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411’s TNA Bound For Glory Report 10.14.12

October 14, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:

411’s TNA Bound For Glory Report 10.14.12

Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE in Phoenix!

-Taz and Tenay welcome us to the show.

X-Division Title Match: Zema Ion © vs. RVD

Crowd into RVD big time. Lock up, they trade some counters and then RVD rolls out of a waist lock and Ion is not amused. RVD slams him to the corner, springboard kick connects and Ion rolls to the floor. Ion back in, lock up and works a side headlock. Off the ropes, and a basement dropkick by Ion. To the corner, twisting leg lariat by Ion and a cover for 2. Ion celebrates, and RVD crotches him on the top rope. RVD up top and lands the side kick and sends Ion to the floor. RVD takes a bow for that and soaks in the applause. Shoulder block on the way in by Ion, springs in and PLANTS RVD with a sick tornado DDT for 2. In lays the boots to RVD in the corner, whips him across the ring and an elbow by RVD. RVD up top and Ion tosses him down to the floor. Ion connects with a flip dive onto RVD and then rolls him back into the ring. Ion covers for 2. Ion mocks RVD a bit, and then slams RVD to the corner. Chops by Ion follow, RVD counters a whip and gets slammed to the corner. Missile dropkick by Ion, and he covers for 2. Elbows follow for Ion, forearms as well. Off the ropes and Ion with an abdominal stretch. RVD works to escape, rights by Ion as he breaks. Forearms by RVD, they trade shots and off the ropes and RVD tosses Ion into the air and hits a dropkick. Rolling thunder connects and RVD up top. HITS the frog splash! He covers 1…2…3!


-Borash is in the back now. Magnus joins him and says tonight is a huge night. And tonight, he gets his chance to win the TV Title. And he is also a free man; he is broken out of political prison. And now, how will Joe recover from the most devastating loss of his career?

TV Title Match: Samoa Joe © vs. Magnus

Crowd is into Joe. Lock up, to the corner and Magnus with the clean break. Lock up, to the corner and Joe with a reversal and hits the corner splash and leaping enziguri. Jabs follow for Joe, and Magnus hides in the ropes for a break. Magnus with a cheap shot as the ref breaks them up. Rights buy Magnus, and uppercuts follow. Chops by Joe, and then a rebound clothesline connects for Magnus and level Joe. Jabs by Joe, and Magnus battles back and hits the high knee and lays the boots to Joe. Magnus now chokes out Joe in the ropes, and then hits a jumping elbow to Joe, and covers for 2. They trade shots, but Joe runs into a Michinoku driver! Magnus rolls and covers for 2. Magnus slams Joe to the corner, a counter and Joe runs into a boot. Magnus leaps into an atomic drop. Slam and then the senton by Joe gets 2. Rights by Magnus, but then runs into a snap slam for 2. Rights by Joe, counters a leapfrog into a powerbomb and then into an STF! Magnus works for the ropes, but Joe counters into the ring of Saturn! Magnus manages to get a foot on the ropes for the break. To the corner, Joe looks for the muscle buster, but Magnus rakes the eyes. Chops by Joe, up top with Magnus. Magnus knocked to the apron, but then kicks Joe in the face. Magnus up top and hits the top rope elbow and covers for a CLOSE 2! Magnus argues with the ref, and then lands rights to Joe. Joe looks pissed, fires up and claps Magnus. Jabs follow, off the ropes and the choke by Joe, Magnus runs up the ropes ala Bret Hart, but Joe lets go and kicks out at 2. Joe with the choke again, but a jawbreaker by Magnus breaks that. Chop block by Magnus, looks for a figure four, but Joe locks in the choke with the body scissors and Magnus taps!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Samoa Joe @ 9:00 via submission
RATING: ***¼

-Borash is in the back. Bobby Roode joins him and says that he and Storm have hated each other their whole careers. He says that Mo won’t get into his way. Roode says Storm has never beaten him, and the last time Storm lost, he took his ball ad went home. Roode will send him home forever tonight.

