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Jon Fitch Is Down With A Georges St-Pierre Rematch

October 26, 2016 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Georges St-Pierre GSP

In an interview with, Jon Fitch spoke about a possible rematch with Georges St-Pierre if he’s really done with his UFC contract. GSP said he was a free agent but the UFC has denied this. Here are highlights:

On a possible rematch: “(St-Pierre) retired a champ. Champion vs. champion – a World Series champ. I would be interested in that fight for sure, and I think the fans should be allowed to see those type of fights.”

On how the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act could help MMA: “It kind of disrupts the monopolizing of champions. You have guys that win a championship belt for one company and they’re stuck in a contract with that company to defend their belt. Well, that’s the most valuable that fighter is at that time. (St-Pierre) should be allowed to be a free agent. One of the things that the Ali Act encompasses is that those champions will be able to go to the free market after winning the belt. If the company wants to keep him, they’re going to have to bid for him with the other companies. So now you’ll get champion vs. champion. You won’t have to see guys stuck with just one company.”