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WWE News: Chad Gable Thinks He Has Advantage Against Braun Strowman, Raquel Rodriguez’ Theme Song Now Online, Highlights From The Smackdown Lowdown

October 1, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Chad Gable WrestleMania 38 Image Credit: WWE

– In a post on Twitter, Chad Gable said that he had the advantage against Braun Strowman on Monday due to their history together. The video includes several photos and clips of their early days as wrestlers.

He wrote: “This Monday, on #WWERaw . Sure, I was a bit nervous about this match at first, until I remembered… I’ve known Braun Strowman longer than anyone in WWE. The advantage is mine. See you Monday, Minnesota.

He added in the video: “Braun Strowman! Don’t forget our history, my friend. I used to be your coach. I used to run you. I was your first match! I’ve studied you, Braun. So I know what it takes to make you slip up. And so it’s David versus Goliath again. But when we’re talking intelligence, Braun, I’m the giant and you’re an infant. I was born and raised in Minnesota, Braun. The last remaining state in this country with any intelligence. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you walk in here and ruin it with your obnoxious roars and your petty need for adulation. And it was all part of the plan to have Otis soften you up for me last week. And this Monday on RAW, I’m going to finish the job. Master Gable is going to slay the monster.

– WWE has released the official theme song for Raquel Rodriguez, ‘Trap Queen’, online.

– Here are highlights from today’s episode of The Smackdown Lowdown: