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411’s TNA Bound For Glory Report 10.04.15

October 4, 2015 | Posted by Larry Csonka

TNA Bound For Glory 2015

* Josh Matthews and the Pope welcome us to the show.

TNA X-Division Ultimate X Title Match: Champion Tigre Uno vs. Manik vs. DJZ vs. Andrew Everett: Uno was the last man announced, and once he hit the ring they all started to brawl and the match was on. They paired off and Uno and Everett started with the highflying, using springboard dropkicks. Uno then used some lucha arm drags to take Everett and Manik to the floor, but then DJZ cut him off. DJZ to the floor and Manik wipes out Uno with the leg lariat. Uno looks a bit off early, nothing big, but some small hiccups. DJZ hit a big dive onto Manik, which the director missed. Uno then followed with a dive of his own. Everett was alone in the ring, and hit a springboard shooting star press to the floor to wipe out his opponents. Nice. Everett started to climb for the title, but Manik cut him off and hit a series of suplexes. Everyone then got involved, with Uno eating a double team from DJZ and Manik. They then climbed and hung by the title and kicked each other. Manik dropped and then caught DJZ with a lung blower. We then got the big move buffet, and everyone was down. Uno climbed, but Manik stopped him with a missile droop kick. Everett then hit a 630 on Manik. Everett and Uno climbed, DJZ cut off Uno and he and Everett climbed. They battled on the rigging, and double downed onto the ropes and DJZ fell to the floor. Uno climbed all alone, stopped and hit a 450 the floor onto DJZ! Everett climbed on top of the cable and Manik then climbed underneath him. Everett kicked at his hands and Manik dropped. Uno recovered and climbed, Everett kicked at him and tried to get the title. Uno then kicked him and he crashed down to the mat. Uno got the title and won. This was the definition of a car crash opener with a ton of fun spots and big moves; it was what it needed to be and was very enjoyable. It doesn’t do much to help the overall booking of the division or the guys, but it was fun. Uno reportedly separated his shoulder in the match.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tigre Uno @ 8:59
RATING: ***¼

* Post match Shane Helms came out to the ring. Helms looks like a giant next to Uno. Helms shook his hand raised the arm of Uno.

* We see the main event participants arrive earlier today.

* And here comes EC3 for promo time. He says he is the conquering champion, but there is a conspiracy against his reign because Jeff Hardy is the special referee. He says that he will never lose the title, and that he fights for himself. He debuted two years ago at this very PPV, but he is not bound for glory, he is bound for greatness. He then gave a weak “woo” and dropped the mic.

Bound for Gold Gauntlet #1 Contender’s Match: Rumble rules unto the final two are left, and then it is pin, submission OR over the top elimination; that’s new. Mr. Anderson was out first; his mic didn’t drop, so he did his deal in the ring. Jessie Godderz was the second man out. Anderson took control right away, stopping a cheap shot from Godderz. Godderz tried a press slam and lost Anderson, dropping him in a not too safe way. Anderson then tried a handshake, and poked Godderz in the eye. Anderson worked him over and tried to toss him, and #3 was Drake. Back and forth from Anderson and Drake, Drake took control and tried to toss Anderson. Godderz tried to help. But Anderson fought back. Anderson hit a double clothesline and #4 was Al Snow, with Head. Snow worked over Drake and Godderz and took control for a bit, but then Godderz cut him off. Snow fought back, but missed a corner charge and Drake took him down with a neck breaker. Anderson and Snow recovered and worked over the heels. #5 was Aiden O’Shea (Jay Bradley). O’Shea is working the Irish brawler with taped fists gimmick. O’Shea worked over everyone for a bit, and #6 was Robbie E. He attacked Godderz right away to play off of their split. He then worked with Snow for a bit, but Snow then dropped him with a right. Snow used head and Drake was then eliminated. #7 is Shera. Shera came in and threw rights and clotheslines to take control. He then wanted to dance as his music kept playing like he’s the Indian New Jack and the rest of the goofs started to dance. O’Shea then punched him in the face to stop the madness. Anderson tossed O’Shea, Shera danced and #8 was Tyrus. Tyrus started to throw dudes around and was dominating. #9 was Chris Melendez. Melendez came in and went face to face with Tyrus, took control hitting boots and rights. Tyrus tried to eliminate him, he stayed on the apron and then Tyrus eliminated Snow and Melendez. Shera tried to make him dance, and then Tyrus tossed him. #10 is Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer has some Dusty Rhodes memorial polka dots on, and is throwing bionic elbows. Dreamer went face to face with Tyrus, they brawled and Tyrus low blowed him and then Dreamer low blowed him. Robbie and Jessie then brawled, and #11 was Abyss. Chokeslam for Robbie, and then he goes face to face with Tyrus. They should have avoided that spot earlier in the match. #12 is… The Pope. He got up from commentary and entered the ring. Tyrus and Abyss spotted him and Pope eliminated himself and went back to the announce table. Slow brawling now, and then Anderson and Dreamer went for superplexes, and then Abyss and Tyrus were added for double tower of doom spots. Tyrus and Abyss, face to face and finally they brawl. Abyss hit the black hole slam on Dreamer, and Tyrus hit the Asiatic spike on Abyss to eliminate him. Jessie and Robbie brawled on the apron and then Jessie eliminated him. Mic check for Dreamer and Anderson eliminates him. Anderson then counters a press slam and mic checks Jessie and tosses him, and it is down to Anderson and Tyrus. They went back and forth, Anderson actually hit the Finlay roll on Tyrus for a near fall. Matthews casually mentions 24-minutes into the match that the winner of the match can challenge for any title they want. When the fuck did that happen? Tyrus picks up the win and a “future title opportunity”. That felt like it lasted an hour, and wasn’t good. It was just guys doing stuff with an attempt to pop the crowd with Dreamer, Pope and Snow. They did get some reaction, but this just felt like guys killing time and then we got one of the worst possible winners out of the group. It takes a lot of careful planning and the right execution to make a rumble/gauntlet match work; this didn’t have that. Too much comedy for a match that was supposed to be a #1 contender’s match, and was changed to any title, and then ended up being a #1 contender’s match. Of all of the matches to give a ton of time to, this was the absolute wrong one. It killed the crowd.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tyrus @ 24:30 via pin

