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Terminator: Dark Fate Expected to Lose $120 Million

November 4, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Terminator: Dark Fate

It looks like the Terminator franchise may be dead again, at least for the time being, after Terminator: Dark Fate is looking at a $120 million loss for its studios. As noted in our box office report on Sunday, the latest attempt to reboot the franchise mid-continuity bombed with just $29 million in the US and $123.6 million worldwide, despite having been out overseas for a few weeks. According to THR, the film is looking likely to lose partners Skydance Media, Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox a total of $120 million, with a potential variance of $10 million either way depending on how the international numbers hold.

The three studios each financed 30% of the costly $185 million budget for the film, and thus will likely take an equal share of that loss. Disney, who now owns Twentieth Centry Fox, will absorb those losses. The remaining 10% of financing came from Tencent in China.

The move is likely to be a nail in the coffin of the once-great franchise, which has tried several times to follow up on the success of the first two films. Skydance in particular has spent quite an amount of time trying to bring profit out of the franchise, having developed 2015’s Terminator: Genisys and Dark Fate. Both films were expected to be starters for new life in the franchise, but obviously that’s failed. THR notes that analysts consider the failing to be one of “complete IP failure” and note that insiders at both Paramount and Skydance feel similarly.