWF Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination Match: Mick Foley (w. Linda McMahon) vs. The Big Show (w. Shane McMahon) vs. The Rock (w. Vince McMahon) vs. Triple H (w. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) ©

So Rock won the Royal Rumble, but there was controversy as his feet touched before Big Show’s. That set up a Rock-Big Show match at No Way Out, which Show won in a stunning upset. Meanwhile HHH was Champion and had retained in a pair of classics with Foley at Royal Rumble and No Way Out the second costing Foley his career. Rock ended up getting in the match anyway, and Linda McMahon put Foley in the match that would win lose or draw be his last. Vince sided with The Rock as he had been feuding with HHH since he returned in September. Shane sided with Big Show thinking he was the unbeatable man and he wanted the power in the company. Foley attacks HHH, and Rock pairs off with Show. Foley pounds HHH down in the corner, and delivers a running knee. Show chokes out Rock in the corner, and then delivers a double clothesline to both HHH and Foley. Bodyslam connects from Show to Foley, and then he biels HHH out of the corner. Rock hits the ropes and walks into a press slam from Show. HHH hits the ropes and he also gets a press slam from Show. Show delivers a headbutt to Foley, and then goes back to Rock choking him out in the corner. Foley hops on the back of Show, and in a flashback to last year Show drops down knocking the wind out of him. Rock fires back out of the corner, and hits the ropes walking into a sidewalk slam. HHH flies off the second rope into a chokeslam attempt, but Foley goes low which saves The Game. All three men triple team Big Show all delivering clotheslines the third from The Rock puts him down. They all look at each other, and then continue putting the boots to Show. HHH attacks Foley with a right hand, and Foley fights back clotheslining HHH over the top to the floor. Rock runs into a big boot from Show, but quickly fights back with right hands. Rock hits the ropes but gets tripped by Shane. Rock goes after Shane, and Show hits the ropes but gets hit with a chair from the outside by Foley. Show turns into a Rock Bottom, which connects, and Big Show is eliminated just 4:49 into the match. Foley and Rock start to corner HHH, but HHH tries to reason with Foley. Foley has none of it so HHH tries to form an alliance with Rock. Rock suckers him in by agreeing and then wallops HHH with a forearm. Rock and Foley put the boots to HHH and then knock him back and forth with right hands. They send HHH into the ropes and deliver a double clothesline. Foley fires HHH to the floor, and Rock goes out after him. HHH fights back, but Foley attacks him from behind. Rock puts the boots to HHH, and Foley Irish whips him into a clothesline from Rock. Foley tosses Rock the ring bell and holds HHH for him. Rock goes to deliver a shot with the bell, but HHH ducks and Rock nails Foley. HHH comes back firing Rock into the ringsteps. HHH drops Rock across the guardrail, and Mick finds a barbed wire wrapped 2X4. Mick charges with the 2X4, but HHH ducks and hits a low blow on Foley. HHH delivers a shot to the gut with the 2X4 on Foley, but Rock is back in and attacks HHH. That is short lived as HHH sends Rock flying back outside. Foley hits a double arm DDT on HHH, and goes for Mr. Socko. Foley locks in the mandible claw on HHH, and Rock comes with the title belt taking out HHH. Rock sets up for the peoples elbow, but Foley locks the mandible claw on him. HHH comes back with a low blow to both men putting everyone down. HHH gets to his feet and pounds away at Rock in the corner, but Rock turns the tables and hammers away in the corner. Rock delivers a clothesline to HHH, but Foley comes with a clothesline for Rock getting a two count. Foley rams Rock into the top buckle, and hits a double arm DDT for two. Foley grabs a chair and charges at Rock running into a boot. Rock delivers a DDT to Foley getting two as HHH makes the save. HHH clotheslines Rock, and Foley and HHH agree to eliminate the Rock so they can face off with each other. Rock runs into a clothesline from HHH and a knee lift from Foley getting a two count. Double suplex from Foley and connects on Rock, and HHH drops a knee on Rock for two. Foley delivers a shot to Rock sending him to the floor and goes out after him. Foley holds Rock allowing HHH to deliver a shot. Foley goes for a whip, but it gets reversed and Foley goes headfirst into the ringsteps. Rock comes back and chokes HHH out with a cable. Foley grabs the ringsteps and nails Rock. HHH fires Rock into the Spanish announce table and sets him on it. Foley goes to the second rope and goes for an elbow drop, but misses his jump and botches the spot. HHH makes up for it diving off the English table with an elbow to Rock on the table. The table doesn’t break so HHH