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Terminator RPG Quick Start Rules Released, Kickstarter Coming Next Month

January 3, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Terminator RPG

The world of Skynet is coming to the gaming table, with Nightfall Games releasing quick start rules for the Terminator RPG. The company has released the Quick Start rules for the game so that fans can get an idea of what to expect from the full game when the Kickstarter launches in February.

The Quick Start PDF, which is available in a Pay What You Want situation, stands as a 4–page introduction to the game and includes the basic rules, seven pre-made characters and a scenario for a GM and up to five players in which they play the role of Resistance Fighters. Nightfall has licensed the franchise from STUDIOCANAL, the company that holds the rights to the sci-fi action franchise. The Quick Start also serves as a beta for the game, with updated versions coming as the game is developed further.

The game is written by a team led by Andrew E.C. Gaska (Alien Role Playing Game), with Richard August (Conan) leading the writing of the Quick Start Quick Start book. Chris Shepperson, the original creator of Nightfall Games’ S5S system, guided the rules set with nehicular combat from Mark Langworthy. The game will include rules and scenarios for both the future and the “present” of the films, and can also be used to play in any other time point with mechanics for time travel and more.