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Kevin Von Erich Weighs In On How The Iron Claw Differed From Real-Life Story

February 12, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Iron Claw Image Credit: A24 Films

The Iron Claw hits home video on Tuesday, and Kevin Von Erich recently weighed in on the film’s divergences from the real history. The Von Erich family biopic made a number of changes to the truth for the sake of story, including cutting Chris Von Erich out and compressing the timeline of the family’s history. Kevin spoke about the situation in an interview on the Under the Ring podcast.

“My daughter told me one day saying they’re going to make a movie about us,” Von Erich recalled (per Wrestling Inc).” “So I wanted to find out how they’re using the information. Would it be just YouTube or word of mouth? I just didn’t know because they didn’t ask me anything about the movie, they just did it.”

He continued, “It’s based on the family, but I’m not going to be real hard on them when you think like they had like 10 years to try to put in to a little two hour window, so there were sacrifices with the truth, but I wanted people to enjoy the movie, and I don’t have much to complain about, so I thought I’d let it go.”

The film earned high marks from critics and has grossed $38.1 million worldwide for A24 against a $16 million budget.