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WrestleMania VII Review

March 13, 2009 | Posted by Rob McNew
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WrestleMania VII Review  

-3/24/1991 from Los Angeles Sports Arena in Los Angeles, CA

-Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

-Willie Nelson looking like he’s trying out for a WWE Shopzone model sings “America The Beautiful.” It’s hard to take a performer wearing a foam toy WWF Championship belt seriously, but somehow Willie pulls it off.

-Bobby Heenan is managing in the opener, so Hacksaw Jim Duggan in full Uncle Sam outfit joins Gorilla on commentary.

-Sean Mooney catches up with The Rockers to get their thoughts on the upcoming match.

Haku & The Barbarian (w. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan) vs. The Rockers

Michaels and Haku start and Haku takes control with a knee and side headlock. Shawn fires Haku into the ropes, but runs into a bearhug. Haku slams Shawn into the corner. Shawn leapfrogs Haku and hits a shoulderblock. Haku punches out of an arm wringer, but Shawn ducks a punch and tags in Jannetty. Double hiptoss puts down Haku, but the Rockers run into a double clothesline from The Barbarian. Back up quickly a double clothesline sends Haku to the floor, and a double dropkick sends Barbarian out with him. Barbarian comes back in with Jannetty and takes control with a knee and a chop. Headbutt puts Jannetty down and out to the apron. Marty slides back in and goes for a sunset flip, but Barbarian blocks that. Shawn comes in and drop kicks Marty into a hurracanrana which gets two. Barbarian quickly regains control and tags in Haku for a double headbutt. Chop from Haku connects. Marty goes up for the dropkick hurracanrana, but this time Shawn is stopped by the ref, and Barbarian comes in to clothesline Marty on the top rope. Off the ropes Jannetty runs into an elbow, and Barbarian is tagged back in. Jannetty hits the ropes and runs into a press slam from Barbarian. Cheap shot from Barbarian draws Shawn in which allows the heels to double team. Tag to Haku, who goes for a clothesline, which is ducked. Marty comes off with a cross body for two, but Haku quickly regains control with a pair of backbreakers. Tag to Barbarian who covers for two. Jannetty goes off the ropes and into a clothesline. Barbarian grabs a bearhug to slow things down a bit. Jannetty gets driven into the corner, and whipped into the corner after that. Barbarian charges into a boot, allowing Jannetty to go to the second rope. That attempt runs into a powerslam from Barbarian however. Top rope headbutt attempt from Barbarian misses putting both men down. Barbarian tags Haku, but Jannetty makes the hot tag to Shawn. Haku hits the ropes and runs into a back elbow from Shawn. Corner punches on Haku connect followed by a second rope splash on Barbarian. Neckbreaker on Haku gets a two count, but Haku is back with a thumb to the eye. Michaels comes off the ropes with a sunset flip, and gets two with an assist from Jannetty. Double clothesline puts Barbarian out, and Haku down. Jannetty comes off the top with a dropkick, and Shawn comes off the top with a crossbody, which finishes things off at 10:34. Fantastic opener, as the Rockers were perfect for the role of getting things off right.

Winner: The Rockers (Michaels pins Haku-Flying Crossbody ***1/2)

-Mean Gene talks to tonight’s celebrities. Regis and Kathy Lee co-host Regis Philbin, Jeopardy host Alex Trebek, and Donald Trump flavor of the month Marla Maples.

Dino Bravo (w. “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart) vs. “Texas Tornado” Kerry Von Erich

Eerie that two years later these two men would both be dead due to gunshots. Von Erich’s was self inflected, Bravo’s due to getting involved with the wrong people. Big brawl to start sees Kerry take control with an atomic drop. Von Erich goes for the claw, but its blocked by Bravo who delivers a pair of chops. Dino gets whipped into the corner, but gets a boot up on the charge. Terrible inverted atomic drop sets up a pair of elbows getting two for Bravo. Von Erich ducks two clotheslines but runs into Bravo’s finisher the side suplex, but that only gets two. Bravo goes to the second rope and comes off with an axe handle. Bravo is so roided up he can barely move at this point. Off the second rope again comes Bravo, but Von Erich catches him in the claw. Bravo reaches the ropes, but that allows Von Erich to hit the discus punch, which finishes at 3:10. Awful match, mainly due to Bravo.

