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Samantha Belle Talks About Her New Movie Instant Karma, Interest in Sequel

September 27, 2021 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
Instant Karma Image Credit: Applied Art Productions

The 411 Interview: Samantha Belle


Samantha Belle is an actor and movie crew member who, according to imdb, has been working in movies since at least 2018. Belle worked as the second assistant camera on Some Nudity Required and as the second second assistant director on the short films No Other Way and I Love You and the feature film Girl Wired. Belle’s first starring movie role is as Samantha in the new fantasy drama Instant Karma directed by Mitesh Kumar Patel. In this interview, Belle talks with this writer about making Instant Karma, working with her fellow actors Stew Jetson and AC Larkin, director Mitesh Kumar Patel, and more.



Bryan Kristopowitz: How did you get involved with Instant Karma?

Samantha Belle: Even though I later found out that the role was written with me in mind, I got involved with Instant Karma the usual way – I auditioned! I knew about the audition from seeing it posted and thought, ‘Wow! If this isn’t me! I have to audition!’ So, when my agent contacted me with the date and time, the rest, is history 🙂

BK: How did you approach your character Samantha? Is it right to call Samantha greedy after she finds out what’s happening with Jeff’s car, or is her reaction natural?

SB: I approached Samantha as I do all of my characters, by putting the “me” in her and allowing what’s written to fill in the rest. The fact that the second part of this question includes both greedy and natural means I got my point across in my portrayal. I didn’t want Samantha to easily be the bad guy or all greedy or all too passive. I wanted her to be relatable. And while she did have some moments that were a little…questionable…I think her reaction was natural for her and her situation with what was happening. They went from scraping by to instant karma in well, an instant! That would rattle anybody!

BK: What was it like working with director Mitesh Kumar Patel?

SB: Mitesh is great. This is the second film where I’ve worked with him, and I like how much he trusts us actors. When he does have feedback, he’s quick to give it and knows exactly what he wants which is so helpful and freeing at the same time. When I’m on set with Mitesh I know that I’m there because of the choices I make and the characters I build.


BK: What was it like working with Stew Jetson, who plays your boyfriend Jeff?

SB: Oh, Stew. I love Stew! He was so great and we were able to continue a scene past what was written to allow for the ‘cut’ to come naturally in almost every take. It’s funny, because when you have to have romantic chemistry with someone you’ve never met and the first time you meet them is on set where the first shot on the first day is one where you kiss, it can set the stage very early on for how the rest of the project will run. With us, we did our hellos and were just kind of standing there as I was trying to figure out how to bring up kissing before the first take when he says something like, “Can we just kiss already?” I was so relieved because I didn’t want the first time to be on camera either. From then on, we just clicked and knew what was good with the other person and communicated when to lean into it and when to allow space. Stew was great.

BK: What was the hardest part of making Instant Karma for you as an actor? What was the easiest?

SB: The hardest part of filming for me was the day of the intense scenes that came later in the film. I am an actor that really channels the energy and emotion so it becomes real for me. It was the first time I needed to channel something so intense for so long. With how amazing Stew, AC, and our crew were, everything went smoothly! The easiest part of filming Instant Karma was how well everyone fed off each other and the freedom I had to make Samantha my own. I love acting!

BK: How would you describe Instant Karma? Is it right to call it a drama or is it more of a fantasy?

SB: I would describe it as a fantasy rom com turned drama. 😂 We were asking the same thing when we were done. How do you encompass all the lighthearted fun parts with the ending drama!? Your guess is as good as mine.


BK: According to imdb you’ve worked as a second unit director and assistant director on several short films. Do you enjoy working on the technical side of moviemaking?

SB: Oh yes! I’ve also done casting, 2nd assistant camera, and am choreographing two fashion shows this month! I love working on the technical/behind the scenes side of movies, commercials, music videos, stage, and TV shows, all of it! I love being able to see things from that side and listen to the feedback for those actors. I think it’s made me a better actor 100%. It’s fun to meet a crew as crew first and then work with them on another project as the lead actor! Walking in and seeing their confused faces always makes me smile 🙂 A lot of the crew from Instant Karma I’d actually worked with before when I was wearing pants with a lot more pockets!

BK: Any moviemaking heroes?

SB: I don’t have any move making heroes, but Hook is my favorite movie and Will Smith is my favorite current actor. I love everything about Hook from the acting (I mean come on) to the storytelling to the filming. I get goosebumps every time. I love Will Smith because he’s so versatile and he commits to each movie. He’s the funny guy that can suit up and fall into action and drama, too, and that’s me!

BK: Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

SB: Speaking of going from comedy to drama, my first thriller is set to release in October for Halloween and there is talk of an action movie I may be filming next year.

BK: What do you hope audiences get out of Instant Karma?

SB: I hope they feel good and that it transports them into a world of excitement that isn’t so removed from their own reality. I hope they feel inspired and test out instant karma for themselves.


BK: Would you be interested in an Instant Karma sequel?

SB: Oh, absolutely! It may be a little more than a potential conversation…

BK: If you found yourself in the same situation as Samantha in real life do you think you would make the same sort of decisions she does? Just how tempting is the idea of “doubling your money”?

SB: I definitely would be figuring out how to double my money and then using it to invest in the best stuff! I would bring shows to life, serve so many causes, and definitely have a house full of windows! With only good intention behind every dollar, yeah, why wouldn’t I want it magically?!

BK: Is AC Larkin scary in real life?

SB: Oh, A.C. *haha* I wish you could see the smile when you ask that. Mr. Larkin is incredibly nice and caring and a big, giant teddy bear. We would be filming and at the part in the trailer where he yells in my face, “Where’s my money?” Mitesh would say, “Cut!” and he’d immediately turn to me, “You good?” 😂 He was so considerate and very intentional with all of the minor stunt work we did. Fun fact, AC is in that new thriller I was talking about that is set to release in October! He’s my favorite bad guy and we’re good friends now.

BK: Is it weird playing a character that has the same first name as you do?

SB: Not at all, to be honest. When I’m on set, it’s a lot easier for some of the cast and crew to call you by your character name as that’s what we hear and read and say all day. So this time, it just got to be my name, which was definitely less confusing.



A very special thanks to Samantha Belle for agreeing to participate in this interview and to david j. moore for setting it up.

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Samantha Belle image courtesy of Samantha Belle. All other images courtesy of Applied Art Productions.

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