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2CW Nightmare Before Christmas Results

December 20, 2010 | Posted by Mike Campbell

* Matt Taven beat Mike Bennett in a solid opener.

* Zaquary Springate III, Kevin “The Man” Graham, and “Punisher” Mike Van Slyke beat The Killer Steves and Loca Vida when Punisher pinned Loca with a small package.

* The Olsen Twins declared that they weren’t going to defend their titles against the Kings of Wrestling because they’d already done so in September. They wanted a six-person tag and brought in Sara Del Rey as their partner. Colin kept talking down to Sara and she attacked them, leading to Portia Perez attacking Sara and Hero and Claudio making the save, leading to. . .

* The Olsen Twins and Portia Perez beat The Kings of Wrestling and Sara Del Rey. This was a great match lots of fun moments. At one point Hero moonsaulted onto everyone on the floor and busted open Colin’s ear. Hero geared up for his elbow and wound up hitting Portia, which caught him off guard. Jimmy small packaged Sara for the win.

* Afterwards Hero got on the microphone and said he wanted the Olsens for the tag titles. Colin said they could do it right now, and the ref rang the bell. Then Colin told the fans to pay for it next time. Official decision is KOW win by count out.

* Jason Axe and J. Freddi’s last man standing match appear to be a no contest. This was as crazy as everyone would expect. Axe had the match won by spearing Freddie off a ladder through a table, but then he knocked down the ref before he could count Freddie down. Axe tried to hang Freddie from the ceiling. Portia Perez tried to calm Axe down and they left ringside together. Referees and security got Freddie in a neckbrace and carried him from ringside.

* During intermission someone nobody knew came into the ring in gear and sat in the corner.

* Back from intermission, the announcer explained that it was a referee who was training to be a wrestler. He said his name as “Tim Ruff” and his bark was worse than his bite, which made the crowd groan. “Muscle” Marcos came out and quickly beat him, to a nice pop.

* Isys Ephex beat “Muscle” Marcos with a roundhouse to the head

* 2CW Champion Slyck Wagner Brown beat Homicide. This was rather tame considering what people were expecting. There was a fun moment where someone yelled out Dixie Carter’s name and Homicide yelled back “Fuck that bitch!” Homicide did the three Amigos to get an Eddie chant going, but missed the frog splash and Slyck hit a facebuster to win.

* The Motor City Machine Guns beat the American Wolves. This was probably a bit short, but with Davey’s concussion, it made sense. But this was what everyone would expect, great wrestling, great intensity, rabid crowd, everything. The end came when Sabin hit Davey with a rana that saw him land on Eddie’s face (although Eddie saw it coming and turned to the side so he didn’t get too badly hurt). The guns pinned Davey after their neckbreaker/splash combo.

* Davey got on the microphone and put over the fans, the promotion, and the Guns for “kicking their asses.” All four shook hands.


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