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411’s OVW TV Report 7.1.06

July 5, 2006 | Posted by Steve Sullivan

Welcome to the short edition of this week’s OVW TV Show! I’m on vacation this week so you get the not so detailed version. Be back next week!

Armando Alejandro Estrada opens the show as usual. He says that Rey Mysterio is going to be at The Summer Sizzler Series and will be defending the World Heavyweight Championship against whoever wins tonight’s main event between Seth Skyfire and C.M. Punk.

Elijah Burke & Shawn Spears vs. Deuce & Domino w/ Cherry

Burke and Deuce go first and Domino gets a quick cover for 2. Tags in Domino. Burke kicks the hell out of Domino. Off the ropes and nails Domino. Tag to Spears. Spears in and lands a big elbow and a pin that gets 2. Spears gets a kick to the head in the corner and Domino tags Deuce back in. Russian leg sweep by Deuce. Cover gets 2. Spears fights back. Chop by Spears. Deuce with a big knee. Blind tag by Burke. Dusty Rhodes’ elbows from Burke. Cover gets 2. Burke with a headlock. Deuce slams Burke into the turnbuckle. Tag back to Domino. Burke with a rollup gets 2. Tag back to Deuce. Double team on Burke. Burke fighting back. Big fists from Burke. Goes for the tag and gets it. Spears with a clotheline and a cover that gets 2. Spears with a dropkick that gets 2 again. Chops by Spears. Deuce gets a kick to the head on Spears. Scoop slam by Deuce. Deuce pulls out the comb and does his little dance. But Spears grabs him and rolls him up for 2 and a half. Belly to belly by Spears. Cover gets 2 and broken up by Domino. Burke back in and he takes care of Domino. Spears is on the top rope pummelling Deuce. Ref pushes Burke back. Domino comes off and hotshots Spears off the top rope. Deuce covers and gets the 3.

Winners- Deuce & Domino

Domino grabs the mic and asks if that win was unbelievable. He says they are looking for a rumble with Gaspard and The Hoodie. Deuce goes off and goes crazy.

C.M Punk is talking about Rey Mysterio. He says that when it comes to Heavyweight Titles, the best guys, despite their win and loss records are usually the ones getting the shots. The best guy down here right now is him. He says a lot of people that think they should get that title shot. Like Seth Skyfire. He says he respects Skyfire and the TV Title. But when it comes to World Title Shots, the shot goes to the Heavyweight Champion. He says at the end of the night its going to be Mysterio vs. Punk.

Vic Devine vs. Cody Runnels

Cody with a nice toe hold takedown into a headlock. Runnels with an array of scientific moves. Devine with a head scissors. Hammerlock by Runnels. Devine gets a big elbow in the corner. Devine chokes him on the top rope. Runnels fights back with some big fists. Runnels nails Devine in the gut. Scoop slam by Devine. Cover gets 2. Backbreaker by Devine. Runnels ducks a clotheline and lands a big elbow just like his pappy. Devine nails Runnels off the ropes. Devine calls for the end. Runnels with a surprise rollup. Gets the 3!

Winner- Cody Runnels

Robbie Dawber finds Simon Dean in the back. He says he’s been looking all over for him. Dean says its getting hot outside and he has tired of sleeping. He’s been thinking about Al Snow. He calls them low-lites. He says Al Snow is always yapping his mouth about right and wrong. If that’s the way he wants to be, then why did he whack me and pull out his Houdini stuff with a bunch of illegal tactics. He’s trying to go hardcore. Superman can return, you can’t. Dean says he’s living breathing Kryptionite. He says next time they wrestle, no rules, whatever he wants. Next time, they go 1 on 1.

Los Locos (Raul & Ramon) vs. KC James & Roadkill

James comes out alone. He asks the Board of Directors for help because Roadkill is stuck at an airport and he needs 5 minutes and he’ll be here. Dean Hill says it’s up to the ref. The ref says no and to ring the bell. James in and attacks both Raul and Ramon. Meeting of the minds by James. James climbs the ropes and nails a few punches. James leaps off him and nails a flying body press. The cover gets 2. Now Los Locos double teaming James. James off the ropes, ducks a double clotheline and nails one of his own. James with a cover gets 2. The tag and they double team him again. James off the ropes and kicks Ramon. Ramon with an Irish whip and tag to Raul. Snapmare by Raul and a legdrop. James up fighting back. Raul elbows James. The double team again. James fighting his way out of the corner. Ramon with a cover gets 2. Headlock by Ramon. James out of it with some punches but a rake of the eye. Tag to Raul. They double team again. James fighting back again. Snapmare by Raul. Tag back to Ramon. They call for the end. James is on the back of Ramon. Raul goes to the ropes but Roadkill is here! He trips Raul from the outside. He gets James off the back. Roadkill is clearing house. Irish whpi on Raul. He sandwhiches them together. He picks up James and is going to Irish whip him into them but James shoves Roadkill. James asks where he’s been. He shoves him again. The Los Locos shove James into Roadkill. The rollup from behind on James gets 3.

