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411’s This is Awesome Report: Most Awesome Money Moments

June 30, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE This Is Awesome Image Credit: WWE

-I should have guessed this show would return with Money in The Bank tomorrow. We shall see if they ignore CM Punk being the only person to win back to back years. Let’s get to it!

-Greg Miller is our host and this is all about the exciting matches and the cash ins from involving Money in The Bank.

-Opening segment with the talking heads going over Money in The Bank while we see a highlight reel of all the craziness that has happened over the years. Corbin wins as he says he would watch and complain about people taking so long to remove and then he got up there and the case sways a lot more than you think. Alexa! Bayley! Brock! Cena! Carmella! The fun begins with the cash-in and we get various highlights. I was there for a cash in and it was when Edge cashed in on Taker at SmackDown in Pittsburgh. That was weird as they took the case of Kennedy and immediately had Edge cash in the next show. Big E cashes in on Bobby Lashley! Then the highest profile cash in as Seth Rollins cashes in at WrestleMania 31. Prison Dom, “When I was in the clink, that was one of our favorite moments.” Charlotte mentions she has been cashed in on the most: Carmella, Bayley, and Nikki. I enjoyed the cool thread for the first handful on cash ins with Edge being involved one way or another.

New Year’s Revolution 2006

-John Cena successfully defends his WWE Title inside The Elimination Chamber and then history happens as Vince McMahon tells everyone to stay put. He announces the night is not over and Edge is cashing in his contract. Such an awesome moment! Nice small touch with Edge handing Vince the briefcase. Edge wins the WWE Title and it sets a precedent on how a cash in can happen and a monster was born. The crowd explodes and you see people jumping up and down they were so happy. I always loved Edge’s celebration as you can see the joy on his face and he breaks character for a brief second as you see him realize he just achieved his dream. The first cash in and it was done perfectly!

Money in The Bank 2010

-WWE decides to take the match away from WrestleMania (was there for the last one at Mania XXVI) and makes it a PPV unto itself. Kane wins the SmackDown briefcase and has the quickest cash in on record as just over an hour later he cashes in on Rey Mysterio and wins The World Title. This was smart as it got one briefcase out of the way and showed someone would cash in the same night. It also made sense for Kane to pick the bones of a someone so much smaller than him.

The Miz

-Miz cashes in on Randy Orton and we get the famous reaction of the little girl in the crowd that went viral. We bounce back to MITB 2010 where Miz won the RAW briefcase for a WWE Title Match. Miz says nobody had as much heat as he did when he won the briefcase. Everyone talks about how fans love to hate Miz. Miz notes that everyone thought he would be the first man to win the briefcase and lose. That didn’t happen though as Miz cashes in on an injured Randy Orton on RAW. Miz as WWE Champion is definitely something I never saw coming when he made his debut, good for him. He talks about the little girl’s reaction and some of the talking heads google her and try to recreate her look. Miz says that look from that girl is what his reign needed.

Money in The Bank 2018

-The women’s match was rather stark studded with Becky, Charlotte, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Sasha Banks, Lana, Ember Moon, and Nattie. Alexa gets the win and notes she had to climb nearly all to the top of the ladder because she is short. Alexa, takes a page out of Kane’s book, and cashes in that night on Nia during her match against Ronda Rousey. It made sense as they weren’t going to have Ronda lose and they wanted a hated heel to drop the title to Ronda. This worked out well, but having the women cash in the same night has become a crutch.

Failed Cash Ins

-Baron Corbin says it didn’t work out well for him as we all know. He blames John Cena as he distracted him and he still hates John Cena for that. Austin Theory says he was constantly stopped when he tried to cash in for the WWE Title, so he tried for The US Title and Lashley screwed him over. Corbin notes they are a few of them so it’s not as lonely. Braun Strowman failed thanks to Brock! Damian Sandow failed to cash in on John Cena. I believe Cena was the first person to fail, but they don’t mention that here. The women are still perfect so I expect one to fail sometime soon. Perhaps this year?

Corporate Ladder

-The WWE had to get creative during The Pandemic so they had both the men’s and women’s matches at the same time at WWE HQ. It was goofy fun and something different. Candice notes it was like a video game as you had to start on the ground floor and go up all the levels to get to the roof where a ring was and climb that ladder to retrieve. Daniel Bryan footage! Asuka dives off a balcony! I need to go back and watch that. AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan brawling in Vince’s office! Asuka wins for the women and actually becomes WWE Champion because we found the next night Becky was pregnant. Corbin busts out laughing as they mention he threw Rey off the roof. AJ drops the case and it falls into the hands of Otis.

