411’s ROH New Horizons Report 9.26.08

September 27, 2008 | Posted by Larry Csonka

ROH New Horizons: 9.26.08

-Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs are in the ring and sand proud with their ROH Tag Team Titles. Jacobs says the new dawn revolution is here and stronger than ever here in Detroit. They are the tag team champions, and that gives them the power to spread their message, the power to open the PPV and to NOT defend the tag team titles. The crowd does NOT approve. Jacobs claims that there are no contenders to these titles, Mark Briscoe is out, Generico is nowhere to be found… But before they can spread more propaganda the Briscoe’s rush the ring and chase off Jacobs and Black! MAN UP DAWG! They challenge the Age of the Fall to a match, but they walk off. Austin Aries rushes Black and Jacobs and to the back they go.

-Dave Prazak is in the ring and asks what Mark is doing here. He says they are here to get the tag titles back. Prazak says they have some standby opponents set for them.

Mark and Jay Briscoe vs. Mitch Franklin and Silas Young

The Briscoe’s are back on PPV and they are about to man up and KILL some bitches! We come back from the opening video and Young gets a split legged moonsault, but that was a mistake because the Briscoe’s just begin to destroy them. DOUBLE hip toss across the ring to Franklin. TBONE on Young. DOOMSDAY to Franklin! Good night sweet prince.

Winners: Mark and Jay Briscoe @ 2:00 via MANNING UP DAWG!

  • The best analogy I have heard for this match, and it is true, was that it was the 2008 version of a Midnight Express squash match from WCW Saturday Night in the late 80’s. The Midnights would run these great squashes where they would go out there, brutalize these jobbers and run through all of their cool moves, while Cornette did great running commentary, just awesome if you have never seen it. That is what this was, all it missed is Cornette’s condescending commentary. In the end not much of a match as it was a total squash, but it was a good re-introduction of the Briscoe’s to the PPV audience.
    RATING: *

    -We get a video feature on the Briscoe’s.

    Four Corner Survival: Delirious vs. Erick Stevens vs. Ruckus vs. Shane Hagadorn

    Delirious goes bat shit at the bell , chases Shane around the rig and Stevens is in and we get counters, an arm drag and clotheslines from Delirious. He runs into a Samoan Drop (HE ISN’T EVEN SAMOAN) and Shane tags in. Rights to Delirious, lays the boots to him and Delirious counters a suplex and Ruckus and Stevens are in. Handspring elbow by Ruckus, Shane tags himself in and attacks Ruckus. Ruckus does some flippy rolls and tags in Stevens. Delirious drops down to allow Stevens to beat down Shane. He bails to the floor, Ruckus and Delirious grab him and toss him back in. Chops by Stevens, an Irish whip and corner attacks by Stevens, Delirious and Ruckus with the razzle-dazzle. Moonsualt by Ruckus gets 2. Delirious and Stevens beat down Ruckus, off the ropes and Ruckus with a dive to Shane. Delirious rolls up Stevens for 2. CHOO CHOO is stopped by a drop toehold, PANIC ATTACK by Delirious! Shane crotches Delirious, tags in and Delirious with the shadows over hell to Stevens. Ruckus tosses Shane, neck breaker to Delirious. Ruckus up top and gets the SICK moonsault into the leg drop, the old 2 Cold Scorpio tumble weed for 2. Shane in with a back suplex to Ruckus, and then gets KILLED by a Stevens clothesline. DOCTOR BOMB and that is all.

    Winner: Erick Stevens @ 5:45 via pin

  • Fine for the time given, no break in the action that’s for sure. Stevens desperately needed a win on ROH PPV, so that is a good thing.
    RATING: **

    -Austin Aries makes his way to the ring and he looks pissed. Aries says everyone here who is a fan knows what is going on. What he and Jacobs have transcends a blood feud. We see video of Lacey leaving Jacobs, and Aries says they have beat the hell out of each other. This is about mental anguish, destroying each other at a level so deep that most will never understand. Aries says they want each other, so get out here right now! Jacobs come out, and Black attacks Aries from behind. He tosses Black and stares down with Jacobs. MsChif is in, LOW BLOW to Aries and Jacobs is now in and he along with Black and MsChif beat down Aries, and Jacobs then SPIKES Aries! Some wrestlers come to the rescue of Aries as we get AoTF cut ins.