Winners- Los Locos

Sosay is in the ring in her teacher’s outfit. She says her education in law has allowed her to become OVW’s newest sports agent. And she has a brand new clinet that is going to going to change the face of OVW forever. He is already a legend and a daredevil. A legendary daredevil. He’s been on ESPN, Fox Sports, ABC, CBS, BBC, and PBS. He is a man among legends and a legend among man. She gives us Fearless Jack Bull. Jack Bull comes out in a cape and to Star Wars type music. Oh boy.

Sosay distracts the jobber and asks him if he knows who he is fighting. Jack Bull with a rollup from behind gets a 3 count and he lights up another cigarette.

Winner- Jack Bull…I Guess

Chet The Jet vs. Pat Buck

Chet grabs his foot. Scoop slam by Chet. The cover gets 2. Neckbraker by Buck. Buck with a headlock. Chet up with a loud chop. A second. And a third. Clotheline by Chet. Another clotheline. Big boot by Chet and another chop. Chet sets up Buck. Delayed vertical suplex slams him down and gets the 3 count.

Winner- Chet The Jet

Boris Alexiev comes down to the ring with his trainer Mr. Strongko. They trap Chet in the ring. Chet is cleaning house. He spears the trainer out of the ring and through the ropes. Chet is clubbing Stronko. Chet chases him back. Alexiev is in the ring with Pat Buck and he has the shoulder submission locked in. He’s trying to break Buck’s shoulder. Chet runs back in and levels Boris. Chet knocks Alexiev out of the ring and Chet celebrates.

Seth Skyfire -c- w/ Shelley vs. C.M. Punk -c- (Winner Gets A Shot against Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship)

The bell rings and someone’s music hits. It’s The Miz. He grabs the mic and says you have to be kidding me. He’s the one on Smackdown. He says don’t get me started on you to Punk. He says he’s the Superman of Wrestling. He says Punk doesn’t look like a champ. He says Punk looks like a lumberjack and he doesn’t deserve this opportunity. I’m The Miz Hoo-Punk slaps him.

Now we’re ready to wrestle. Punk with a headlock. Skyfire rolls him down and gets a 2 count. Punk with another headlock. Now a quick cover by Punk that gets 2. Test of strength by both men. Punk with the advantage. Skyfire with a quick pin gets 2. Skyfire with an armlock. Skyfire takes down Punk and Punk backs off. Another test of strength. Monkey flip by Punk. Skyfire flips around and over Skyfire and gets 2. Bridge up by Skyifre. Locks the arm. Irish whip by Punk. Skyfire walks away on the bottom rope. Skyifre jumps off the top rope but Punk just dodges the cross body. The cover by Punk gets 2. And another 2 count pin.

Punk has Skyfire locked up. Skyfire rolls Punk up and gets 2. Punk clubs Skyfire. Punk with a cover gets 2. Leg scissors by Punk. Skyfire with a chop. Skyfire punching the hell out of Punk. Punk headbutts Skyfire in the gut. And again. Punk with a cover gets 2. Punk with a knee lift and a cover gets 2. Skyfire off the ropes. Now Punk locks in an abdominal stretch. Skyfire gets out of it and reverses it and now Punk in the abdominal stretch. Skyfire with a rollup gets 2!

Elbow by Punk. Skyfire with an elbow. And two more. Clotheline by Skyfire. Clotheline by Skyfire. Reverse spinning kick by Skyfire. Goes for a superkick but Punk ducks it. Matrix dropkick by Skyfire! The cover! 1…2..No!

Kick to the gut by Skyfire. Standing moonsault gets 2. Skyfire off the rope. Inzuguri by Skyfire and Punk is out! The cover! 1…2…..No! Punk with a kick out. Skyfire is going up. He’s on the middle rope. In comes Punk. Punk with some chops. Punk lifts up Skyfire . Gutbuster by Punk. 1…2..No! Skyfire kicks out!

Punk kicks Skyfire’s back. Punk with another cover gets 2. Punk lifts up Skyfire. Big slam and now Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice in the center of the ring! Skyfire is screaming! Skyfire sits up and rolls around and he makes it to the rope! Punk has to let go! Punk kisses his hands. Skyfire ducks a slap and another. Skyfire with a jawbreaker! Skyfire off the ropes. Punk lands a slap. And another. Goes for the backslap but Skyfire ducks under. He rolls him up tight! 1..2…3!!!! Holy Shit!

Winner- Seth Skyfire


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