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411’s RAW Talk Report 03.01.21: Nia and Shayna On Defending Their Tag Titles in NXT, Drew McIntyre Wants Lashley at Mania

March 1, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk 3-1-21 Nia Jax Shayna Baszler

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 03.01.21

-Bobby Lashley is your New WWE Champion and good for him. It’s been a long time coming and he has been reborn with The Hurt Business and I hope he gets a decent reign. Now to RAW Talk for all the fallout. Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton is here this week and is joined by R-Truth, (sporting a project Rock t-shirt) so they need to come up with a name. KayTruth is probably the best fit, but they don’t come up with that one. They get to the big news from the show and obviously that’s Bobby Lashley winning the WWE Title. Kayla and Truth talk about how Bobby put in the work and has gotten to this point.

-Kayla jumps to Orton/Bliss and Bliss being creepy as always as she wants to bring him back. Truth wants to know what that was that Randy spit up and asks if it was licorice. Nice!

-Our first guests tonight are The Women’s Tag Champions, Nia Jaxx and Shayna Baszler. Shayna is always great on this show because she hates it so much. Shayna and Nia question who Kayla and she fights back saying they obviously know who she is. Kayla asks how they feel about heading to NXT on Wednesday. Shayna brings up that she reigned over NXT for two years and nothing is going to be different on Wednesday. Nia says they are going to wreck shop and dominate. Shayna claims they are the top champions in all of the WWE and she is excited to remind NXT how dominant she is. Nia takes shots at NXT as she compares them to the JV or Freshman squad. They then get on Kayla as they want a new host and Truth has her back. They ask Truth about his title and laugh because Bugs Bunny has it now. Kayla brings up that both Nia and Shayna want the RAW Women’s Title and Shayna brings up she took Asuka out of action. They show a replay of the kick that injured her. Nia says that if anyone gets a RAW Title shot it is going to be here. That annoys Shayna and they start bickering at each other. They get into another verbal spat with Truth and Kayla and Shayna questions why they keep getting forced to do this. Kayla tells them to take the mics on the way out as that running joke has come to RAW Talk.

-Elias and Jaxson Ryker our at next and the way Truth pops for every guest is always fun. Truth wants an autograph and thinks Elias’ made a song about him. Elias tells him that it’s in there. Apparently Elias approached Bad Bunny to collab and Kayla just laughs at the idea. Elias takes great offense to that and Kayla just can’t keep it together with Truth cracking her every other second. Ryker breaks Kayla as he calls Bad Bunny, Bugs Bunny. This one is going off the rails. Kayla brings up that Ryker tried to cheat tonight and he isn’t in the mood for Kayla coming at him like that. Instead he speaks on the greatness of Elias and how he has brought him into a better reality. Truth says Elias’ music made him want carrots. Yeah! Elias is trying to change more lives and brings up their track record. “You guys run track?” -Truth. That one breaks Kayla and nearly breaks Ryker, but Elias just rolls along with it.

-Drew McIntyre is out as our final guest and again, Truth pops for Drew though he is disappointed Drew didn’t bring the sword. Kayla asks if it is weird not having the WWE Title and he says that he does feel naked without it. His goal was to get to Mania this year with the WWE Title, but The Miz and Bobby Lashley screwed that up for him. Kayla wants Drew’s thoughts on Lashley winning the WWE Title. Drew says that if he had placed a bet on the match, he would have put everything on Lashley. He puts over Lashley for earning this moment, but he wants Lashley at Mania and hopes that can happen. He mentions that once you are WWE Champion things are different and he tells Lashley to watch his buddies and friends. Kayla asks Truth if he has any advice for Drew on dealing with losing a Title. Truth tells him to remember the good times, but he has to get his baby back. Somehow Drew is able to keep a straight face as Truth gives him a pep talk. Drew shows off the imprint of Sheamus’ boot laces that are on his shoulder. Ouch! He hopes Sheamus realizes they didn’t have to go down this route, but the match finally happened and it was a hell of a match. He enjoyed the match and is sitting victorious right now. Kayla wishes him all the best on the road to WrestleMania as we are out this week.

-Just a standard week of RAW Talk though Truth breaking Kayla over and over again just shows how well Charly has been able to roll with his craziness. This was fine and it’s to the point that the enjoyment from this show is seeing how the guests deal with Truth’s shenanigans. Shayna is great because she doesn’t hide her frustration and Elias was fun as he just agreed with anything Truth had to say. This was fine. Thanks for reading!

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