    -Kevin Steen is out now and says he has a simple plan. He mocks them for fighting two on one. He says when Generico comes back they will get their tag title shot. Jacobs says Steen is like everyone else, and Steen thinks he deserves something. Steen says that they earned a title shot on every PPV, but if they want him to earn it, he has no issues doing so. Jacobs says since Aries is out for the night, they can accommodate him.

    No DQ Match: Kevin Steen vs. The Necro Butcher

    The Necro Butcher attacks Steen, and we have a match. Necro attacks Steen with a guardrail, Steen fights back, uses the ring bell but Necro uses the cloth from the entrance to choke out Steen. They battle ringside, Steen snatches Necro up and powerslams him on the entrance ramp. They get in the ring for the first time, Steen fishhooks him and then bites him! YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE HE’S BEEN! Necro comes back with a stun gun, to the corner they go and Necro lays in the kicks. Necro then tries to rip off the nose of Steen. They trade big rights, head butts by Necro but Steen gets a sunset flip, rolls and tries the sharp shooter, but Necro is able to stop that. Necro now works…THEHARDCORE SLEEPER HOLD! Steen elbows out, forearm strikes by Steen but Necro hits a big right, sending Steen to the floor. As Necro comes to the apron Steen hits him with a chair, and then hip tosses him off of the apron through a chair on the floor. FROG SPLASH off of the apron! Back in the ring, Steen up top and the SENTON eats knees! Necro tosses a few chairs in the ring, chops to Steen and then bulldogs him on the chairs, Necro covers for 2. Necro sets up a chair, tiger driver try, counter by Steen, forearm shots, they trade and Steen blocks a boot, low shot to Necro, MICHINOKU DRIVER through the chair! 1…2…NO! PACKAGE PILEDRIVER on the chair! That’s all.

    Winner: Kevin Steen @ 9:00 via pin

  • It was fine overall, but nothing memorable. It seemed like a tamed version of their better stuff, which while I appreciate them not trying to kill each other with dumb shit they could have done other things to make it a bit more interesting. I have certainly seen much better Kevin Steen matches. The win plays well in working Steen and Generico towards their battle for the belts against Black and Jacobs. It also places Steen 2-0 as a singles on PPV. On a side note I would have completely bough the Michinoku driver through the chair as the finish.
    RATING: **¼

    -Adam Pearce, a great man that is no longer in ROH, joins us for a promo. He discusses the caveman finding fire, and when it gets close it burns. That works in his favor. He isn’t there tonight, not making money and that is his punishment for the fireball, but that’s fine. He is the NWA World Champion, and this means more than anything else. He will sit back, relax and smile. He doesn’t care about PPV buy rates, money, he cares about leaving a scar on Albright. That’s why he came to Sweet and Sour, and that’s whey Sweeney came to him. What would Larry Sweeney Do? Well, you already know what Adam Pearce will do. He then takes a call from Sweeney, they set up a date for dinner and dancing.

    -Sweeney gets on the mic, and says that Sweet and Sour Inc is growing. He tells Marufuji that Go is very happy with him, and offers him a spot. Sweeney says he doesn’t even have to wrestle tonight if he takes the deal. Marufuji gives him the one gun salute, and this offends Sweeney. He then says he will pull his team from PPV tonight, and as he tries to leave, LANCE STORM is here to stop him! Of he can be serious for a minute, unless Sweeney thinks he can get past him, he is NOT going anywhere. Storm came here to see the best damn locker room in the business leave it all in the ring, the match WILL happen, and he will stay out here to make sure Sweeney behaves himself. Tremendous.

