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Stew’s Young Justice Retrospective: Season 2, Episodes 5 – 6

April 1, 2024 | Posted by Rob Stewart
Young Justice 2-6 Image Credit: Warner Bros. Animation

Crashing The Patriarchy Mode: A Young Justice Retrospective, S2 E5-6

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Episode 5

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Animation

Jaime gets a call from a buddy of his named Ty, basically saying he is running away from home because of a bully or something. After getting off the phone, Ty is abducted! When Jaime shows up at the meeting spot, he just assumes Ty took the bus to Houston.

Our other adventure this episode sees an all-female team (Wonder Girl, Miss Martian, Bumblebee, and Batgirl) head to Bialya to see if Queen Bee has anything to do with increased Boom Tube activity in the country. Nightwings points out that Queen Bee’s powers is why he is sending a Lilith Fair team, and Batgirl gives him shit that he’d never have to explain why he would send an all boys team on a mission. Boom, take THAT, Patriarchy!

Jaime visits Ty’s house after learning no one boarded the midnight bus to Houston, and we quickly find out that Ty’s mom’s boyfriend is an abusive little bag of dicks. The Scarab really wants to kick his ass, but Jaime quashes that idea. Ty’s mom sends Jaime away to check out Ty’s grandfather’s house.

In Bialya, the team splits up to check a reported Boom Tube site, and Cassie gets told to stay back as lookout since she’s not exactly the stealthiest of the four of them. And look, I know Bumble bee is tiny, but her costume actually has glowing yellow lights. Is THAT supposed to be stealthy?

Lookout Cass does end up seeing a team of metas showing up, including Icicle Junior, Blockbuster, and… Psi-Mon (who Nightwing told them all was still catatonic after his last meeting with Megan). Cassie sneaks in and warns Miss Martian to shut down the psychic link, but she then gets caught trying to find Bumblebee to warn her.

Jaime visits Ty’s grandfather, who goes on about Ty being on a vision quest. Then he notes Jaime needs to make peace with the one onside him, and The Scarab wants to kick HIS ass, too, so Jaime rushes off.

Devastation has Cassie in an inescapable hammerlock! But Cassie escapes it after all because she can fly. That’s just cheating, though, so I won’t county it against my single favorite wrestling hold.

Bumblebee and Batgirl run into each other in the ventilation shaft, and Batgirl reveals there is an old cavern underneath the facility, so they go off to check that out. When they get there, they find an old… temple sort of place. With a bunch of unconscious kids locked in pods. Super stealthy Batgirl gets distracted by the pods and caught by Psi-Mon, who then pods her up, too.

Jaime gets caught snooping around Ty’s mom’s house by Maurice the boyfriend because frankly none of our heroes are particularly stealthy this episode. There’s nothing more than some pirated DVDs in a shed, though.

Megan, Cassie, and Bumblebee meet up and share a plan to save Batgirl. Megan turns into one of the baddies and activates a lockdown while Bumblebee frees Batgirl and wakes her up. The fight ensues, with Bumblebee taking out Psi-Mon by stinging his big ol’ exposed brain. With him out of the picture, escaping with the plane full of kidnapped kids is a relatively easy mission.

I mean… RELATIVELY easy. Blockbuster rips the wings off of the plane as they try to take off, so they have to catch the plummeting aircraft with Megan’s bio-ship.

But still.

Easier than dealing with Psi-Mon.

Nightwing tells the girls after the mission that Psi-Mon controlled his medical team intro thinking he was still comatose, so that explains the bad intel.

In today’s Unhappy Ending, though, we see Queen Bee admonishing her team for failing to secure the children, but NO MATTER because they had a whole-ass second batch of them… one of which we see is Ty.

Episode 6

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Animation

We get a very quick intro—just a few seconds—of an old man in a prison outfit and a kid (who looks very much like BART ALLEN, so I MIGHT mark out here) working on some kind of ship.

