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Kevin Feige Says Killmonger Return in Black Panther 2 Is Just Rumor

July 2, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Black Panther Killmonger

Despite reports to the contrary, Kevin Feige says that Killmonger is not necessarily returning for Black Panther 2. Reports of Michael B. Jordan reprising his role in the sequel had popped up earlier this year, seemingly confirmed by Courtney B. Vance during an interview he and Angela Bassett did with Entertainment Tonight. Feige said that nothing is set in terms of if Killmonger or many of the characters will be returning, as the script isn’t set.

“Pure rumor,” Feige told BET. “The honest answer to that is that is pure rumor and speculation, because Mr. Coogler is just only in recent weeks sitting down at his keyboard and beginning to outline the movie. It’s early, so nothing is set yet in any way that far, because Mr. Coogler is sitting down and will share it with Nate Moore and myself in coming weeks.”

A Killmonger return would be tricky anyway; after all, he died at the end of Black Panther. Technically, Black Panther 2 isn’t even officially announced, as Marvel has not announced any films yet to follow Spider-Man: Far From Home. But it has been widely reported and assumed to be on the slate following the first film’s massive success.