    Roderick Strong and Naomichi Marufuji vs. Chris Hero and Go Shiozaki w/Sweeney, Del Rey and Dempsy

    Go and Strong to begin, counters and chops by Strong to take control. A leg lariat follows, and now they trade chops as Nigel invades the announce booth. Hero tags in, elbows to Strong and then Marufuji in and gets a knee to the back of Hero, kick to the back and a cover for 2. Elbows by Hero, misses the roaring elbow but tosses Marufuji to the ropes. And then gets a stun gun. Nigel says he will wrestle next so that he can enjoy the rest of the evening. Go tags in, trades chops by Marufuji but Marufuji back with a Russian peg sweep into the corner. Off the ropes, backdrop by Marufuji, Strong in, back breaker and then Marufuji hits the ropes back and forth for momentum and kicks off Go’s head, cover for 2. Strong tags in, lays the boots to Go in the corner and then lays in the chops. Hero with a cheap shot on Strong, he distracts him, pulls him to the floor and tosses him to the barricade. Sweeney gets a cheap shot as well, Strong back in and a running chop by Go. Hero tags in, kick to the face of Strong and then just lays in the kicks in the corner. Forearm and elbow strikes by Hero and a cover for 2. Chops by Hero, tosses Strong to the floor and Lance Storm keeps S&S Inc away from Strong. Go will toss Strong back in, Hero chokes him out and then as Strong lays on the apron Go gets a running knee lift on Strong, hero covers for 2. Hero stops the tag, senton on Strong, knee drop by GO and a cover for 2. Rights by Go, chops by Strong and then an Enziguri lays out Go. BOTH men are down, Strong looks for a tag but Go puts a stop to that. Dragon sleeper by Go, Strong works knee strikes to escape. Go places him in the tree of woe, tag to Hero and a basement dropkick by Hero follows. Sweeney chants for Strong to give it up as Hero delivers another elbow strike and covers for 2. Tag to Go, hero sets Strong up top and Go chops him to the mat and covers for 2. Go and Strong trade forearms, chops by Go and a boot by Strong, Enziguri again and a tag to Marufuji! Dropkick to Go, one to Hero! Off the ropes and a Marufuji with a basement dropkick to Hero, clothesline to Go! Chops by Marufuji, an Irish whip and a follow up knee strike by Marufuji. SUPERKICK by Marufuji gets 2 as Hero breaks that up. Go stops the sliced bread, a kick by Marufuji and he is on the top, Go pulls him out, Marufuji counters but Go gets a fisherman’s buster! Tag to Hero, elbows to Marufuji, misses the big boot, superkick by Marufuji, sliced bread countered, they trade roll up counters, but boot by Hero and a cover for 2 as Strong makes the save. Marufuji and Strong get a gut buster/face buster combo for 2 as Go makes the save. SUPERKICK AGAIN to Go! Marufuji has Hero, chops to Hero off the ropes, roaring elbow by Hero! Strong in, big boot and then the back breaker follows and Strong gets the pin.

    Winners: Roderick Strong and Naomichi Marufuji @ 12:00 via pin

  • A good match overall. For a while I felt as if they were stuck in second gear. They picked things up nicely and in the end, this was good stuff.
    RATING: ***

    -Lance is in to raise the winners hands, but Hero attacks everyone. Larry Sweeney attacks Lance Storm now. Storm fights back and locks in the ROLLING half crab on Sweeney! Chris Hero breaks it up, Sweeney sells the leg and after Sweeney gets on the mic and demands it, Chris Hero knocks out Storm with the roaring elbow. Storm sold that in excellent fashion.

    -Brent Albright, all bandaged up cuts a promo form a different location, and explains that he is not on the PPV because of Adam Pearce. We see a replay of the fireball angle that took place in Chicago as Albright explains that his kids cried when they saw his face and ran away from him. Albright’s wife is worried about them supporting themselves if he cannot work. Albright vowed to get revenge and to do everything in his power to disfigure the face of Pearce. Great promo from Albright.

    -A kick ass Claudio video package ran, showing his training, running, doing European Uppercuts and doing the giant swing on LARGE PIECES OF TREES! That was great.