Nightwing, Robin, and Beast Boy talk over the data that Megan and J’Onn got from Malina Island before it blew up, and the Krolotans were experimenting on humans to find something in their DNA. Nightwing says “There is no word” for what they were looking for, and that “the closest translation” is “Metagene”. So it sounds like you know exactly what they were looking for, COME ON. And the word for it!

Though, I guess… are mutants a thing in DC? I feel like some of their characters in the comics HAVE to be mutants, even if they aren’t called that. Are there any Earthling DC heroes who were born with their powers (without cause, you know? Like Cassie is the daughter of Zeus, so she has powers)?

Suddenly, there is an eruption of energy in the cave, and some kind of device appears. Out steps IMPULSE, YES.

We have the complete core four! Even if they aren’t really interacting.

Impulse runs around the cave checking everything out but not really hurting anything or anyone until Nightwing subdues him and hand- (and feet-)cuffs him.

Cut to: Roy and Cheshire in Tibet. Roy is back to looking like a respectable human being… and they brought their baby with them? That’s far less respectable! Artemis and Wally couldn’t be bothered to babysit?

Impulse explains to the team that he is Barry Allen’s grandson, but Beast Boy doesn’t buy it. Nightwing tricks him into drinking a tracker, and when Bart frees himself and runs off, he sees the strange future boy is heading to Central City.

Bart busts in on Jay and Joan Garrick’s anniversary and tells Barry that he is his and Iris’ grandson. Wally shows up and warns him about telling people too much information about the future. Iris gets a call that there is a new menace in Central City saying he will kill The Flash.

The show gets dorky ol’ Barry Allen just right, as he shows up to fight the villain but stops to save a woman first and tells her of a safety shelter she can get to. “Walk, don’t run, and you and your little one will be just fine”. That’s Barry, all right. This show did a better Barry in one episode than the DCEU did in, what, three movies?

The family even lamented that he always makes the lame “Back in a Flash” joke when he goes off to be a hero.

Behind the scenes somewhere, there are YET MORE shadowy figures this season, these two speaking an alien language and seeming to be from Bart’s time (they use his “crash the mode” slang) monitoring the fight against the bad guy, who they refer to as Neutron.

Meanwhile in Tibet, Roy and Cheshire take down two guards, causing the baby to emit a squeal of joy. In a really funny moment, we see the squeal echoing around the temple, and when we cut back to the duo, they are surrounded by guards. Ha!

Roy: “I told you we should have left her with your sister”. I SAID THAT, TOO, ROY!

The Flash family heroes come up with a plan to defeat Neutron, running a wind funnel around him and lifting him off of the ground, but Neutron’s energy levels keep increasing and he seems ready to explode!

And explode he does, taking most of Central City with him, even as the heroes run out of range.

He starts healing, though, and the shadowy figures note that whatever they were using to control him was destroyed, so they bail.

Flash has a plan to take Neutron to a desert in case he blows up again, and Bart seems really worried about this whole plan—just as he has seemed slightly worried about the whole fight–so… is this supposed to be the day Barry dies in his timeline? Seems likely.

Bart ends up conspicuously tripping Barry so he can’t make it to Neutron, then Wally and Jay pull the two of them to safety before the second blast. Bart plants some kind of device on Neutron that negates his powers, then plays dumb about it.

Cheshire and Roy beat the holy hell out of all of the Tibetan guards and find a mystery door. Inside: The original Speedy! Well that was… frustratingly easy, I guess. Now we have a one-armed, freed Speedy version of Roy, who I BET is going to be an even bigger asshole than Clone Roy. Because I bet losing your arm and, almost like a decade of your life will do that to you.

Bart tells everyone goodbye and tries to return to his time, but his ship doesn’t work, so he is stranded in our present.

Back in the future from whence he came, we see that Bart knew going in thatthis was a one-way trip, and the guy with him in the prison suit was Neutron. Bart’s whole shtick is just an act, and yep… this was a mission to save Barry’s life because he was supposed to die against Neutron. When Bart goes back, Neutron’s clothes change to show he is not a convict anymore… but the future is still a burnt up hellscape.

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