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Nazi Doomsday Device Review

December 17, 2018 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
Nazi Doomsday Device
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Nazi Doomsday Device Review  

Nazi Doomsday Device Review

Fred “The Hammer” Williamson– Stoker- The Leader
Mike Moller– David- The Fighter
Hazuki Kato– Reiko- The Samurai
Everett Ray Aponte– Darwin- The Texan
Lorenzo Lamas– Nathan- The Snake
Wolfgang Riehm– Heinrich- The Priest
Nico Sentner– John- The Sniper
Dominik Starck– Brenner- The Blade
Josephine Hies– Laurie- The Rookie

Directed by Nico Sentner
Screenplay by Nico Sentner and Dominik Starck, based on a story by Nico Sentner

Distributed by Generation X Group GmbH

Runtime– 85 minutes

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Nazi Doomsday Device, also known as Atomic Eden and directed and co-written by Nico Sentner, is a low budget, badass action flick with a terrific ensemble cast, headed up by action legends Fred “The Hammer” Williamson and Lorenzo Lamas and martial artist extraordinaire and stuntman Mike Moller. It’s chock full of fighting, gunplay, one big ass explosion, and the kind of attitude that will make action movie nerds stand up and cheer. I mean, that’s what I did.

Fred “The Hammer” Williamson stars as Stoker, a cigar chomping international mercenary putting together a team of fellow international mercenaries to go to Chernobyl and complete an assignment of the utmost importance. Stoker doesn’t tell his team what, exactly, they’ll be doing in Chernobyl, but they all agree to go because Stoker is a badass and someone they can all trust. The team has two martial arts experts (Moller’s David and Hazuki Kato’s Reiko), two top notch shooters (Darwin, as played by Everett Ray Aponte, and John, played by the director Sentner), a knife expert (Brenner, as played by co-writer Dominik Starck), a bomb expert (Laurie, as played by Josephine Hies), and a foul mouthed priest (Heinrich, as played by Wolfgang Riehm), so every possible aspect of the mission is covered and accounted for (you never know when you’re going to need a foul mouthed priest. You just don’t). Getting into Chernobyl is fairly easy. Stoker’s team assembles at an abandoned mining complex to find out what the heck they’re going to be doing. And it’s at that moment that the hooey hits the fan and the mining complex is under siege by a heavily armed army of hazmat suit wearing psychos that want them dead.

So Stoker’s team is forced to fight back, killing as many bad guys as they possibly can. But do they have enough ammunition and supplies to stop more of the hazmat suit psychos in the event that more of them show up (and you just know that more of them are going to show up)? And just why the heck did Stoker assemble this team in the first place?

Well, apparently the Nazis built some sort of doomsday device they called “Atomic Eden” that they never got a chance to use. The device is somewhere underneath Chernobyl, likely located in one of the many tunnels that the Nazis dug out back during the war. The Soviets tried to find the device and failed (I might be wrong about this but the movie seems to suggest that the Chernobyl nuclear accident in the mid-1980’s was just a cover for the Soviets trying to find the device). Now, Stoker wants to find the device before someone or something else finds it and, maybe, uses it on the world.
So how long can Stoker’s team last? Will Stoker’s team find the device before the bad guys do? And when the heck will Lorenzo Lamas show up in this movie, because he’s not part of Stoker’s team and we haven’t seen him yet (for the record, Lamas shows up towards the end of the movie to, in essence, swear a lot and set up a potential sequel that should absolutely happen)?

What’s great about Nazi Doomsday Device is that it doesn’t waste time getting to the main action of the story. Director Sentner uses the first ten minutes or so to establish his characters (everyone gets an introduction) and then the story is off to Chernobyl and the mercenary mission. There’s a real sense of dread about Chernobyl, as it’s basically a desolate wasteland with buildings and stuff everywhere. It almost looks like the city should be thriving and is thriving, in a way, but there’s no one around. It’s empty. You know something is going to happen, though, but you don’t know what that something is going to be. And when the hazmat psychos show up, it’s time for the team to watch the hell out and kick some ass. And, man, do they kick ass.

The gunfights are phenomenal for such a low budget movie. Director Sentner manages to get some insane stuff on screen, and the guns sound like they should (nothing sounds muffled or low key). There’s a sequence where Stoker blasts a guy with a shotgun that is so violent and nasty that I’m pretty sure that it’s used multiple times from what appear to be different angles because you’re just not going to get something that good twice so why not use it from those different angles? As for the martial arts fights, Mike Moller is a God. Moller, who also acted as the movie’s stunt coordinator, puts together some great looking stuff that shows that you don’t necessarily need tons of money to put together exciting fight sequences. The fights are all breathtaking affairs and will no doubt be this movie’s calling card for years to come. If the fights in this movie don’t generate a sizeable audience, there’s something seriously wrong with B-movie fandom.


Fred “The Hammer” Williamson shows that he’s still got what it takes to kick ass in an action movie as Stoker. Despite being way older than just about everyone else in the movie, Williamson jumps right into the fray with everyone, guns blazing, and comes out looking damn good. His big punching a hole through a concrete wall sequence is a true thing of beauty. I also must commend “The Hammer” for trying to light his cigar using a candle in church. Only a true badass would try something like that. I also want to say that only a guy like “The Hammer” could do action with a cigar in his mouth and not look like an idiot doing it. That’s a real skill there. Very few people can do it.

Mike Moller, as I said, is a God in this movie as David. His fight sequences are so damn awesome and thrilling that they make you wonder why the hell he isn’t a bigger deal. He deserves to be a bigger deal. Hazuki Kato also shows that she has what it takes to kick ass in a movie.

