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Charlie Cox Addresses the Early Plans for Cancelled Daredevil Season 4, Says the Cancellation Didn’t Feel Personal

January 22, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

Inverse recently interviewed former Daredevil star Charlie Cox ahead of the release of King of Thieves. During the interview, Cox offered some details on what might have been for the show’s previously planned series before it was cancelled by Netflix. Per Cox, the show’s fourth season likely would’ve involved more of Wilson Bethel embracing the role of Bullseye. The character of Benjamin Poindexter had a significant role in the third season, but he never truly became Bullseye.

Cox on what early talks about Season 4: “They’d had a preliminary conversation with me about what might happen and who might be involved or what the story might be. That was exciting me and what I heard was very exciting. So I had a vague sense of what the show might be. I had some idea.”

Cox on looking forward to Wilson Bethel truly inhabit Bullseye: “I was looking forward to Wilson Bethel kind of getting to inhabit the character of Bullseye. Season 3 was kind of an origin story for the character and how Agent Poindexter becomes that character. So I was looking forward to having a season where he really embodies the Bullseye persona and what that dynamic would be between Bullseye and Daredevil.”

Cox on the cancellation not feeling personal: “I know that it’s not personal, or it certainly doesn’t feel personal to me. Obviously, I’m very saddened by the cancellation and I was shocked by it because Season 3 had been so well received. I imagined we would continue making the show.”

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