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Tim Miller Left Deadpool Over Ryan Reynolds’ Desire to ‘Control the Franchise’

November 25, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Deadpool 2

Tim Miller directed the original Deadpool to a massive box office success, and now he’s revealed why he left the franchise afterward. Miller spoke with KCRW’s The Business podcast and said that he departed the franchise before production began on Deadpool 2 because Ryan Reynolds wanted to be in control of the series.

“It became clear that Ryan [Reynolds] wanted to be in control of the franchise,” Miller said (per CinemaBlend). “You can work that way as a director, quite successfully, but I can’t. I don’t mind having a debate, but if I can’t win, I don’t want to play. And I don’t think you can negotiate every creative decision, there’s too many to make. So Ryan’s the face of the franchise, and he was the most important component of that, by far. So if he decides he wants to control it, then he’s going to control it.”

Miller exited Deadpool 2 early in the development process over the control issues, with reports that it was a matter of creative differences which Miller’s comments would seem to confirm. He also noted that he had some creative struggles with James Cameron and Skydance’s David Ellison on the set of Terminator: Dark Fate, noting, “Even though Jim is a producer and David Ellison is a producer and they technically have final cut and ultimate power, my name is still on it as director. Even if I’m going to lose the fight … I still feel this obligation to fight because that is what the director is supposed to do. Fight for the movie.”