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411 Box Office Report: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Leads The Way With $60 Million Start

June 11, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Transformers: Rise of the Beast edged out Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse to win the box office in its opening weekend with $60 million. The sixth film in the main Transformers franchise opened with $60.5 million, beating projections that had it at around $50 million or so. The opening is the best for a Transformers film since 2014’s Transformers; Age of Extinction opened to $100 million.

The Transformers franchise has been a lucrative one for Paramount Pictures and Hasbro, but also one that has suffered diminishing returns for a while due to middling fan response. After peaking with 2011’s Dark of the Moon, the series has steadily lost numbers in box office to the point that Transformers: The Last Knight opened to just $44.7 million in 2017 on its way to $130 million domestically. 2018’s Bumblebee repped a low in raw numbers at a $21.7 million opening, $127.2 million domestically and $465.2 million worldwide, but it also cost half of the typical $200 million-range budget of the main franchise films and is the sole entry in the series to earn positive marks from critics.

Rise of the Beasts has not been a critical hit and it carries the $195 million price tag that is right around the range of the typical main franchise entry, but there are reasons to be optimistic beyond just the opening weekend increase. At a 52% aggregated RT score it is no critical darling, but that is still the second-best score in the main franchise behind the 2007 original’s 57%. And the audience reaction has been very positive, scoring a franchise-best 91% RT audience score as well as an A- CinemaScore. Those numbers are reflected in the weekend day-to-day hold, which was pretty strong.

More to the point, like all the Transformers films this movie is going to make its money overseas. Rise of the Beasts grossed $110 million overseas for the weekend to bring its worldwide first weekend total to $170 million. While the budget means this film has a ways to go to make a profit, it is off to a serviceable start. It will have to contend with some fanboy competition in the next few weeks but if it holds on at least as well as Age of Extinction, it should be able to top $150 million domestically and the overseas numbers could get it close to or at a profit point.

While Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse was bumped out of the top spot, it held its own nicely. The animated sequel grossed $55.4 million, off a very good 54% from last weekend’s big start. That hold is almost the same as Into the Spider-Verse’s 53% hold in its second weekend.

In 10 days, Across the Spider-Verse has already topped the first film’s numbers with $225.4 million domestically and $389.9 million worldwide, and on an almost identical production budget ($100 million vs. Into the Spider-Verse’s $90 million). As it stands, Across the Spider-Verse will pretty easily top $330 million domestically and higher if the holds continue to do well. Sony and Marvel are looking at a big profit here.

The Little Mermaid had a solid hold in its third weekend, down 45% to $22.8 million. The live-action adaptation is now up to $228.8 million domestically and $414.2 million, decent numbers if not a blockbuster hit. It is still looking on par for somewhere close to $300 million domestically. The budget is $250 million.

Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol. 3 continues to hold well, down just 34% in its fifth weekend with $7 million. The MCU film has now grossed $335.4 million domestically and $805.9 million worldwide, continuing to cruise its way to $350 million-plus domestically. The budget was $250 million.

The Boogeyman had a pretty decent second weekend, as it was down just 44% to $6.9 million. The Stephen King-adapted horror film had solid holds throughout the week and looks to be making up for a slightly disappointing start, with $24.7 million domestically and $39.6 million worldwide. It has a ways to go in order to make back its $35 million production budget but it should be able to get there or close to it, with a likely $35 million or so domestic final.

Fast X eased its fall this week, down 46% in its fourth weekend to $5.2 million. The franchise sequel has now totaled $138.1 million domestically and $652.8 million worldwide, okay numbers but far from great against a reported $300 million-plus budget. The film is still on course for about $160 million stateside.

The Super Mario Bros Movie was down 37% to $2.1 million in its 10th weekend. The video game blockbuster has grossed $570.2 million domestically and $1.315 billion worldwide thus far, big money against against a $100 million budget. It is taking aim at around $578 million domestically.

About My Father took a dive this week, dropping 59% in its third weekend to $845,000. The comedy has now grossed $10.8 million domestically and $11.4 million worldwide, a flop against a $29 million budget. It will hit around $13 million in the US.

Speaking of comedy flops, The Machine sunk 67% in its third frame to $575,000. The Bert Kreischer flick has grossed $10.1 million domestically and $10.3 million worldwide against a budget of $20 million. $12 million or so is its endgame

Closing out the top 10 was A24’s Past Lives, climbing two spots as it expanded to 26 theaters to gross $521,000. The drama scored the highest per-screen average of the weekend with ease at $20,030 on the back of strong reviews (97% on RT) and equally strong word of mouth. The buzzy film now has $867,000 and its domestic future depends on how A24 continues to platform it. No word on its budget.

Transformers’ reign at the box office is a one-and-done, as The Flash will likely lead the way this coming weekend. The DCEU film is looking at around $75 million to $80 million, though it could shoot higher if the word of mouth is good. (Critic reviews are solid.) Meanwhile, Pixar’s Elemental is aiming at around $40 million to $45 million and horror comedy The Blackening is looking at the low teens.

BOX OFFICE TOP TEN (Three-Day Domestic Numbers)
1. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts – $60.5 million ($60.5 million total, $170.5 million WW)
2. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – $55.4 million ($225.4 million total, $389.9 million WW)
3. The Little Mermaid – $22.8 million ($228.8 million total, $414.2 million WW)
4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – $7 million ($335.4 million total, $805.9 million WW)
5. The Boogeyman – $12.3 million ($24.7 million total, $39.6 million WW)
6. Fast X – $5.2 million ($138.1 million total, $652.8 million WW)
7. The Super Mario Bros. Movie – $2.1 million ($570.2 million total, $1.315 billion WW)
8. About My Father – $845,000 ($10.8 million total, $11.4 million WW)
9. The Machine – $575 ($10.1 million total, $10.3 million WW)
10. Past Lives – $521,000 ($867,000 total, $867,000 WW)