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Brock Lesnar Considered Unlikely To Be Fully Removed From WWE 2K24

February 8, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE 2K20 Brock Lesnar Image Credit: 2K Games

Brock Lesnar is no longer on the cover of WWE 2K24, but he’s unlikely to be removed completely from the game per a new report. As reported, 2K Games has replaced Lesnar in the cover art with John Cena. The move is believed to be due to Lesnar’s connection to the lawsuit filed by Janel Grant against Vince McMahon, Laurinaitis, and WWE, accusing McMahon of sexual assault and sex trafficking. Lesnar was not explicitly named in the lawsuit, though it did refer to a “world-famous athlete and former UFC Heavyweight Champion,” who McMahon allegedly offered Grant’s sexual services to and The Wall Street Journal reported that Lesnar as the person in question.

While there has been some speculation that Lesnar might be removed fully from the game, especially after he was pulled from WWE Supercard, Wrestlenomics’ Brandon Thurston reports that is unlikely, and Lesnar will most likely stay in the game. While a 2K spokesperson declined to comment on the matter, a person familiar with the situation said that 2K is taking steps where possible to update the game in accordance with WWE’s decisions.

Lesnar is expected to be part of the game’s Showcase Mode, and removing him would take out a major match. Insider Gaming senior editor Mike Straw noted that “It’s not impossible he’s removed, especially if something more and major were to come out over the next week or so… Again, though, that doesn’t seem likely.”

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