Wolfgang Riehm is hilarious as Heinrich the foul mouthed priest. At first, he doesn’t seem to be too keen on joining Stoker on his mercenary mission, but when you realize that Heinrich is wearing jeans underneath his priest robe you realize you’re dealing with someone who is not what he seems. Heinrich is a master of the submachine gun and is exactly what you need in a fire fight; a priest that will shoot a bad guy in the face while saying “Holy shit!”

Everett Ray Aponte is also quite funny as Darwin, the yahoo Texan that’s good with a Winchester pump and six-shooter. He’s a bit of a hick, sure, at least when he isn’t gunning down the bad guys, but when it’s time to bring the pain he does it with a smile on his face. That’s awesome. And Josephine Hies does a good job keeping up with everyone else as Laurie, the youngest member of the team. She doesn’t have the same quick wit/banter with the others, at least at first, but when she finds her footing within the team she shows that she can kick ass, too. It’s a damn shame what happens to her in the movie.

Dominik Starck’s Brenner is a guy that likes to kill people with knives and, apparently, enjoys being tortured by a hot babe with a Taser. That characterization could be its own movie. And Sentner has a few nice scenes as John the Sniper. His back and forth with Williamson’s Stoker is true blue guy shit (john is fat, Stoker is old, laughs all around).

Nazi Doomsday Device ends with more story to tell. That should absolutely happen, and hopefully, one day, it will. I want to see what happens next. And I think you will want to see what happens next, too. Nazi Doomsday Device is a bonafide modern low budget B-movie action classic that needs to be seen. Be sure to check it out on Amazon Video UK or Vimeo On Demand. If you’re an action movie nerd, you won’t regret it. Not one goddamn bit.

See Nazi Doomsday Device. See it, see it, see it!

So what do we have here?

Dead bodies: Over 50. That’s where I lost count.

Explosions: Multiple big and small ones.

Nudity?: None.

Doobage: Bondage, gunplay, neck breaking, flying jump kick, a badass martial arts demonstration, a vicious nut grab flip, horse riding, target practice, a big ass dump truck, exploding ground, more bondage hooey, Taser hooey, bullet to the head, talk of radiation, knife throwing, knife catching, an old Soviet safe, face slapping, unexpected lesbian kiss, a major machine gun attack by an army of psychos in hazmat suits, exploding papers and binders and whatnot, sniper hooey, serious shotgun hooey, arm breaking, dick shooting, knife to the top of the head, a human shield, Winchester pump hooey, more knife hooey, a wicked kick to the balls, thigh strangulation, a terrific stone wall scene, jeep and van stealing, a montage of dead bodies, dead body removal, a chemical mixing montage, a gross dick sucking joke, floodlights, booby-trap making, attempted dead body dragging, serious booze drinking, multiple people on fire, dog tag taking, bullet to the neck, 2 x 4 to the chest, a wicked tilt-a-whirl slam, exploding building, some truly epic profanity, and the promise of a sequel that should absolutely goddamn happen.

Kim Richards?: None.

Gratuitous: Chernobyl, Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, Fred “The Hammer” Williamson trying to light a cigar in church, “and Lorenzo Lamas,” Fred “The Hammer” Williamson saying “bullshit” and “goddamn” in church, an American dollar bill cut in half, Fred “The Hammer” Williamson clapping, Nico Sentner, neck cracking, a guy putting out a cigarette on his own arm, bondage, “Don’t mess with Texas” stuff, Fred “The Hammer” Williamson punching through a stone wall and then pulling a guy’s head through it, a priest saying “holy shit,” Fred “The Hammer” Williamson saying “Atomic Eden,” someone saying “from dusk till dawn” in the presence of Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, women’s intuition, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, Mike Moller kicking so much ass it’s insane, a suitcase, Lorenzo Lamas, and the promise of a sequel that should absolutely goddamn happen.

Best lines: “How did you find me? Well, you’re not exactly invisible, are ya?,” “Never underestimate your opponent,” “Yeah, you still got it baby girl,” “You are going to tell me whatever I want. Can I have my gag back?,” “Dang it, I’m going to shoot the next one that calls me cowboy!,” “I’m warning you, mate, she’s explosive,” “Trust me. I have no idea what I’m doing,” “Oh, man, fuck of!,” “Hey, Stoker, what the fuck?,” “Don’t you want a weapon? I’ve got everything I need,” “My God,” “Stoker, nice of you to join us,” “We can gather some ammunition from the bodies,” “Bam!,” “Are you going to help me with these goddamn bodies or what?,” “We’re getting close, Harry. I can feel it,” “Ah, Jesus wouldn’t have said it that way,” “Our Alamo!,” “To give them this device is not an option. It will cost too many lives,” “Careful. This stuff doesn’t like friction. Well, I like friction, don’t you? Sure, it makes me explode, too,” “Give me five minutes. Fucking hero,” “David, don’t keep me waiting,” “Haven’t I killed you before?,” “Take care of your mother, honey,” “Mein Kampf? I don’t think so!,” “You’re the bomb, Laurie,” “I was really hoping you were a white midget, Stoker,” and “Sun Tzu. Yeah, I know! The Art of War! Fuck you!”

The final score: review Amazing
The 411
Nazi Doomsday Device is a bonafide modern low budget B-movie action classic. Featuring a terrific ensemble cast headed by Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, Lorenzo Lamas, and Mike Moller, it’s chock full of insane action and attitude that will make action movie nerds cheer. It doesn’t waste time, it establishes itself well, and it’s entertaining from start to finish. The ending implies that there will be a sequel, and that absolutely needs to happen. See Nazi Doomsday Device. See it, see it, see it!