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411’s NXT UK Review 01.30.19 (Ep. 28)

January 30, 2019 | Posted by Jake Chambers
NXT UK 1-30-19
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411’s NXT UK Review 01.30.19 (Ep. 28)  


Dave Mastiff defeated Jay Melrose @5:01 via pin [*]
Walter defeated Jack Starz @4:11 via pin [NR]
Jinny defeated Kasey Owens @5:20 via pin [*]
Moustache Mountain defeated Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel @13:04 via pin [**1/2]

The show starts with a chilling opening montage dedicated to the debut of Walter.

(that wasn’t THAT opening video, by the way… but this was still chilling in a Coco from Fame kind of way)

“Bomber” Dave Mastiff vs. “Primate” Jay Melrose: Melrose has a ton of fire, but looks physically outmatched against the large Mastiff from the outset. They do start out with a growling shoulder block stand-off, punctuated by guttural shouts with each thudding slam. Mastiff ends the stalemate with a running splash, followed up by a series of elbow strikes on the ground, similar to what led Matt Riddle to victory at NXT Takeover Phoenix this weekend.

Primate surprisingly does begin to gain the upper hand by using his impressive strength, locking in an armbar on a number of occasions to ground the big mass of Mastiff. However, trying for a suplex and later a fireman’s carry buckles the smaller man and leaves him open to Bomber’s massively impactful offense, including his running cannonball smash into the corner, Into the Void, which gets him the victory to remain undefeated in NXT UK. Dave Mastiff defeats Jay Melrose @5:01 by pin [*] A nice showing from Melrose that definitely put this “squash” into rate-able territory for me, as the victory for Mastiff was inevitable but he had to work and sell in order to get there.

Recap video is shows of Zack Gibson and James Drake winning the NXT UK Championships over Moustache Mountain.

A promo video for the “bubbly firecracker” Xia Brookside, who will be in action next week.

Gibson and Drake come out to the ring to address the audience. Using the word “Soon” as a unifying theme throughout, Gibson did the talking and, as usual, riled up the crowd. He accused those backstage of just brainstorming catchy nicknames, and Moustache Mountain of being busy trying to find shiny new pants, while Gibson just told everyone ominously “soon”. And now that they’ve made good on his promise, he wants to announce that they will be known going forward as what they are: Grizzled (Grizzled) Young Veterans (was an odd way to announce your team name on WWE TV for the first time by repeating the adjective).

Assistant to the General Manager Sid Scala comes out to announce that during NXT Takeover – Phoenix, NXT UK will be in attendance and vaguely implies that contenders for the Tag Team Champions will be determined then. However, he next proclaims that NXT’s Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch will get the first shot at the Grizzled Young Veterans’ belts… “soon”.

Ligero vs. Mark Andrews (in an always interesting face vs. face contest) is announced for next week!

Walter vs. Jack Starz: Poor Jack Starz. Frightened, the mouse to Walter’s rhino attempts a flurry of moves, which, surprising to no one watching, is ineffective. Walter hits a chop so devastating that it literally brings the audience to their feet in ovation. Walter then just toys with Starz from that point forward, matching a plucky dropkick with his own bazooka blast of a dropkick, and the match is over quickly with a powerbomb. Walter defeats Jack Starz @2:33 by pin [NR] I don’t know… a good squash can introduce a new wrestler effectively to an audience, but when everyone in attendance clearly knows the guy, he debuted after the main event of the most recent big show, and outsizes his opponent but at least triple, maybe it’s kind of a waste of time?

A recap of Jinny vs. Isla Dawn from a two weeks ago on NXT UK TV is used to announce that Jinny is in action next.

During the break, we see a backstage footage of Walter being confronted by an angry Mark Coffey, who is being held back by officials, and then Marcel Bartel and Fabian Aichner show up and offer to have Walter’s back, to which he scowls and walks off, and that doesn’t seem to impress Aichner (foreshadowing!).

Jinny vs. Kasey Owens: The ruthless “fashionista” looks ready to devour her perky opponent, and right from the start locks in an armbar where she uses her fingernails to scratch down the forearm, which I can’t say is something I remember ever seeing before (nor am I sure is legal in pro-wrestling). Another unique move by Jinny, is a double-hugging heel hook, which Nigel call’s an “Achilles Lock”. Owens worked much better as a ragdoll for Jinny’s weird offense, than she did when sloppily attempting to get in a few of her own moves, so it was fun to see Jinny take control once again with a Abdominal Stretch featuring more scratches and pinching, and than a unique surfboard. Eventually, Jinny finishes things off with her driving X-Factor from the ropes, the Makeover. Jinny defeats Kasey Owens @5:20 by pin [*] While I would prefer to give one-sided squashes no star rating, I’ll give this one star just for Jinny’s totally unique offense.

Backstage earlier today, we see Rhea Ripley barge into General Manager Johnny Saint’s office and demand her “automatic rematch” for the NXT UK Women’s Title, which is then announced as happening in 3 weeks.

Johnny Saint’s Twitter account is then shown with an announcement of Walter vs. Mark Coffey as the main event for next week.

Moustache Mountain vs. Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel: This one starts out with a great pure wrestling exchange of holds between Barthel and Bate. A contrasting trade out matches up the more brawling style of Seven and Aichner who battle with more impact moves. Partners switch in and out quickly, as the two teams are looking for gain an advantage of some kind, and finally it pays off for Aichner and Barthel who capitalize on a blind tag to confuse Bate and allow Aichner to hit a devastating suplex/neckbreaker combo.

We then enter the isolation beat down middle part of of any standard tag team match. In 2019, these kind of predictable sequences only work when the performers commit and the audience is buying into it, which I’d say was mostly successful here, but also you wouldn’t confuse this for a Rock ‘N’ Roll Express match from the ’80s either. Bate eventually gets free in pretty stunning fashion, and the rush of moves and counters that is more akin to a 2019 match starts to overwhelm. As the action climaxes, Barthel throws Bate into Aichner’s catching suplex, a move we’ve seen them use to success in NXT UK a couple of times, but Seven pounces on the pin attempt at the last second, saving the match. And when Seven next legally tags in, Moustache Mountain hit their finishing dragon suplex/rebound lariat on Barthel for the win. Moustache Mountain defeats Aichner & Barthel @13:04 by pin [**1/2] A good, clean match, although one possibly lacking in any real drama over who would win. Moustache Mountain are clearly the backbone of NXT UK, but could use stiffer competition. Aichner and Barthel look to be great villains in the upcoming months, and have a great mix of power and technique to be big time players on this roster.

– End scene.

– Get well soon Larry.

The final score: review Average
The 411
Better than last week's show that I gave a 5 because it was lacking in a 3rd under-card match. These under-card squashes this week, while predictable, all featured something unique to keep my attention perked. The main event was good, but probably didn't sell Aichner and Barthel as strong enough potential winners. All in all, an episode that really demonstrates the strengths of NXT UK to build old school narratives around clear, interesting characters and patient in-ring action.

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