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Singer Claims Disney Stole ‘Hakuna Matata’ Phrase From Kenyan Band Them Mushrooms

December 22, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Hakuna Matata

According to TMZ, John Katana, singer of Them Mushrooms claims that the band popularized the phrase “’Hakuna Matata’” way back in 1980, when the band released its hit song, “Jambo Bwana.” He claims that not only did Disney commit cultural appropriation when it locked down the rights to the phrase, but also stole it from them. The Mushrooms’ original song went platinum in Kenya in the 1980s. John says he and his bandmates didn’t understand copyright laws back then, which allowed Disney to swoop in and trademark the phrase in ’94, coinciding with its movie release. John says that the band is upset over Disney’s trademark, because they feel their ideas were stolen, and that he says with a greater understanding of copyright laws and intellectual property theft, the band is exploring legal action against Disney.

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