Money in The Bank 2019

Oh, this one! Sami Zayn was beaten up before the match and we were left with only 7 competitors. The men go out there and kill themselves including Balor taking a MDK powerbomb onto a ladder and bouncing like a ball. Ricochet snaps a ladder in half. Just insanity and it looks like Ali is going to win. Woods notes they were freaking out backstage as they thought Ali was getting that big break. “Then all of a sudden you hear that disgusting noise.” Brock Lesnar’s music hits, he sprints down, and works 15 seconds to win Money in The Bank. Woods: “because he really needed it.” Breeze: “Are you going to tell him he didn’t need it?” Woods is heated as he says he doesn’t like Brock Lesnar and he could get a title shot anytime he wants. Careful Woods, you know based on history who you are dropping the WWE Title too if you ever win it. Just ask Kofi and Big E!


-Sheamus wins Money in The Bank in 2015 as the talking heads put him over as a bully and someone that likes to ruin things. We move to Survivor Series 2015 where Roman beats Dean Ambrose in the Finals of a Tournament to crown a new WWE Champion (Seth destroyed his knee). HHH is out and offers a handshake, but Roman spears him. I mean, Roman was kind of a dick there as HHH was only offering congratulations. Sheamus hits the ring and one Brogue Kick later we have a new champion. It’s funny hearing them talk about the shock and people being upset, but I recall the fans cheering. That was Roman’s first run and it only lasted 5:15. He is making up for it now! Roberts wishes he had a Sheamus 5:15 t-shirt.

Dolph Ziggler

-Dolph wins the briefcase in 2012 and holds it for quite some time. He teased cashing in numerous times, but was always thwarted as the bell never rung on any of the attempts. WOO! AJ LEE! The RAW after WrestleMania 29 sees a rematch for the World Title between Del Rio and Jack Swagger. The crowd is chanting for Dolph and after ADR gets the win it happens. The crowd pop is crazy as it’s the night after Mania with a ton of smart fans in the crowd. They tease Dolph losing which may have caused a riot, but he ends up getting the win and again, the crowd pop is something else. Fun that Big E was there for it as Dolph’s muscle and he would cash in years later himself on RAW. They all talk about the crowd reaction and sadly, Dolph got injured and never got the reign to match the awesomeness of the cash in.


-RVD wins the briefcase at WrestleMania 22 and since he is good guy, he doesn’t cash in on a wounded John Cena. Instead he tells Cena he wants the match at ECW One Night Stand in the Hammerstein Ballroom! Heyman notes RVD was their Hulk Hogan. The show was great and all full of nostalgia and just something different. That crowd really hated John Cena that night. He didn’t get booed that much in Chicago against Punk as he had some little kids and women cheering for him that night. They point out the “If Cena Wins, We Riot,” sign. Miz loved the fans throwing Cena’s shirt back to him over and over again. RVD mentions the guy who wiped his ass with it. Cena says it was a cold blooded night as the fans were chanting “Fuck You Cena.” Again, there isn’t much to touch that atmosphere that night and Cena seemed to relish in it. Edge was the biggest villain in the world, but spears Cena through a table and the fans love him. Edge says that was fun and he got what it meant to be in front of an ECW crowd. Prison Dom says he is no longer an Edge fan, but he was happy to see Edge that night as he was an RVD guy. Paul Heyman makes the count and RVD is the new WWE Champion. Edge says he is happy it was an actual match as it made it different than his cash in the previous year. RVD notes it was his crowning moment. No kidding! I may have to do a Retro Review on that show.

-Greg Miller wraps up and says he is going to cash in on Rhea Ripley. I don’t like his chances.

-Next time it’s Most Awesome Returns: Shane, Brock, Rock, HHH, Cody, The Hardys, Becky, Bret Hart, Edge!

-Fun show this time as I am a sucker for this series. Again, I love nostalgia and I love wrestling history. There is nothing I can argue against that they highlighted here. I still think Punk winning back to back should be noted, but I understand why it’s not. I believe you can find YouTube videos with all the cash ins and it’s fun to see them all back to back. It’s something that became an instant success and the crowd still pops for it. Seeing a cash in comes down to just being lucky though if you attend MITB you have a good chance. It was just dumb luck I saw the one I did in Pittsburgh. Thanks for reading!