* Post match EC3 is out and he hugs Tyrus. EC3 says he is proud of Tyrus, and says he knows that Tyrus will not go for the X-Division title, and mentions that they will be the next tag team champions, Tyrus then grabs the mic and says EC3 is why he is here, and he has his back, but he did this on his own and for him. Tyrus then says he is coming for the world title, but that he will have EC3’s back.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Wolves vs. Trevor Lee and Brian Myers : Lee and Myers attacked before the bell. They took control for the first minute or so, and then the Wolves fought back and started to use their double teams to take back control. Richards was looking to keep control, but Lee hit the inside out slam into the moonsault for the near fall. This allowed the challengers to take back control, and they isolated Richards in their corner. Myers and Richards battled, and then both got tags and Edwards and Myers went back and forth. Edwards connected with he backpack stunner for a near fall. Lee retuned and was then sent to the floor. The Wolves worked the double teams on Myers, and got a near fall. Myers would then send Edwards to the barricade after a distraction from Lee. Lee and v got the heat on Edwards here, using quicker tags and keeping Edwards in their corner. Myers then got a cheap shot on Richards, and that led to Richards accidentally taking the ref, and the challengers beating on Edwards in their corner. Edwards fired up and fought off both men and hit the dual dropkick, and then the double RANA. Richards in and he cleans house on both men. Richards ran wild, and headed up top for a double stomp but Lee moves and caught Richards with a leaping knee. Richards then sent Lee to the floor and Myers cut him off before he could hit a dive. Lee and Myers looked to take the match, but Edwards returned and they sent the challengers to the floor. Double dives by the champions connected. They then hit a series of moves on Lee, including a double stomp by Myers made the save. They worked some good bear falls down the stretch, with the final few minutes being a lot of fun. Myers got taken out and Richards went for a superplex, but Myers came over and tried to make the save but got crotched on the ropes. RANA on Myers by Edwards, and then a superplex on Lee into chasing the dragon and the Wolves retain. Overall a good and fun match, a little slow and disjointed early on, but they brought it home nicely down the stretch.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Wolves @ 14:03 via pin
RATING: ***¾

* Drew Galloway promo time, he loves wrestling, stand up, he’s willing to kill himself to win the title. Well that escalated quickly.

