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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Returning for New Fast and Furious Film

June 1, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Rock Dwayne Johnson Fast Fiive Image Credit: Universal Pictures

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is officially returning for a new Fast and Furious movie separate from the upcoming Fast 11. Universal and Johnson announced on Thursday (per THR) that the actor is set to reprise his role as Luke Hobbs in an upcoming film, which is separate from the main franchise-ending 11th movie.

Johnson appeared in a surprise cameo at the end of Fast X. The report notes that the new film will be a bridge between Fast X and Fast 11, calling it “more of a Fast X.5, if you will.” The film is expected to star other actors from the franchise. Vin Diesel is not expected to star in this new film, though the report notes that nothing’s been ruled out for future projects. Diesel will be a producer on the new film alongside his sister Samantha Vincent via their One Race company, alongside Johnson and Dany Garcia for Seven Bucks Production.

Chris Morgan, who wrote six movies in the franchise (but not F9: The Fast Saga and Fast X), wrote the script and will produce for his Chris Morgan Productions. Other producerrs are Jeff Kirschenbaum for Roth/Kirschenbaum Films, and Neal Moritz for Original Film.

Johnson posted to Twitter to announce the news, as you can see below. He wrote:

Hope you’ve got your funderwear on…


And he just got lei’d

Luke Hobbs will be returning to the Fast & Furious franchise.

Your reactions around the world to Hobbs’ return in Fast X have blown us away

The next Fast & Furious film you’ll see the legendary lawman in will be the HOBBS movie that will serve as a fresh, new chapter & set up for FASTX: Part II

Last summer Vin and I put all the past behind us. We’ll lead with brotherhood and resolve – and always take care of the franchise, characters & FANS that we love.

I’ve built my career on an “ Audience First” mentality and that will always serve as my
North Star ⭐️

Congratulations to my Fast Family & Universal Studios on the global success of FAST X and as always, Hobbs &
are motivated to help take the Fast franchise to new and exciting places for fans worldwide.

“Daddy’s gotta go to work” ~ HOBBS