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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange Joins Spider-Man 3

October 8, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Doctor Strange

The fan theories about a possible live-action Spider-Verse movie aren’t going to stop now. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Benedict Cumberbatch has joined the cast of their next Spider-Man movie with Sony, bringing Doctor Strange into the fold.

The Master of the Mystic Arts will explore the multiverse in his own movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on March 25, 2022. It’s possible that this Spider-Man sequel, currently slated for December 17, 2021, could be a lead-in for that in the same way that the Disney+ series WandaVision is rumored to be. The Spider-Verse rumors began in earnest after it was announced that Jamie Foxx would reprise his role of Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which was part of Andrew Garfield’s run with the character, before Sony and Marvel recast with Tom Holland and brought Spidey into the MCU.

The only thing official right now is that Strange will be in a mentor role for Peter Parker, similar to how Tony Stark was in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Nick Fury was in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

In addition to Holland, Cumberbatch and Foxx, the cast is also expected to include Zendaya, Marisa Tomei, Tony Revolori and Jacob Batalon from the first two in the MCU series. It’s expected to begin shooting in Atlanta, Georgia later this month. Cumberbatch will then move onto the Doctor Strange sequel, which will be shooting in London.