King of the Mountain Title Match: Champion Bobby Roode vs. Lashley: These two have had some really good singles matches in the past, so I have high hopes here. Slow back and forth to begin, with both guys showing respect for each other. We’ll see how long that lasts. Roode tries to work the arm early, while Lashley uses the power game. Roode looks to make the comeback, using his speed and teasing the Roode bomb. Lashley escaped and they had the stand off. Lashley then hit a German suplex, where Roode landed on his left shoulder. Lashley into the chinlock and grounds Roode as the crowd is scarily silent. Roode is able to battle back and hit a falcon arrow (HE DID THE DEAL!) for a cover and two. Roode then hit the blockbuster and a spinebuster, which led to a near fall. Lashley looked for a kimura, Roode escaped to the apron, but Lashley hit a shoulder block and sent him flying to the barricade. Lashley worked over Roode on the floor, slamming the arm to the post. Back in the ring, Lashley hits a suplex and covers for 2, and it seriously sounds like they turned the crowd audio off. Roode leaps off the ropes, but Lashley catches him and hits a powerslam. Lashley sets for a spear, charges and it connects; Lashley covers for 2. Lashley was not pleased with the count there. Roode then hit the Roode bomb out of nowhere, Cena style, and got a near fall to pretty much no reaction. They traded rights, and then Roode locked in the crossface and no sold the arm work by Lashley. Lashley escaped and rolled onto a standing kimura. Roode then rolls into the crossface, once again no selling the arm. Lashley gets to his feet and connects with a Roode bomb, and that gets 2. Lashley again looks for the spear, charges and Roode sidesteps and hits a spear and the cover gets 2. The crowd finally reacted to something. Rood heads up top, Lashley tosses him off and then Roode sidesteps the spear, they trade counters and Lashley stops a punch from Roode and locks in the kimura. Roode says fuck that and hits the Roode bomb for the win. They tried, but the crowd did not care. Pope and Mathews trying to sell this as a classic came off as a bit pathetic. Roode saying fuck off to selling the arm completely killed the heat segment from Lashley and made it mean nothing, it was just busy work. Due to that, this was a disappointment, as they have done way better. You just can’t abandon the basics once you establish the work. Keep to that work and in front of a hot crowd, it’s a completely different match.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode @ 14:17 via pin

* Borash is with Matt Hardy. He grew up 100 miles away, and he had a dream to be a great tag team with his bother, and they did that. He is so proud of Jeff’s singles success, and tonight is his night. His wife, son, brother and dad are here tonight. He will fulfill his goal tonight.

* Is the third man at the announce booth Pope’s little action figure? Because we haven’t heard anything about this alleged third man in the booth since the show started.

* We get highlights from Hebner’s TNA Hall of Fame induction from last night.

* Billy Corgan is here and is in the ring. He spoke about Hebner’s TNA Hall of Fame induction, and we get “highlights” from his career. Hebner came to the ring to take his bow.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Champion Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong: Kong has been limited in her latest run, due to a reported back issue. But in the past she and Kim have had great matches. Do they have one more left in them? We shall see. Kim tries to work headlocks and such to begin, but Kong just shoves her away a few times. Kong kept using the power advantage, whipping Kim to the corners and beating her down. Kong slowly slammed Kim to the mat, Kim tried to use her speed advantage and then connected with left kicks and then a high cross for 2. Rights by Kim now, Kong to her feet and she then locks in a bear hug. Kim escapes, but then Kong locks in a camel clutch to thusly-humble Kim. Kong then transitions into an arm bar. Kim manages to roll out and laces the legs up for a submission attempt. Kim then works a front choke, but Kong stands and looks for an Alabama slam, but Kim locks in a crucifix submission, Kong slams her down and the cover gets 2. Kong to the second rope, Kim cuts her off and climbs the ropes and lays in kicks. Kim tries the RANA but Kong holds on and Kim to the mat. Second rope splash by Kong and the cover gets 2. Kong tosses Kim to the floor and follows. Kong looks under the ring for toys, and starts to make a pile of chairs. Chef Robert Irvine, the husband of Kim, tries to stop her and argues with the ref. Kong then hits the implant buster onto the pile of chairs on the floor. Kong rolls her into the ring and covers for 2. Kong tries the powerbomb, but Kim counters into a roll up for 2. Back fist by Kong connects, and she climbs to the second rope again. She grabs Kim for a super implant buster, Kim fights her off and lays in the kicks and hits eat defeat. Kim gets a roll up and retains. They didn’t work thematic expected. I thought they would have some call backs to their previous matches and work similar to how they did in the past, Instead, we got a regular, back and forth style match. I am not sure if it was due to Kong’s back issues or if it was bad planning from the agent on the match. Bottom line, they didn’t play into their strengths.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim @ 10:05 via pin

* Jeff Hardy spoke about being the special referee tonight. Money and Tyrus will not save EC3 tonight. Creatures, mount up.

* That overly long and boring gauntlet has killed this crowd.

* Young cut a promo when Angle got in the ring, and said Angle is hurt and everyone knows it. He plans to take Angle away from the fans and his kids. Young says he is a world-class wrestler and that he is God. He gives Angle a chance to bail or he will end him forever. Angle says if anyone could end his career, it would be Young. They aren’t having a wrestling match tonight, tonight they are having an anything goes, no DQ match.