comes off the guardrail finally putting The Rock through the table. Back in the ring HHH delivers a pedigree to Foley, but Foley kicks out at two. HHH picks up a chair and blasts Foley with it. HHH delivers a second pedigree on the chair and Foley’s career ends at 19:40. Yeah, I know, don’t laugh. Foley gets a standing ovation as he leaves, and that gets us down to what should have been the main event to begin with Rock vs. HHH. Foley goes back to the ring to deliver one last shot to HHH with the barbed wire covered 2X4. Rock slides in and covers but HHH is up at two and 15/16ths. Rock and HHH trade shots in the middle with Rock getting the better of it. Rock delivers a clothesline sending HHH to the floor and heads out after him. Rock takes HHH down the aisle and they fight back by the entrance. Rock delivers a suplex on the entrance way, and follows up sending HHH face first into the set. Rock delivers a clothesline, and they begin to fight through the crowd. HHH charges at Rock and gets a backdrop sending him back to the ringside area. Rock fires HHH’s head into the timekeeper’s table, and charges at him with the ringsteps. HHH grabs a chair though and nails the steps crashing them on top of the Rock. HHH bashes away at the steps and then delivers a piledriver to Rock on the steel steps. HHH fires Rock back inside and covers for two. Rock and HHH trade blows in the middle, and Rock goes for a Rock Bottom. HHH fights out and goes for a pedigree, but Rock counters with a backdrop sending HHH to the floor. Rock goes outside and delivers a right sending HHH over the railing into the crowd. They fight through the crowd again. HHH ends up firing Rock back over the guardrail into the ringside area. Rock reverses and Irish whip sending HHH into the guardrail and he follows up with a spinebuster on the floor. Rock then delivers a suplex to HHH sending him through the English announce table. Rock charges at HHH, but gets a drop toehold sending him face first into the steps. HHH fires Rock into the ring, but gets attacked by Vince who fires him into the ringpost. Knowing the way this match ends that makes absolutely no sense. Shane comes back out and attacks Vince ramming his head into a TV monitor, and then bashing him over the head with it. HHH and Rock lay motionless allowing the real main event to take place on the floor. Vince comes firing back at Shane, but gets blasted in the head with a chair. Patterson and Brisco come out and help Vince to the back. Back to their feet Rock comes firing back with a series of right hands in the corner. Rock hits the ropes and delivers a DDT for two. Tilt-a-whirl powerslam from Rock gets another two count. HHH hits the ropes and delivers a facebuster with the knee, and then blasts Rock in the face with the 2X4. Shane slides into the ring with a chair, and HHH goes for the pedigree. Rock counters with a catapult sending HHH into Shane. Rock hits the Rock Bottom, and both men are down. Shane gets to his feet, but Vince comes back out and delivers a low blow to Shane. Vince punches Shane to the floor, and picks up the steel chair. Vince goes to hit HHH with the chair, but SWERVE he blasts Rock instead. HHH covers but only gets a two count. Vince picks up the chair again and blasts Rock again. HHH covers and in my opinion the most shocking moment in Wrestlemania gets the pin to retain the title at 36:25. Vince and Stephanie embrace as the crowd hurls garbage into the ring. Shane staggers into the ring and he and Vince have words. Rock runs back into the ring and Rock Bottoms Shane and Vince, and then turns his eyes to Stephanie. She smacks him, and gets a Rock bottom and peoples elbow for her troubles. Eventually a heel was going have to walk out of Wrestlemania the champion, but this result still pisses me off to this day for a variety of reasons. Rock never got his moment of being able to finish Wrestlemania holding the belt high, because of this result. If Vince was going to turn on Rock all along why did he attack HHH earlier in the match? None of it made any sense. The match was great until the final six minutes or so when all the McMahon garbage took over. It’s a shame, because they were headed for an absolute classic.

Winner: STILL WWF Champion-Triple H (Pins Rock-Vince Chair Shot ****)

The 411: This show was so disappointing, because the WWF for most every show in 2000 could do no wrong, but they managed to screw up the biggest show of the year by making the main event an after thought in the McMahon family drama. There were some high points on this card, and the main event was very solid action wise questionable booking aside. There is still no explanation for what happened at the end. You can’t even blame Russo because he was already in WCW running them into the ground.
Final Score:  5.0   [ Not So Good ]  legend

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