Street Fight: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode with King Mo as the special enforcer

I am disappointed that they didn’t do the old, “come dressed as you are” deal for this. Just wrestling gear. They stare down and talk trash. And then they start to throw down! Flying forearm off the ropes by Storm, but Roode takes him to the corner and then Storm with a clothesline to counter. Chops by Storm, and then a big backdrop follows. Storm takes Roode to the floor. Storm then sends Roode to the barricade, and then slams him off of the apron. Roode fights back, and then locks eyes with Mo. That allows Storm to take him down, and then Storm stares down with Mo. Storm slams Roode into a chair at ringside, and then Roode battle s back and slams him to the barricade. Storm back with a boot to the face and then a side Russian leg sweep into the barricade. Storm picks up Roode, whirly bird, but Roode escapes and hits a back elbow. Roode catapults Storm into the steel post, and wait for it… Storm is BUSTED OPEN BAH GAWD! Roode grabs a trashcan and tosses it into the ring. He then grabs a chair and nails Storm in the gut with it. Roode with the chair shot to the back and takes control. Back into the ring and Roode wedges a chair in the corner. Storm grabs a kendo stick and nails Roode with it. Storm has a nice crimson mask going as he lays the trashcan on Roode’s balls. He then uses the kendo stick and hits the can into the balls of Roode. Roode avoids a charge, and sends Storm to the ramp. Roode has a trashcan and as he goes to hit Storm, eats a shoulder block. Storm then hits the hangman’s DDT onto the ramp. Storm grabs a crutch from a fan and nails Roode with it. Trashcan lid shots by both men here and Storm fires away with repeated shots to drop Roode. Trashcan shot and Roode Flair flops on the ramp. Storm now charges Roode, and eats a spinebuster on the ramp. Roode is also busted open a little, and Storm gets a beer from a fan and drinks some, and they continue to brawl at ringside. They climb onto the announcer table and Storm grabs Roode, they brawl and Roode then spears Storm off the table and through another! Roode rolls Storm back into the ring and covers for 2. Roode goes to attack the ref and Mo is in the ring to stop that. Roode shoves Mo, and Mo shoves him into a lung blower from Storm. Mo back to the floor, and Storm now looks for a superkick. He sets, waits on Roode, and NAILS him. 1…2…NO! Storm sets again for the kick, Roode counters and slams Storm into the chair in the corner, and grabs the roll up and tights, but only gets 2! Roode sets Storm up top, and he then grabs chair from under the ring. Roode hits Storm with it, and then back under the ring and grabs the little black bag that Abyss used to use. THUMBTACKS are now in play. Roode up top, looks for a superplex, but Storm fights back and lays in head butts and throws Roode off and INTO THE TACKS! Storm now up to and HITS AN ELBOW DROP onto Roode in the tacks! Storm covers but only gets 2! Low blow by Roode, who now goes to the floor and has tacks all in his back. He then gets the beer bottles, and opens one up and drinks. LOW BLOW by Storm to stop the bottle shot. Storm now grabs a beer and NAILS Roode with it! Storm now picks him up, superkicks him again. Roode falls into the tacks and Storm covers for the win!

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Storm @ 18:00 via pin
RATING: ****

-Mo raises Storm’s hand, and Storm now celebrates on the ropes with a beer.

-Borash is with Joey Ryan, who says he will beat Al Snow and earn a full time roster spot in Impact Wrestling.

-We get a video package for the feud.

Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan

Ryan backs off to begin. Snow gets a takedown, outwrestles Ryan and slaps him in the head. Ryan backs off to the ropes. Snow keeps outsmarting Ryan, slams him to the corner and then hits a few elbows and then a hip toss. Body slam by Snow and then off the ropes with the elbow drop. Snow outwrestling Ryan still with a takedown, some fancy stuff and into a side headlock. Snow gets yelled at for grabbing the hair, which allows Ryan to slam Snow down by the hair. He celebrates. Rights to Snow follow, and then hits a suplex and covers for 1. To the corner and Ryan chokes out Snow with the boot. Snow counters an Irish whip, back with clotheslines. A backdrop follows. Underhooks and head butts by Snow. Snow now pulls the chest hair of Ryan, and then hits the snowplow and covers for 2. Snow under the ring now and brings out head. He brings it into the ring, and the ref stops him. Ryan shoves Snow into the ref, and nails Snow with a right. Ryan dropkicks Snow to the floor, and then grabs head. He makes out with head and tosses it down. Snow counters the baseball slide by pulling the apron up, and traps Ryan and beats him down with rights. Snow grabs head, and now MATT MORGAN ARRIVES and kicks Snow’s face off. Morgan tosses Snow into the ring, and Ryan covers, the ref is back up and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Joey Ryan @ 9:00 via pin

-Morgan into the ring now and talks shit to Snow. Joey Ryan grabs his leg like a toddler and then offers a handshake. They shake hands, and look to be working together.

-Borash is with the world tag team champions of the world. They make fun of people on Twitter, and then their opponents. Daniels says everyone wants to be just like them, and even though the odds are stacked against them, they will prove themselves on the biggest stage in TNA’s history.

Tag Team Title Match: Chris Daniels & Kazarian © vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Kurt Angle & AJ Styles

Wes Briscoe is ringside as a guest of Angle. Daniels and Kaz drop to the floor and allow AJ and Chavo to start. Lock up, some counters to begin and Chavo takes AJ down and works a side headlock. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Chavo. Back to the headlock, off the ropes and AJ trips up Chavo and gets a headlock. To the corner now and a tag to Angle. Rights by Angle follow, and then uppercuts. Angle works over Chavo in the ropes, slams him down and Daniels tags himself in. Angle slams Daniels to the corner and AJ tags himself in. Suplex by Chavo, and then tags in Hernandez. Bear hug by Hernandez, into an overhead throw. A slam by Hernandez, tag to Chavo, who slingshots in with a splash and covers for 2. Tag to Hernandez and a splash gets 2. Kaz tags himself in and works over AJ. AJ fights back with the dropkick and tags in Angle. Backdrop suplex by Angle, and now Chavo tags himself in. he works over Kaz in the corner, and then tags in Hernandez. Back breaker by Hernandez, drops down and then tags Chavo back in. Snap mare by Hernandez and a leg drop by Chavo gets 2. Daniels tags in and eats a dropkick from Chavo, AJ tags himself in and works over Daniels with kicks. Daniels fights back, but AJ with the head scissors. Kaz from the apron clotheslines AJ, and Daniels lays the boots to him and then snap mares AJ down. Double-teams on AJ, and Kaz covers for 2. The champs double-team AJ again, and Chavo stops a pin attempt. Kaz works a full nelson on the mat, AJ to his feet, escapes and then with chops to Kaz. Kaz with a right slows AJ down, monkey flip by Kaz, AJ lands on his feet and connects with the PELE to Kaz. Tags to Daniels and Angle, Angle takes everyone out and then clotheslines Daniels. GERMAN connects. One for Kaz. A second connects and Daniels tries to help, sunset flip in and Angle counters into the ankle lock. Releases, German to Kaz. STRAPS ARE DOWN! Angle slammed to the post, but manages to run up the ropes and suplexes Kaz into Daniels, and covers for 2 as Chavo breaks that up. Slingshot DDT by Kaz to Angle. Hernandez with the pounce onto Kaz. AJ in with the flying forearm to Hernandez. Daniels stops him, dropkicks Angle to the floor and connects with the split legged moonsault to the floor. Hernandez then FLIES with the big dive onto Daniels! Kaz up top and HITS A RANA onto Hernandez, who was standing on the apron! Kaz landed roughly. AJ with a shoulder block to Chavo, and then DIVES OFF THE TOP ONTO the champs and Hernandez! Chavo suplexes Angle into the ring, amigos time. Countered into the Angle slam! Angle up top now, Hernandez grabs him up and AJ blind tags in and saves Angle. They suplex Hernandez. Angle sent to the floor, Kaz in and hits the TKO on AJ. Daniels in now and BME connects! 1…2..NO! Daniels is PISSED! Chavo nails Daniels, up top and Kaz stops that for a moment, and tossed to the floor. Chavo DIVES off the top onto Kaz. AJ escapes angel’s wings, and then gets the asai DDT. Clash countered, AJ slammed into Hernandez and he is legal. Slingshots in, and then gets the boarder toss to Daniels. FROG SPLASH by Chavo, and Hernandez covers for the win!

OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW CHAMPIONS Chavo and Hernandez @ 16:00 via pin
RATING: ***¾

-Hemme interviews the new champions. Chavo said they would win tonight and they did, they delivered. Chavo then says it is for the fans and for Eddie.

-Tessmacher vs. Tara is next.

Knockouts Title Match: Brooke Tessmacher © vs. Tara

Taryn Terrell is the referee. They stare down and then brawl. Crucifix by Tessmacher, countered and then a trip and roll up for 2. Matrix by Tara, Tessmacher drops down, but they trade roll ups. Head scissors by Tessmacher, and Tara rolls to the floor. Tara back in, hides behind the ref and then lands a cheap shot to Tessmacher, and tosses her to the floor. Tara follows, and slams Tessmacher to the apron. Tara in control here, breaks the count and then rolls Tessmacher back into the ring. Kicks to the ribs by Tara, who celebrates. Clubbing shots to the back of Tessmacher, and then picks her up and slams her to the corner. Tara works a chinlock now, and then rubs Tessmacher’s face into the mat. Tara pulls the hair, and has to break. She covers for 2. Tessmacher to the corner fights back with a boot and then gets a DDT. They trade shots from their knees, and then take turns slamming each other to the mat. Chops by Tessmacher, off the ropes and hits a clothesline. Another, and then a forearm. Side effect, sort of, by Tessmacher. She heads up top now, and hits a RANA on Tara. Tara grabs the ropes and counters the unnamed finisher of Tessmacher. Tara sets Tessmacher up top, follows but Tessmacher tosses her off. Elbow drop by Tessmacher MISSES. Tara hits the widow’s peak and that is all.


-Tara celebrates her victory. She grabs the mic and says she has been inspired lately, and she didn’t o it for the fans. She did it for her sexy, handsome and perfect Hollywood boyfriend. You may have seen him on TMZ, he is sort of a big deal. She loves him and says he is bigger than Leo, Brad and George. She introduces her “boo,” from Big Brother, Jesse. That’s Mr. Pectacular. She says she did it for him and he comes out. She has him take his short off, and they make out in the ring. He then straps the title on her.

-Clips from last night’s Hall of Fame are shown.

-We get a video package for the TNA vs. Aces and Eights feud.

NO DQ MATCH: If Aces & Eights Win They Get “Full Access” To TNA: Sting & Bully Ray vs. Two Men From Aces & Eights

Bully Ray is painted up like Sting. Aces and Eights enter through the crowd, with Joseph Park. They handcuff him to the barricade.

Sting and Ray attack and the match has started. They brawl around the ringside area, and Sting and Ray are in control early. The masked men fight back as the brawl continues. Ray and Sting now work together to take down one of the masked men. Ray uses part of the broken table from earlier to nail a masked man. The one man whips Ray into the steps, and then Sting misses the Stinger splash against the railing. In the ring now and the masked men double-team Sting. A slam and cover gets 2 on Sting. Ray is back on the apron now as we have developed into a regular tag match and a big boot to Sting gets 2. Tag to the other masked man, and another slam to Sting. Elbow drop misses, and Sting fires up and gets the deathlock. That gets broken up, and Sting counters a suplex into the death drop. Ray looking for the tag, don’t know why since it is no DQ, Sting works for a tag and gets it. Ray runs wild on the masked men. Neck breaker follows and now to the second rope and gets a shoulder block. Rights follow, and then he gets kicked by the other man and they double-team him in the corner. Ray with the double clothesline and splash for 2. Sting in and takes one man to the floor, and Sting is slammed to the railing. One man gets the chair, in the ring and Ray with a kick to the face. He grabs the chair, another masked man hits the ring and low blows Ray. He has the chair and spits on Park. Park BREAKS the handcuffs and hits the ring. He tackles the new masked man and pummels him. They go to the ramp and brawl. The masked men take back control, Ray tosses one to the floor, grabs the other on his shoulders, DOOMSDAY DEVICE~! The other man whipped to the corner, Ray with the splash, Sting with the splash! BULLY…GET THE TABLES! Ray gets the table, brings it in and sets it up. Sting is pulled to the floor now and slammed to the barricade. Another masked man in the ring and slams Ray through the table and that is all!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Aces and Eights @ 11:00 via pin