Winner: “Texas Tornado” Kerry Von Erich (Pinfall-Discus Punch ¼*)

-Sean Mooney interviews The Warlord and Slick. Mean Gene gets the response from Davey Boy and Winston.

The Warlord (w. Slick) vs. The British Bulldog

The Warlord is wearing his phantom of the opera mask, which might rank as one of the more ridiculous costumes ever. Davey Boy has mascot Winston with him. Warlord throws Bulldog into the corner on a lockup to start. Bulldog comes off the ropes with a trio of shoulderblock, which sends Warlord to the floor. Back inside Warlord sends Bulldog into the ropes, but Bulldog comes off trying a crucifix. Warlord turns it into a samoan drop. Trio of elbow drops gets two. Warlord fires Bulldog into the corner then catches him a bearhug on the way back out. Bulldog punches out of that, and hits the ropes, but this time runs into a stun gun, which gets a two count. Belly to belly suplex, sets up a snap mare and a chinlock as Warlord stays in control. Bulldog elbows his way out of the chinlock, and a headbutt sets up a dropkick. Bulldog rams Warlord into the turnbuckle ten times, then comes off the second rope a right hand. Crossbody gets two for the Bulldog, but a piledriver attempt is is reversed by Warlord. Sunset flip is blocked by Warlord, but Bulldog is able flip him from there getting two. Warlord comes back with a boot, and that sets up Bulldog for the full nelson. Davey Boy is able to break the full nelson, and reverses a powerslam attempt by Warlord into one of his own which finishes at 8:13. Warlord controlled much of the match, and that’s not a good thing.

Winner: The British Bulldog (Pinfall-Powerslam *)

-Mean Gene catches up with the Nasty Boys for their thoughts on the upcoming title match. Sean Mooney gets the reply from the Harts.

WWF Tag Team Championship: The Nasty Boys (w. “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart) vs. The Hart Foundation ©

Bret starts the match with Sags. Sags gains control with a series of right hands driving Bret to the mat. Off the ropes Bret ducks a clothesline and comes off with a Thesz press. Knobs comes in and runs into an inverted atomic drop. Bret catches the foot of Sags while coming off the ropes and takes him down delivering a stomp to the gut. Sags tags in Knobs who wants the Anvil to which Bret obliges. Anvil takes control in the corner and hiplocks Knobs coming out of the corner sending him to the floor. Back inside Neidhart puts Knobs in an armbar, but gets pushed into the Nasty corner. Sags tags in and delivers a series of forearms to gain control. Its shortlived as Neidhart comes off the ropes and fires Sags to the mat. Tag to Bret who drives Sags to the buckle and then delivers 10 punches in the corner. Russian leg sweep sets up a second rope elbow from Bret. Knobs comes in to break up a cover and gets met with a series of right hands. Bret turns his back though and gets a clothesline from Knobs. Sags clotheslines Bret to the floor. Back inside Sags whips Bret into the buckle, as Bret will be playing the role of face in peril. Backbreaker from Sags gets a two count. Knee to the back sets up a reverse chinlock on Bret. Bret comes to his feet, but gets taken down by his hair. Knobs tags in and delivers a double axe handle before going to a chinlock of his own. Sags tags in and delivers an elbow drop and reverse neckbreaker. Bret kicks out at two from that, and Sags goes back to the chinlock. Bret fights to his feet and delivers a reverse neckbreaker of his own which puts both men down. Sags is able to tag Knobs who delivers a cheapshot to Neidhart drawing him in the ring. Knobs goes to the chinlock, but Bret comes out with an electric chair drop. Bret tries to make the tag, but Sags is in to draw Neidhart in. Bret gets whipped into the corner, but moves out of the way of a charge from Knobs. Bret tags in Neidhart, but the ref is tied up with Sags and won’t allow it. While Neidhart is being shown out the Nastys get ahold of Jimmy’s megaphone, and set up Bret for a shot with it. Bret ducks however and Knobs blasts Sags. That finally allows Bret to make the hot tag and Neidhart is in. Bodyslam to Sags and a double clothesline puts both Nasty’s down. Knobs comes off the ropes and gets an elbow and a clothesline for two. Powerslam on Knobs gets two, but Sags breaks up the count. Bret is in to chase off Sags. The Nasty’s end up colliding as Bret sets Knobs up for the Hart Attack. It hits, but the ref chases Bret out of the ring rather than count. That distraction allows Sags to hit Neidhart with Jimmy’s motorcycle helmet and that finishes to give the Nasty Boys the shocking title win at 12:07. As fate would have it this ended up being the final match ever for the famed Hart Foundation tag team as Bret would move on to his famed singles career. Hot start, slow middle, hot finish. Decent enough match for me.