    ROH World Title Match: Nigel McGuinness © vs. Claudio Castagnoli

    Castagnoli with a bicycle kick right away, gets 2. Ricolla bomb try, lariat by Nigel but Castagnoli right up, lariat to Nigel…RICOLLA BOMB~! 1…2…NO! Nigel to the floor, Castagnoli follows and delivers uppercuts. Castagnoli whips him to the barrier, more uppercuts and Castagnoli is in control. They battle to the entrance area, and then back into the ring they go. Nigel rolls to the other apron, Nigel snaps the ropes into the eyes of Castagnoli, they battle, tower of London try on the floor, Castagnoli escapes and clubbing shots to Nigel. Castagnoli slams the champ head first into the barricade, and then again! Crowd is hot for Castagnoli as he delivers more uppercuts. Elbow by Nigel, chops and then Nigel crotches Castagnoli on the barricade. Castagnoli counters a lariat try, tries to launch off of the barricade but Nigel slam shim on it. TOWER OF LONDON on the floor! Back in the ring we go, to the corner and Nigel slams Castagnoli to the corner. He chokes him out and then mocks Danielson’s “I’ve got till five!” deal. Uppercuts by Nigel, Castagnoli fires up and uppercuts of his own. Throat shot by Nigel, lariat by Nigel and Castagnoli is down. Nigel slaps Castagnoli in the face and them applies a head scissors. Castagnoli rolls him back and gets a count of 2. Castagnoli tires to escape, but Nigel busts out some skull fuck action to remain in control. Nigel calls Castagnoli on, kick to the chest and then to the back. Clubbing shots by Nigel, applies a rear chin lock and then pulls Castagnoli back over his knees. Castagnoli counters out and covers for 2. DDT by Nigel and a cover for 2. Another cover for 2. Irish whip by Nigel, counter and an elbow and headstand mule kick by Nigel, he covers for 2. Front facelock by Nigel, transitions into the cravat and keeps control. Castagnoli to his feet, snap mare by Nigel and a charging knee strike connects. That gets 2.

    10-minutes in now and Nigel chokes him out with the boot. Forearm strikes by Nigel, a whip and Castagnoli comes back with the 2nd rope uppercut! BOTH men are down and working to their feet. Uppercuts by Castagnoli, lights up Nigel and drops him. Nigel then tries to come back, but Castagnoli slams him down and gets a cover for 2. Off the ropes and Castagnoli clotheslines Nigel to the floor. SUICIDE DIVE by Castagnoli! Back in the ring we go, Castagnoli up top and Nigel is over to stop that. Tower of London try, Castagnoli holds on, thrust to the throat by Nigel, goes up with Castagnoli, they trade shots, forearms traded, Castagnoli fires up, tosses Nigel down and MISSES the cross body try! Single arm DDT by Nigel gets 2. A whip by Nigel, countered and Nigel gets the kick to the back/clothesline combo. To the corner, Castagnoli set up top and gets the Tower of London! 1…2…NO! Shot to the throat again by Nigel, chops follow and as he charges Castagnoli gets an uppercut and the big boot for a clover of 2! Ricolla bomb countered, and they collide, jawbreaker lariat countered, BIG SWING~! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! Castagnoli covers for a close 2! Castagnoli up, misses a charge, Castagnoli up to, crotched and chops by Nigel. Sets Castagnoli on the ropes, he goes to the 2nd rope and Castagnoli manages an Enziguir! Castagnoli up top with Nigel…SUPERPLEX! 1…2…NO! Dead lift German! 1…2…NO! Reverse torture rack drop! 1…2…NO! Ricolla bomb countered, lariat misses, springboard uppercut connect, Nigel rebounds off the ropes and eats the toss into the uppercut! 1…2…NO! RICOLLA BOMB~! 1…2…NO!!! Holds on and Nigel escapes, off the ropes and jawbreaker lariat countered into the backslide for 2! O’Connor roll by Castagnoli, countered and Nigel has the tights but only gets 2. Right off the ropes goes Nigel, JAWBREAKER LARIAT and that is all!

