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WWE House Show Results 11.08.12 – Zurich, Switzerland

November 8, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Credit: Nicky S., & PWTorch

(1) Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara beat the Prime Time Players. Great reaction for Rey, noticeably less for Sin Cara. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil know how to get a reaction from the crowd, especially Titus, who knew how to get heat with his whistle and his mannerisms. Who would have thought that, when you look back at the Titus from NXT Season 2? Sin Cara botched an armdrag and landed flat on his back. Awkward. Mysterio eventually got the pin after a 619/splash combination.

A promo from Del Rio aired on the video screens, where he basically said that he would beat Randy Orton tonight.

(2) R-Truth (w/invisible Lil’ Jimmy) beat El Local. Squash match that ended after 10 seconds. El Local “attacked” Lil’ Jimmy in the corner, turned around, and ate Truth’s reverse STO finisher.

(3) Santino Marella beat Ted DiBiase with the Cobra. Nice pop for Santino. The crowd didnt really know how to react to DiBiase, but eventually accepted him as the bad guy in the match. Santino did his usual in-ring shenanigans including tripping on the top rope, missing dropkicks, and punches, doing his power-walk during the match and not being able to kip up.

The Miz attacked Santino on the ramp and said he would do the same tonight to Kofi Kingston and become the Intercontinental champion, because he is awesome.

(4) Kaitlyn beat Natalya in an entertaining Divas match. Surprisingly good reaction for Kaitlyn. The ladies seemed to have fun in the ring, as they slapped each other a couple of times on the backside and used submission moves that didnt look very PG. Kaitlyn won, to my surprise, not with a roll-up, but with a reverse DDT.

Tony Chimel told us that we could decide if Ricardo Rodriguez is allowed to be ringside for Del Rio’s match by tweeting yes or no.

(5) Randy Orton beat Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez). Huge pop for Orton. Ricardo forced Tony Chimel and referee Rod Zapata to applaud for Alberto during his entrance. Good and entertaining back and forth match. Del Rio did Orton’s pose and mat-punching before he tried to hit an RKO, but failed in the end. The finish came when Ricardo jumped on the apron to hold Orton in the corner so that Del Rio could deliver his enzuigiri. Alberto missed, though, and hit Ricardo instead, which gave Orton the chance to deliver his RKO and end the match.

[15-minute intermission]

(6) Wade Barrett beat Justin Gabriel. Not much of a reaction for Gabriel. Barrett came out and said…nothing. His mic wasn’t working. They tried to get him a new one, but that took too long, so he went back and left the stage. Take two: They played his music again and he came out with a new microphone and smiling. He said that Switzerland has the worst microphones in the world and that he could beat everyone in this arena. He could also beat up the local ice hockey team ZSC Lions, the local soccer team Grasshoppers, and he would love nothing more than to beat up Swiss tennis superstar Roger Federer. That got him good heat but a good portion of the audience still cheered for him during the match. He won with his Bull Hammer elbow smash.

(7) U.S. champion Antonio Cesaro beat Jack Swagger to retain the U.S. Title. Swagger now with longer, slicked-back hair and beard. No change in outfit or attitude, though. He cut a promo and said he doesnt respect Switzerland, the people, or a Swiss as United States champion. That’s why he would win the title tonight. Biggest pop of the night for Antonio Cesaro, who worked as a face in his home country. Lots of Switzerland, Cesaro, and even Ricola chants throughout the match. This was the longest and best match of the night with lots of nearfalls and Cesaro even used some of his moves he hasn’t used so far in the WWE like the springboard European uppercut or the Alpamare Waterslide. Cesaro won the match with the Neutralizer. Afterward, he took his time and celebrated in the ring, holding up the Swiss flag and celebrating with the fans ringside.

(8) IC champion Kofi Kingston beat The Miz to retain the Intercontinental Title with Trouble in Paradise. Miz came out and did what he does best – provoke the fans. Well, it worked, as a guy in the front row splashed his drink in Miz’s direction, which surprised Tony Chimel, who was standing close. Security escorted the troublemaker and his two friends out of the arena. Despite being the bad guy in this match, Miz got a lot of cheers and was one of the hightlights of the night. Kofi is very athlethic, but somehow didn’t connect very well with the crowd. Good match, though.

(9) Sheamus beat World Hvt. champion Big Show via DQ; Show retained the World Title. Huge reaction for Sheamus and good heat for Big Show, who looked like he had some problems with his knee. Sheamus started a “45 seconds” chant during the match. The finish was the same as in the other shows during this tour. Big Show pulled ref Charles Robinson in front of him when Sheamus tried to hit Show with the Brogue kick. Robinson called for the bell and disqualified Big Show. Show then tried to knock Sheamus out with his W.M.D., but ate the Brogue Kick from the Celtic Warrior to end the three-hour show.

Overall, Antonio Cesaro’s homecoming was definitely the highlight of the night. Having Santino on the show was a nice surprise, as well, since he had not been touring with the Smackdown crew thus far. WWE will be back in Switzerland in April when the Raw brand stops in Geneva.

Crowd Reactions

Loudest cheers:

-Antonio Cesaro
-Randy Orton
-Rey Mysterio
-Kofi Kingston

Loudest boos:

-Big Show
-The Miz
-Alberto Del Rio
-Wade Barrett
-Jack Swagger

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