Winners: NEW WWF Tag Team Champions-The Nasty Boys (Knobs pins Neidhart-Helmet Shot **3/4)

-Recap of the events leading up to the Roberts-Martel blindfold match, followed by your standard phenomenal Roberts promo.

Blindfold Match: “The Model” Rick Martel vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Rules here are simple. Standard wrestling match only both wrestlers are blindfolded. Roberts uses the crowd to help him find Martel by pointing and waiting for cheers. Martel walks into a schoolboy from Roberts but there is no cover. Martel comes up with control and tries an Irish whip, but Jake just runs away from him. I wonder why they don’t do that when they can see. About two minutes later Martel finds Jake and slams him. He goes to drop an elbow, but Jake had moved several seconds earlier. Not much to recap here as the entire match has been them just walking around trying to find each other. Martel finds the ref and thinks it Jake for a moment, but quickly realizes that the guy he grabbed is wearing a shirt. We’re now at the five minute mark and we’ve had roughly 20 seconds of contact. Jake claps his hands and then circles around to the spot he was at to get a go behind on Martel, but Martel escapes and we’re back to keep away. Martel eventually finds Damien, and backs into Jake, but slides away before anything happens. This is literally one of the most mind numbingly stupid things I’ve ever witnessed. Jake finally gets a hold of Martel and hits the rope, but runs into a shoulder block from Martel, which sends him to the arena floor. Martel is out after him, and grabs a chair, which he pokes at air in an attempt to find Jake. Martel backs into the ring post, which he thinks is Jake. He turns and hits the post with the chair. Jake finds him on the floor and pulls him inside. Martel quickly gains control and hits a backbreaker, which sets up the Boston Crab. Jake powers out of the Crab, and Martel backs into a DDT from Jake which thankfully finishes this idiocy at 8:34. Fun idea in theory, which was horribly, horribly executed. Of the 8 ½ minutes there were probably a combined minute of contact. Some people enjoy this match, and that’s certainly your perogative, but don’t count me among the fans. After the match Martel gets the Damien treatment.

Winner: Jake “The Snake” Roberts (Pinfall-DDT -***)

-Marla Maples is in the locker room for the Jimmy Hart stable celebration of the Nasty Boys tag title victory.

”Superfly” Jimmy Snuka vs. The Undertaker (w. Paul Bearer)

And so the streak begins. Taker attacks from behind to start and rams Snuka into the buckle. He continues the assault with a choke on the ropes, and a flying clothesline off the ropes. Taker picks up Snuka with a handful of face, and chokes him out in the corner. Snuka reverses a whip into the corner, but charges into a knee, which sends him to the floor. Taker brings him back inside with a suplex, but misses an elbow. No effect as Taker is still in full on zombie no-sell mode. Snuka delivers a series of headbutts to no avail. Snuka comes off the ropes and ducks a clothesline, but misses a crossbody and flies to the floor. Snuka comes in from the floor with a shoulderblock and tries to springboard into the ring, but flies into Taker who hits the tombstone to finish at 4:20. Total squash, but as it turned out a very historic one.

