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A World Record Chaser Has Seen Captain Marvel 116 Times

April 21, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Captain Marvel

Marvel films commonly draw people back to the theaters for repeat viewings, but one man took it to the extreme with Captain Marvel in order to set a world record. WSAW in Wisconsin reports that Steve Ruppel saw the most recent MCU film a total of 116 times.

Before anyone starts throwing words like “superfan” around, Ruppel has an ulterior motive. The Wisconsin chiropractor enjoys setting Guinness World Records, which have become increasingly weird over the last several years. Ruppel has already broken five such records, including most times having seen Captain Marvel. He also broke a record for the most amount of T-Shirts worn while running a half-marathon, which is apparently a thing.

“I thought it was the most insane thing ever, I thought it was impossible,” he said of the record. “I wasn’t even sure why it was even a record, but I thought after a while ‘I should probably do that.'” said Ruppel, who has seen the movie enough times to account for 14,268 minutes of viewing time. He added that he’s taken time off work and done long lunch breaks in order to see the film, “And then just time on the weekends where I’m not doing other things.”

Ruppel added that he’s seen seven showings of the film in one day at the most. “To be official, I have to have certain pictures taken, like in front of a movie poster, and I need to have two written witness statements saying that I was actually there,” he said. “So I’m trying to think, if anyone wanted to break this, I really don’t want to re-break it. Cause this has been pretty tough. It’s been a finite amount of time, but I don’t think I’m going to try this one again.”

As to why this film, he said, “I love super hero movies, and so this was a pretty good fit. I knew it was going to be around for awhile, and I thought it would probably be a good choice for this particular record. Looking back on it now, I might almost consider a Disney movie, because they’re usually shorter and probably around for awhile, but that singing would drive me crazy. It really would.”

Ruppel is ready to submit his documentation to Guiness, including two witness statements, ticket stubs and pictures for each time he went. That said, while the film is no longer available to screen in his home city of Rothschild, he may to somewhere else to see it a few more times before he submits it.