    Winner: Nigel McGuinness @ 19:00 via pin

  • It started a bit slow, but developed into a great match. Castagnoli did his bet and had the crowd behind him, but Nigel used everything he had to keep the title, clean,, all the while still being the dick heel that they all hate. Castagnoli looks strong even in defeat, and Nigel keeps his streak of good PPV matches alive here.
    RATING: ****

    Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black w/Jimmy Jacobs

    Jacobs distracts Danielson, Black takes advantage and beats down Danielson, following that up with choking Danielson with his own robe. Black chokes out Danielson with the boot, off the ropes and Danielson comes back with the dragon screw leg whip. Black to the floor, he converses with Jacobs. Back in and Back tackles Danielson, but he gets countered and Danielson now works for an arm bar. Knees by Black, snap mare and Black works the arm now. Danielson escapes, follows with a dropkick and now with kicks to the leg. Kick to the back, snap mare, more kicks to the back and a cover for 2. Danielson works a knee crank, wraps the legs and now has the reverse Indian deathlock. Nigel is back in the commentary booth, he puts over Claudio for a great match, and Danielson rolls the deathlock into a pinning combo for 2. Black to his feet, to the corner they go and shoulder rams by Black. Chops follow, rights and Danielson battles back with uppercuts. He is rocking Black, wristlock and a twisting takedown by Danielson. Danielson bends the wrist backwards, places the hand on the mat and Danielson stomps on the elbow. Butterfly suplex into the cross arm breaker goes Danielson. Black kicks his way out, rights to Danielson and then cross face shots. Body kick by Danielson, one to the back and now Danielson back to the wristlock. Jesus that looks uncomfortable. Hammerlock by Danielson, and works the other arm and rolls Black into a pinning position for 2. Danielson now works a version of the kimura, Black to his feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Danielson. Suplex try, countered and Black to the apron. Danielson to the apron as well, Danielson tries a neck breaker, Black holds on and Danielson hits hard. A stomp to the head off of the apron by Black and then slams Danielson through the barrier! Black slams Danielson to the apron, lays Danielson against the post and then drives his knee to the face and grinds it against the post.

    We’re 10-minutes in now and Black delivers a kick to the head of Danielson. Into the ring they go, mounted rights by Black. He works over Danielson with ground and pound and then chokes Danielson out in the ropes. Black stands on his back and continues to choke Danielson out. Rights by Black, Danielson fires up and then fires back with uppercuts. Off the ropes and a sleeper by Black. Black works him to the mat, but Danielson back up and elbows out. Off the ropes and a leg lariat by Black gets 2. Black stomps on the face of Danielson, slams him down and then again. Hangman’s neck breaker by Black gets 2. Nigel claims that Black learned how to wrestle properly due to their match, tremendous. Black with a boot to Danielson, but Danielson comes back with a dropkick. He crawls to the ropes and pulls himself to his feet, Black up as well and Black misses a charge, running forearm by Danielson. Knee to the gut, stiff kicks to the back and a cover for 2. Black rakes the eyes of Danielson, rights follow and then forearm strikes. Off the ropes and Danielson with a running elbow strike. Danielson up top and gets a sick looking missile dropkick! Black to the floor and as Jacobs and he talk, Danielson kips up and goes for a suicide dive but Black lays him out as he flies through the ropes. Black up top and gets a HUGE moonsault on Danielson to the floor! Back in the ring they go, Black springboards in with a clothesline and gets a cover for 2. Another neck breaker by Black gets 2. Slap across the face by Black, he tells Danielson that his time here in ROH is done and says that they are the revolution as he continues to slap Danielson. Black fires up and eats a boot by Danielson, a flying knee strike by Danielson turns Black inside out! Cattle Mutilation by Danielson! Black struggles for the ropes and barely gets them. Danielson waits to break, I HAVE TILL FIVE! Nigel says Danielson is stealing his material! So great. Slaps by Danielson now, Tiger suplex countered and a RANA by Black, rolls through by Danielson and a cover for 2.