Winner: The Undertaker (Pinfall-Tombstone **)

-Recap of the events that led to the career-ending match.

Career Ending Match: “Macho King” Randy Savage (w. Sensational Queen Sherri) vs. The Ultimate Warrior

Heenan points out Elizabeth sitting in the stands. I’m sure she’s just here for moral support. Meanwhile Warrior walks to the ring for one of the only times in his career that I’m aware of to sell the importance of the match. Savage takes control off a knee and a rake to the eyes. Off the ropes Savage runs into a shoulderblock and bails. Sherri provides a distraction allowing Savage to attack from behind. It doesn’t last as he hits the ropes and runs into a clothesline. Inverted atomic drop is followed by the traditional version for Warrior. Sherri tries to come in to save Savage from a double choke, but Warrior throws him into her sending her back to the floor. Savage ends up tied up in the ropes, but the ref quickly unties him. Warrior delivers a shot to the gut off the ropes, but a second whip attempt ends with a kick to the face after a failed backdrop attempt. Savage hits the ropes and delivers a clothesline, then goes to the top for a crossbody. Warrior catches him though and just sets him down and slaps him. Savage takes another breather to the floor. Savage attacks from behind, but again the Warrior responds. Whip to the corner by Warrior is followed by a series of kicks. An early prototype of mudhole stomping. See Austin ripped off Warrior. Another whip to the corner is followed up by a Stinger splash attempt by Warrior. Savage moves and Warrior falls to the floor. Savage ties up the referee while Sherri delivers a blow on the floor, and then Savage comes down with a double axe handle. Savage rolls in again and Sherri delivers a few more blows, before Warrior shoves her down. Savage comes back outside and attacks from behind and posts Warrior. Savage drags him back inside and delivers a slam and knee drop for a two count. Reverse neckbreaker attempt by Savage is turned into a backslide by Warrior for two. Staredown ends with Savage spitting in Warriors face. Sherri provides another distraction and again Savage tries to attack from behind, but this time Warrior catches him. Warrior hits the ropes about 12 times before going for the flying shoulderblock. Savage sidesteps him and drives his face into the mat. Savage goes to the sleeper, Warrior comes out and both men hit the ropes. Both guys take each other out with a double clothesline. Back to their feet and Savage goes for a slam which Warrior counters into a small package. The ref is tied up with Sherri though, and isn’t there to count. Warrior gets in the refs face, which allows Savage to attack from behind taking out the ref. Sherri tries to come in with a second rope axehandle but nails Savage instead. Warrior chases Sherri, but that allows Savage to sneak up from behind and get a rollup for two. Savage clotheslines Warrior on the top rope twice, then delivers a clothesline. Bodyslam by Savage gets a two count. Savage goes to the top rope and delivers FIVE flying elbow drops but it only gets two. Savage is SHOCKED. Warrior starts shaking the ropes which is of course his Hulk up. Three clotheslines sets up the press slam and big splash. Savage kicks out of that, and Warrior starts looking to the heaven. He starts to leave and the ref pleas with him to not. Savage makes up his mind for him by delivering a clothesline sending Warrior to the floor. He sets up Warrior on the guardrail as he tries to Steamboat his throat. Warrior is able to move though and Savage comes off the top into the rail. Warrior now convinced of his destiny fires Savage back in the ring. Three flying shoulderblocks finish things off and temporarily end Savage’s career at 20:47. Match is fantastic, and the best of Warrior’s career, but it pails in comparison to what happens afterward. Sherri furious that she just lost her meal ticket berates Savage in the ring afterward, even going so far as to attack him. That’s enough for Elizabeth as she runs into the ring and fires Sherri to the floor. Savage almost punches Elizabeth, but starts to slowly realize what’s going on as Sherri continues to be restrained at ringside. Finally they embrace to a thunderous pop as Savage gets the send off of a lifetime in one of the great moments in Wrestlemania history. Now then this is Warrior’s career in a nutshell. Beat Hogan, and Hogan is the post match story. Beat Savage, and Savage is the post match story.

