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David Gordon Green Says Halloween Kills Is About A Community’s Unravelling

July 10, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Halloween Kills

David Gordon Green says that Halloween Kills will expand the scope of the first film to show how fear drives a community apart. Green spoke with Empire for a new interview discussing the movie and how it fits into the first film’s chronology, plus more. You can check out the highlights below:

On how the film fits into the series: “It takes place the same night, picking up where the last movie ended … Events in the film bring together a lot of characters who were in the 1978 film who we didn’t see last time. They gather to try, once and for all, to take down Michael, to stop this madman.”

On the theme of the film: “This first one was more about Laurie’s life of isolation after Michael and her attempts at revenge. It was personal. This is more about the unravelling of a community into chaos. It’s about how fear spreads virally.”

On being able to push Jamie Lee Curtis more in the film: “We learned that Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie is capable of anything! We didn’t know what to expect working with her. The fact she could do her own stunts, kick everybody’s ass and be a joy to work with – that definitely meant re-evaluating what we wanted to do with the next chapter of the story. We were excited to write without limitations about what Laurie can do.”