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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Announces Cast of ‘Victims’

March 24, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game Image Credit: Gun Interactive

The upcoming Texas Chain Saw Massacre game has its victims, as the game’s producers announced on Thursday. As you may recall, Gun Interactive is at work on an asymmetrical 3 v. 4 multiplayer survival game and the company posted a new blog entry on the game’s website introducing its survivors – or as the page calls them, “victims.”

The page lists five characters to choose from, described as follows:

Julie is a Southern California native and fits every bit of what that description might bring to mind. Sand, surf, and sport lifestyle. But whether or not her life to this point has prepared her for the stress and strain of the experience that requires an entirely different type of toughness remains to be seen. Will her physical abilities be enough to carry her through an absolute nightmare unlike any other?

While Leland might have wrestled in high school, college life is a long way from high school and his glory days of wrestling. Still, he is the toughest of the group, but what he has in strength he lacks elsewhere. A native Texan and bit of a tough guy, but still no match one on one against the likes of the Slaughter Family and therefore his capabilities benefit from teamwork with his peers.

Connie comes from a life on the farm, where she never shied away from the work that went along with it. While not quite what you’d imagine a tomboy to be, Connie relishes in being the type of person that will surprise you with her skills. She’s crafty, intelligent, and ingenuitive. A natural tinkerer, her skills are more surgical than strong arm.

Sonny might have a slightly smaller frame, but he more than makes up for that with his intellect. The best student of the bunch is not only book smart, he’s quick on his feet and quick with his decisions. Perceptive and intuitive, exceptionally situationally aware, Sonny will need to rely on his intelligence if he’s to survive, and his friends would be equally wise to reap the benefits of his abilities.

And then there’s Ana. Ana is fiercely motivated and a natural leader. After losing her father, she and Maria help to take care of their mother, while trying to forge their own paths as well. Now with Maria missing, Ana is done sitting idly by while law enforcement stumbles along. Determination and sheer willpower are her strongest suits, and she’ll need every ounce of her resilience to endure.

The game will pit the victims up against a cast of killers from the franchises murderous family including Leatherface. Victims will not be able to kill the killers, as it was previously announced that the game will not feature a lot of weapons or a “huge combat system where you can team up on Leatherface. This is strictly about survival. There are little ways to defend yourself, but you won’t be grabbing a baseball bat and trying to attack Leatherface.”

Kane Hodder is doing the motion capture performance for Leatherface for the game alongside Scout Taylor-Compton, Kristina Klebe, and Sean Whalen. The game does not yet have a release date.