Winner: The Ultimate Warrior (Pinfall-Flying Shoulderblock ****)

-Regis Philbin attempts to get a word with Undertaker and Paul Bearer. They take his measurements and don’t speak.

-Alex Trebek catches up with Demolition and Mr. Fuji.

-Regis is with Tenryu and Kitao who don’t speak because they can’t speak English. I sense a trend.

-Alex Trebek is with Jake and Damien. Trebek is scared of the snake. Damien has to settle for the home version of Jeopardy!

Demolition (w. Mr. Fuji) vs. Tenryu & Kitao

Crush and Kitao start out after the Demos attack before bell. Crush comes off the ropes and runs into a knee, so Smash comes in to make a save. He ties up the ref while Crush holds Kitao for Fuji to hit him with the cane. Smash is tagged in and delivers a side suplex before ramming Kitao into Crush’s boot. Tag to Crush who comes off the top with a double axe handle. Body slam to Kitao as it continues to be all Demolition. Quick tag again to Smash who chokes out Kitao on the top rope. Another tag to Crush who continues to pound on Kitao before tagging in Smash again. Kitao gets whipped to the corner, but comes out with a clothesline allowing him to make a hot tag to Tenryu. He comes in with a dropkick to Crush, and a scoop slam for Smash. He misses a 2nd rope elbow drop, which allows Smash to tag out. Crush is in with a backbreaker and a tag to Smash who delivers a side suplex. Smash sets up for the Decapitation, but Kitao makes the save pushing Crush to the floor. Smash goes after Kitao, but gets an enzaguri from Tenryu. From there a power bomb finishes for the Japanese teams as Demolition fades off into the sunset for the final time at 4:40.

Winners: Tenryu & Kitao (Tenryu pins Smash-Power Bomb **)

-Mean Gene catches up with the Big Boss Man who promises Mr. Perfect will serve hard time, Mr. Perfect and Bobby Heenan have other plans, which they tell Sean Mooney.

WWF Intercontinental Championship-The Big Boss Man vs. Mr. Perfect © (w. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan)

Lord Alfred Hayes joins Gorilla on commentary for this one. They both spit on each other at the outset before Perfect delivers a slap and bails. Bossman follows him and smacs him on the floor. Back inside and Perfect gets a giant swing by his hair from Bossman. Boot out of the corner and a clotheslines from Bossman before firing Perfect to the floor. Bossman tries a corner charge back inside, but Perfect is able to move. Another whip by Bossman sends Perfect across the second rope, and he drops down on him. Bossman takes his belt off and delivers a few whips. Perfect is able to gain control of the belt and deliver a few shots with it before the ref is able to get rid of it. Perfect takes control with a boot and a chop. Perfect grabs a chinlock for a bit before letting go to grab an abdominal stretch. Perfect finally lets go and delivers a dropkick to pick up a two count. A pair of chops and a snap mare set up the neck snap from Perfect. Bossman counters a Perfect-Plex attempt with a small package. Back up and Perfect hits a sweet reverse neck snap getting a two count. To the top rope goes Perfect, but he jumps right into Bossman’s boot. Bossman drives Perfect into the buckle, and then crotches Perfect on the post. Back inside an uppercut from Bossman sends Perfect flying over the top. Bossman goes out after Heenan, but Perfect attacks from behind throwing Bossman to the steps. Heenan puts the boots to Bossman on the floor, which draws out Andre the Giant to even things up. Back inside the ring Perfect takes the turnbuckle pad off, but notices Andre has grabbed the title belt. Perfect drives Bossman’s face into the exposed steel, but is still pre-occupied with Andre. Finally, he decides to go after Andre, but gets leveled with the belt instead. With both men down the ref puts a double count on, but Bossman is able to sit up. He covers Perfect getting two, and finally Haku and The Barbarian run in to draw the LAME DQ at 10:46. Andre and Bossman fight off the Heenan family, but Perfect retains the title. Decent little match, but a ridiculously shitty ending kills it.