    We are now 20-minutes in, roll up counters, but Black rolls all the way through a try and gets the rear naked choke and a partial body scissors. The ref checks the arm, Danielson is up and escapes, sleeper hold and now transitions into the cross arm breaker! Changes to the triangle choke, Black is fading…but gets up and picks up Danielson and runs…POWERBOMBS HIM TO THE CORNER AND IT BREAKS~! Holy shit the top rope broke! Both men are down and working to their feet, they trade forearm strikes center ring, Danielson with harder strikes and as Danielson misses Black gets an Enziguri that takes Danielson down. To the corner, Danielson back flips out OFF OF THE BROKEN TOP ROPE, but Black snags him up and gets a TKO! SUPERKICK follows! 1…2…NO! Black realizes that he cannot go up top, SMALL PACKAGE DRIVER! 1…2…NO! Rights by Black, Danielson answers back and they go to forearm strikes and light each other up! Danielson now works the MMA ELBOWS! He rains down on Black and the referee stops it!

    Winner: Bryan Danielson @ 25:00 via referee stoppage

  • The final five minutes of the last PPV was the perfect set up for this, it was a great ending to that PPV and they took from that and delivered here big time. Danielson is always up for the main event, and watching the evolution of Tyler Black is just a joy right now. Another outstanding main event from the ROH crew.
    RATING: ****½

    -After the match Jacobs hits the ring to check on Black. Austin Aries ruches out and attacks Jacobs! He tackles Jacobs and beats him down with rights. To the corner and they continue to brawl. Aries with corner mounted rights and lefts, Jacobs pushes him off but Aries with the corner dropkick. Another one and then a third. Jacobs to the floor and Aries MISSES the heat-seeking missile and collides with the barricade. Jacobs with rights to Aries as he lays on the floor, Jacobs grabs a chair and nails Aries in the gut and then the back. Aries is busted open again, sits Aries in the chair and beat on him. Jacobs in the ring and then charges for a dive, but Aries moves out of the way and Jacobs lands on the chair. Aries slams Jacobs to the barricade, gets a running dropkick and then tosses him into the crowd. Jacobs has a chair and dives onto Aries and connects with the chair. They brawl to the back of the building where there is VERY poor lighting. Aries looks for a brain buster, but Jacobs gets end times. Aries slams him into a wall. Jacobs tries a spear, but eats a ton of knees. Last Chancellery by Aries! He tosses Jacobs down, grabs a chair and slams it into eh face of Jacobs. There is a huge ladder set up and Aries drags it over to some tables and he and Jacobs continue to brawl. Aries lays out Jacobs on a table, climbs the ladder but Jacobs tosses a chair at him. Jacobs attacks, lays Aries on the table now and HE climbs the ladder. Aries is up and climbs as well on the other side. They exchange rights at the top of the ladder Necro is out with a chair as Jacobs yells at him to hit Aries. Necro is conflicted, and then shoves the ladder over, punishing both Jacobs and Aries. Jacobs and Aries can barely move but continue to try and brawl while on the ground. Referees are out and…

    End Scene…

    The 411: As with most ROH PPV’s they begin with a solid under card. Although I will admit that this one was weaker then past shows. Not bad, but just not as good as it has been. But when it comes to the main event(s) of the show, they once again deliver. Nigel is performing well in and out of the ring as the dick champion, and Claudio held up his end of things well and didn’t look weak in the loss. Danielson vs. Black is a match of the year candidate, and continues the trend of ROH delivering big in the second hour of PPV. While those final two matches delivered with no doubt, I personally felt that the brawl with Aries and Jacobs was a deflating ending to the show. You just had this awesome MOTY candidate match, and end it with what I feel was an anti-climatic brawl. I know that they have the issue and the history, and that it should have worked, but I didn’t feel the brawl at all. I liked the Necro deal at the end though. Overall another good PPV from ROH, but not quite as good as past offerings.

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