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Disney in Early Talks For Aladdin Sequel

August 13, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Will Smith Aladdin

Despite so-so reviews at best, Disney’s live action adaptation of Aladdin is a huge hit for the studio. So of course, a sequel is in the early goings. Dan Lin, who was a producer on the film, confirmed in an interview with SyFy Wire that Disney is in the early stages of a follow-up to the film that starred Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, and Marwan Kenzari.

“We’d love to,” Lin said about a sequel. “People clearly loved the movie and watched it multiple times and we get lots of fan letters and people asking us to make Return [of] Jafar, and I can just tell you that we’re in early stages right now, but we’re certainly talking about another movie. Like with Aladdin, it will not be a straight remake of any movie that’s been made before, so we’re looking at ‘where’s the best way to go with these characters … The audience response has really touched us in thinking about where we can go with these stories. And we feel like these characters have more adventures in store.”

Lin added that it’s “certainly the hope” that Guy Ritchie would return to direct, saying, “He made this movie for his kids. They loved Aladdin, both the original animated movie and the Broadway musical, and they wanted him to make a movie that they could see. So he certainly loved the experience, I think both he and Will Smith — even before the box office success, they said it was the best filmmaking experience of their lives and they had so much fun doing it. And we’d love to have Guy back and get the team back together. If we do another Aladdin movie, we’d certainly love to have him at the helm.”

Aladdin has been huge for Disney and contributed to its dominant year at the box office, with $1.036 billion worldwide against a $183 million budget.

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