Winner: The Big Boss Man (Disqualification-Outside Interference **1/4)

-Mean Gene interviews a parade of celebs in the crowd including Donald Trump, Chuck Norris, Henry Winkler, & Lou Ferrigno

Earthquake (w. “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart) vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

Hammer had turned face to the excitement of no one in the winter of 1990 and was now getting squashed by all of Hart’s charges. Quake delivers a huge powerslam at the outset for a two count. Quake misses a charge, and Valentine delivers a series of chops and elbows in the corner. Whip attempt is reversed by Quake, but Valentine comes right back with the elbows finally putting Quake down on his knees. Valentine hits Quake with everything, before finally coming off the second rope with an elbow to put Quake down. Valentine delivers a headbutt to the midsection, before going for the figure four. Jimmy Hart provides a distraction, which stops the figure four attempt. Quake attacks from behind and an elbow drop and Earthquake splash finish at 3:17. Quake tries to deliver another after the bell, but Valentine is able to get out.

Winner: Earthquake (Pinfall-Earthquake Splash ½*)

-Sean Mooney gets a word with LOD about their match with Power and Glory.

Power & Glory (w. Slick) vs. The Legion of Doom

Power and Glory interfered in a tag team battle royal costing LOD a shot at the Harts, so this is the revenge bout. Power & Glory attack before the bell. They send Hawk off the ropes but he delivers a double clothesline. Herc dumps Hawk to the floor while Roma delivers a slam to Animal. Roma comes off the top rope, but Animal turns it into a powerslam. Animal sets him for the Doomsday Device and Hawk delivers it finishing in just :58.

Winner: The Legion of Doom (Animal pins Roma-Doomsday Device ¼*)

-Recap of the events leading up to Dibiase-Virgil.

”Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase vs. Virgil (w. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper)

Piper is on crutches due to a recent motorcycle accident, but he’s still working the corner. Virgil attacks early with a series of punches, and Dibiase bails to the floor. Dibiase decides to play the boxing game, but again Virgil gets the better of it and a frustrated Dibiase bails to the floor again. Virgil slingshots Dibiase inside and delivers a pair of clotheslines the seconds sending him to the floor again. This time Virgil goes after him and sends him inside before delivering a clothesline. Back elbow from Virgil gets a one count as Dibiase again bails to the floor. Go behind take down from Virgil continues to frustrated Dibiase, who finally takes control with a drop toehold. He fires Dibiase into the buckle and chops away at Dibiase. Back elbow from Dibiase sets up Virgil for a clothesline. Piledriver from Dibiase gets two. Suplex by Dibiase gets anther two count. Gutwrench suplex and a one count this time. Dibiase fires Virgil to the floor, and he follows him out. He delivers a few chops before firing Virgil back inside. He shoves Piper for good measure before heading back inside. Dibiase hits a powerslam, before hitting the ropes. Piper is able to pull the ropes down and Dibiase goes to the floor. He loses track of the count and after fighting with Piper is counted out at 7:49. Dibiase attacks Virgil after the bell putting him in the Million Dollar Dream. Piper comes in to the rescue nailing Dibiase with his crutch. Sherri comes in to put a stop to that and Dibiase and Sherri work over Piper’s injured knee. Virgil eventually makes the save as Sherri leaves with Dibiase.

Winner: Virgil (Countout *1/4)

-Sean Mooney gets a word with WWF Champion Sgt. Slaughter and Gen. Adnan and goes over some of the events leading up to the main event.