Anything Goes No DQ Match: Kurt Angle vs. Eric Young: They brawled right away and then into the crowd. After about 90-seconds of brawling, they were back in the ring and Angle started to hit suplexes on Young. Back and forth here and Young then hit a piledriver at about 2:45 into the match. Angle rolled to the floor and sold the neck. EMTs came out to check on Angle, and commentary did hushed tones to sell the possible injury. The doctor then waved off the match. Young would have no part of this and attacked the agents and doctor. Young then dragged Angle to the ring and choked him out in the ropes as Angle yelled that it was over. Young then cracked Angle in the head with a chair shot. Young continued the attack on the floor, pulled back the pads and looked for a piledriver, but Angle escaped and hit a German suplex. Back in the ring and Angle covers for 2. Angle then hit multiple German suplexes, straps down and Angle slam connects. Angle covered for 2. Young fought back and posted Angle several times, went up top and connected with the elbow drop and refused to cover Angle. He then repeatedly stomped on the neck of Angle, and there is no heat for any of this. Young up top and hits the elbow to the back of Angle’s neck and covers for 2. Young tried to set Angle on the ropes and Angle fell of on top of his head. Fucks sake guys. He set him up and tried a super piledriver, but Angle fought back and got the ankle lock. Young fought for the ropes, but there is no break because of the stipulation, Grapevine by Angle now, and Young has to tap. The whole thing about this match was to tease the injury and get heat on Young, and they did the angle and they got no heat for this. They have tried so hard to get heat on Young, and on the biggest showoff the year, he was met with silence. Angle’s comeback was virtually silent. The crowd did not care at all, and that is a failure in the booking. Angle is basically put out of action, then overcomes and stops selling down the stretch and wins. The most over thing in the match was Captain America’s shield, which the crowd chanted for the guys to use. This felt like the One Night only PPV, where a rubber chicken was the most over thing on the show. If this is Angle final TNA match, it comes across as a disappointing one after all of the great matches he’s had.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle @ 13:10 via submission

* They tried to show a video package, but had technical difficulties.

TNA World Title Match: Champion Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus vs. Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy (Jeff Hardy is Special Referee): Right away Matt teased that Tyrus tried to attack him, he didn’t, but Jeff tossed him anyway. Hardy and Galloway both attacked Carter and laid the boots to him in the corner. We had back and forth, Hardy was tossed out and Galloway worked over Carter with chops. Carter took control, but Hardy came back and started to work over Carter. He teased the twist of fate, but Carter rushed him through the ropes and to the floor. Galloway then hit a big dive onto Hardy as Carter moved out of the way. Carter was in control then, and got a table and set it up. Carter looked to put Galloway through the table, stood on the steps to do so, but Galloway hit an air raid crash onto the steps. Galloway tossed Carter into the ring and got a near fall, Matt made the save. Matt laid out both guys and headed up top and connected with the moonsault onto both, and covered both for 2. Twist of fate tease by Matt, Carter counters and WE HAVE A REF BUMP! Matt hit the side effect, but Jeff was down so no count. Matt then got a backslide on Galloway for 2. Galloway hits the future shock, Carter tossed him to the floor and covered matt for 2. Carter and Jeff argued, and then went to the floor and slammed Galloway to the table. He laid out Galloway on the table, went to the apron and looked to suplex Matt from the ring onto Galloway and it worked. All three men are down, but then Carter rises and smiles. Carter tosses Matt back in, sets and hits the TKO for 2. Carter looks for the finish, one percenter stopped as Galloway returned to the action. He works over Carter in the corner with rights and chops, and then eats a clothesline from Matt. Matt then hit a combo move onto both and the cover got 2. Matt up top, crotched by Galloway and Galloway followed him up and looked for a superplex and Matt crotched Galloway. Galloway falls into the tree of woe and Carter then attacked Galloway with chops. Carter then climbed up with Matt and Galloway popped up and hit a German on Carter, which sent Matt flying. They battled from their knees, and they to their feet exchanging rights and chops. Carter then hit the one percenter to both men, but Galloway kicked out. He then covers Matt, but only gets 2. Carter argues with Jeff and shoves him, and then low blows Galloway. He demands a DQ, but Jeff tells him to fight. Carter then gets a padded chair from ringside and threatens to attack Matt. Jeff takes the chair from him and then Carter tells Jeff to hit Matt and then slaps Jeff. Jeff hits Carter with the chair two times, hits the twist of fate and then Galloway hits the kick to Carter. Twist of fate to Galloway and Matt wins the title. They worked really hard, REALLY hard and tried to have a great match, but the crowd just was not with them. Due to that, it lacked that heat and feeling of a main event match. They were trying for a really cool moment in Hardy’s home state, but it would have meant more with a better story going in, a crowd that cared and him winning the title on his own.

OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW CHAMPION Matt Hardy @ 20:04 via pin

* Matt celebrates in the ring with his father, wife and son.

* Carter throws a fit backstage in front of Dixie and Big John. He shoves Big John down and

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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