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Game of Thrones 8.02 Review – “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

April 22, 2019 | Posted by Wednesday Lee Friday
Game of Thrones - A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
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Game of Thrones 8.02 Review – “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”  

The new intro to Game of Thrones shows particular detail to the insides of certain houses and structures — Winterfell, King’s Landing, etc. That makes sense, given how much of the action and intrigue are going on behind closed doors. What makes a little less sense is that last week’s episode was titled Winterfell even though there were also scenes in Winter’s Town, King’s Landing, Last Hearth, and out at sea. This week’s episode is not called Winterfell, yet took place entirely in and around Winterfell.

They waste no time putting Jaimie in front of the rulers in Winterfell’s great hall. Sansa doesn’t trust Jaime, and of course Dany wants him dead since he famously murdered her dad who he was sworn to protect. Bran made it clear that he knew it was Jaime who crippled him, but didn’t rat him out. Finding out why was anticlimactic AF. Bran asks the best question of the night when discussing what happens afterward. “How do you know there is an afterward?” Not a bad question, even though we all assume that at least a few people will live.

How does Jaime escape his reckoning? Of course, Brienne would stand up for him, and of course Sansa would believe her. But how absurdly bland is it that both Bran and Daenerys just decided to forgive Jaime and move on? Sure, Dany is angry, and Bran is framing his crippling as a necessary step in his journey. And yeah, they do need every man they can get. But dramatically, it’s a colossal snore. Meanwhile, Tyrion makes us wonder if we’ll have to see any of our favorite characters turn into White Walkers, and if so, who. I don’t even want to think about that, but it’s my job. So, I’m guessing Tormund and Davos will probably die and turn, and probably Beric or the Hound. Cleganebowl might actually happen with an undead Hound.

Miss Khaleesi really needs to stop turning on her advisors every time things don’t go her way. Advisors are not magicians. I think it’s fair to say that women are better at discerning when another woman is lying * pause for statements about my sexism * than men are. It’s reasonable for Tyrion to think Cersei would do anything to protect her child. It’s unreasonable to think that wouldn’t include sacrificing the rest of the entire world. The North has a pretty good chance of surviving the White Walkers, mostly because they all pull together and work as one even when it means including people they don’t like. I do wish the Northerners would be cooler about Missandei and Grey Worm.

Both of the episodes we’ve seen this season have been loaded with jokey comments and people pairing up all over the place. As much as I find this annoying plot-wise (okay, there are a few couples I’m shipping) it’s realistic. During a war people deflect with humor, since humor is one of our greatest coping mechanisms as humans. And they also pair off like crazy. It makes sense that people would be checking things off their bucket lists and saying things they’ve needed to since S1. I enjoy seeing how our favorite characters discuss what they believe to be their impending deaths. At the same time, I want them to just friggin’ get on with it. There’s not a lot of time yet and I have a lot more questions that need answered.

Speaking of shipping, Sansa was happier than I expected to see Theon. I actually think they’d be a good couple. Sex is probably ruined for Sansa by now, given her previous marriage — so a guy who won’t want sex is a good match. Theon respects and admires Sansa, and probably loves her too. Elsewhere on the grounds, Gilly is amazing and has risen to her new lot in life beautifully. Obviously, we all want them to get married. As for Brienne, wouldn’t it be hilarious if instead of Tormund or Jaime, she ran away with The Hound? And what about Pod? With that handsome face, fearsome fighting ability, golden voice and magical sex powers — he’s got to be finding a lady friend soon. Grey Worm wanting to take Missandei home to Naarth was adorable. I hope they get to live and see that happen. But seriously, what are the odds of that?

We did get some wonderful one-on-one scenes tonight. Dany’s scene with Sansa started out chummy, and they almost reached an accord before disagreeing then being interrupted. The North deserves to remain an independent kingdom, but how’s Dany going to accept that? Sansa never gets a clear answer about what will happen to the North after the war with the White Walkers is over. It doesn’t look good though.

Last week we talked about legacies and what is left of men after they die. This week’s episode had Samwell and Bran discussing the same thing. That true death is when no one remembers you, and forgetting the past makes us humans more animal than rational man. This is why the Night’s King wants to kill Bran…well, the three-eyed-raven. He can see literally everything, and that’s what the Night’s King wants to wipe out — presumably so man can start over. Is that better? How would we know? Watching everyone prepare to meet their doom is sad but fun in a weird way. The Night’s Watch guys looking back on their beginnings was bittersweet. I still miss Grenn, and am still sad about Olly.

Jaime’s relationship with Brienne has gone from cute and funny to charming to truly heartwarming. His asking to be under her command was awesome. But her getting a knighthood was a beautiful moment. She deserves it more than most knights do — though I wonder how Queen D will feel about people getting knighted right under her nose. The scene where Tormund and Jaime are clearly vying for Brienne’s attention was so funny and pure. The giant’s milk story is even funnier. So, Tormund had sex with a bear (who might have been werebear from House Mormont) and suckled a giant. Maybe if he survives he’ll invent the first porn mag. “Dear Westerosi Forum, I never thought it would happen to a Wildling like me…”

Arya and Gendry is a scene that’s going to blow a lot of minds tonight. They’re a good match. They respect and like each other, and are genuine friends. We’ll leave off discussing a potential age difference and point out that the scene was very tastefully done. I was just about to worry that I was gonna see Arya’s bits, but then I didn’t. That would have been uncool IMO. Much cooler was Lyanna Mormont yelling at Ser Jorah and him totally backing down. Lady Mormont is one of the best things about these later seasons. I kind of want her to accept Dany as queen. Or I did, until…

We knew that she’d eventually find out about Jon’s heritage and what all that means. And we knew that her reaction to that would figure profoundly into how the series ends. She doesn’t take it well. It makes her immediately suspicious and accusatory. Surely the North will rally around Jon and neglect any outsider over him. But what if he takes her side? Would that put Gendry back into play as Robert’s son? Are they going to break up and go to war against each other? We don’t know, because this conversation was also interrupted. The White Walkers are in fighting distance…just in time for the episode to end.

Last season felt extremely rushed as if they had to get through a ton of content in a short amount of time–which they did. What we missed out on were all those fun scenes of characters talking about random things and letting us learn interesting bits that add color. This season those scenes are back, but in two weeks we haven’t had any major action. Just the shocking and screaming death of Little Lord Umber. We did see Ghost for a quick second though, so that probably made fans happy. I was so happy to see Nymeria last season, I almost forgot Ghost was a thing.

I wouldn’t say this was a bad episode by any means. There was much to enjoy, and a few fun surprises. Everyone slap happy, terrified, and coming to terms with death was enlightening. It’s also foreboding as hell. You know we’re getting a few moments with every major character to remind us of how much we like them — so they can die in front of us. That’s what’s in store for us next week, no doubt. I have to ask, whose death is gonna hurt you the most? I’ll be gutted if we lose Tormund, and can’t even entertain the idea of losing any more Starks. Still, I’m ready for them to get on with it.

See you’s next week!

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After a season premiere full of one-on-one reunions, "The Rightful Queen" left us waiting for some action. What we got was…not that. Inexplicable laughs, surprise character building and shocking acts of forgiveness all around permeated what should have been a seething mass of exposed regret and brutal revenge.