The Mountie (w. “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart) vs. Tito Santana

Tito grabs a side headlock off the bat and hits the flying forearm right away, but the Mountie is able to bail to the floor. Tito follows them and delivers a double noggin knocker outside for Jimmy and The Mountie. Back inside and Mountie gets hit with an atomic drop. The ref gets a distraction, which allows The Mountie to shock Tito with the cattleprod and pick up the victory at 1:21.

Winner: The Mountie (Pinfall-Cattle Prod DUD)

-Hulk Hogan promises Mean Gene he will vanquish those evil foreigners and bring the WWF Championship back to the good ole US of A brother.

WWF Championship: Sgt. Slaughter © (w. Gen. Adnan) vs. Hulk Hogan

Hogan chases Slaughter and Adnan around the ring to start, before the ref is able to separate them to get a proper start. Hogan fires Slaughter into the corner after a lockup. Side headlock by Hogan is pushed off by Slaughter. Hogan comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock, and a second time sends Slaughter to the floor. Hogan goes out after him delivering a series of blows before being hit from behind by Adnan. Slaughter hits Hogan with a chair, but Hogan no sells it, and fires Slaughter back into the ring. Slaughter begs off in the corner before delivering a thumb to the eye. Hogan gets rammed into the buckle, and whipped off the ropes into a back elbow. Knee drops from Slaughter connects, but an elbow drop finds no one. Hogan is back up with a clothesline, and delivers a shot to Adnan for good measure. Into the corner goes Slaughter and an atomic drop gets two for Hogan. Elbow clothesline connects for another two count. Hogan fires Slaughter into the buckle a few times and delivers a backdrop. Irish whip to the corner sends Slaughter face first into the buckle. Knee to the back by Hogan connects, and is followed by a slingshot sending Slaughter into the post. Clothesline by Hogan connects in the corner, and is followed by eight punches from the second rope. Again Hogan drives Slaughter into the buckle for a two count. Hogan comes off the second rope with a double axe handle, and delivers a body slam. Pair of elbow drops connects, and is followed by Hogan going to the top rope, but getting slammed off by Slaughter. Clothesline from Slaughter sends Hogan to the floor. Slaughter follows him outside and posts him, and delivers another shot with a chair. The ref won’t disqualify him however even though that is what Slaughter is going for. Slaughter continues the assault by choking out Hogan with a cable. Back inside Slaughter pounds away with a series of shots to the back. Backbreaker by Slaughter gets a two count. Slaughter grabs a Boston crab by the ropes, but Hogan takes about a minute before grabbing the rope. Slaughter thinks it’s a submission, but the ref corrects him. Slaughter delivers a series of knees to the lower back of Hogan, all setting up for the Camel Clutch. Slaughter goes to the top rope and delivers a stomp to Hogan’s lower back. Slaughter goes for the cover, but Adnan distracts the referee for some reason so Hogan kicks out at two. Slaughter goes outside to grab another chair and waffles Hogan in the head with it. Hogan kicks out at two from that but is now busted open from the chair shot. Short clothesline from Slaughter sets up the Camel Clutch. Hogan powers out of the move, but gets rammed into the buckle. Slaughter grabs the Iraqi flag and drapes Hogan in it as he goes for the cover. Two count sets up the Hulk Up. You know the drill from here, three punches, big boot legdrop, and Hogan wins his third WWF Championship at 20:25. About as good as you’d imagine out of these two at this point in their career. Not a classic by any means, but a perfectly acceptable main event.

Winner: NEW WWF Champion-Hulk Hogan (Pinfall-Legdrop ***)

The 411: This was the last Wrestlemania to use this particular format of fourteen matches and four hours. Thank goodness, because it much like five and six really drags. It’s not nearly as bad as six as it has three title matches, and a semi-main event that really delivered. Not a terrible card, but also not a great one. This was definitely a middle of the road Wrestlemania.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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