-More men hit the ring and beat down Sting and Ray. Hulk’s music hits and here he comes. They charge him one at a time and he takes them out with rights. He rips off the shirt and now stands off with the one member left. He attacks Hulk, who fires up and rights follow. Big boot and now he goes to unmask him. Sting grabs him and Hulk takes off the mask, and it is…DEVON! Ray is stunned. Hulk looks heart broken as Devon says they have something to think about now, because it was always him.

-The crowd chants, “This is awkward.”

-Borash talks with Aries, who says Hardy needs this for his redemption.

World Title Match: Austin Aries © vs. Jeff Hardy

The crowd is soundly behind Aries. Lock up to begin, to the corner and Aries breaks clean. Jeff is not a good sport and shoves him away. Lock up, Aries works the arm and takes down Jeff. Jeff to his feet, off the ropes and Aries hangs onto the hold. Jeff escapes and slaps the piss out of Aries. Aries rolls to the ramp, and then enters back into the ring. Lock up, to the corner and Aries shoves Jeff away. Boot to the gut by Jeff, to the corner and Aries bounces off and to the mat. Side headlock takedown by Aries, Jeff tries to counter, he gets a head scissors, which we all know is a bad plan as Aries escapes, but misses the basement dropkick. Jeff takes Aries to the corner and lays the boots to him. To the other corner, reversal and Jeff to the apron. Shoulder block to Aries, rolls in but eats a basement dropkick from Aries. Aries hits a slingshot leg drop to Jeff, and then poses on the apron after taking a victory lap. Aries tells the ref to back Jeff off before he gets back into the ring. Jeff crotches Aries on the way in and hits a suplex and covers for 2. Aries rolls to the floor as Jeff mocks Aries. He follows to the floor and hits a double sledge to Aries. Jeff slams Aries to the barricade, and then moves the steps. Boot to Aries, and Aries back with rights, but Aries is slammed to the steps. Jeff breaks the count and flies into Aries, who was laying against the barricade. Back into the ring we go, Jeff tries but misses whisper in the wind. Aries to the second rope and hits an elbow drop and covers for 2. Knee to the back of Jeff, another and then an elbow to the back of the head connects for 2. To the corner and rights by Aries connect. Jeff fights back, goes for a splash off the ropes and eats knees, Aries covers for 2. Back breaker by Aries gets 2. Seated abdominal stretch by Aries now, rolls Jeff up and gets 2. Dueling chants now, as Aries is still in control. Head butts by Aries follow, shoulder block in the corner and then rights. Snap mare and then Aries to the second rope and dropkicks Jeff in the back of the head. Aries covers for 2. brain buster try, countered and Jeff with the gutbuster suplex. Rights follow, but Aries with a knee as Jeff shoots off the ropes. Slingshot splash by Aries gets 2. Aries looks for the last chancellery, countered and then Jeff gets a toss back powerbomb. They trade shots, off the ropes and a clothesline by Jeff. To the corner, boot by Aries, but leaps into the double leg, leg drop to the balls by Jeff and then a basement dropkick gets 2. Whisper in the wind by Jeff gets a close 2. Jeff sets, twist of fate countered. Gets a head scissors and sends Aries to he floor. Jess misses a dive, Aries back in and then hits the heat-seeking missile. Aries back in and looks for the count out victory. Aries then hits another heat seeking missile and rolls Jeff in and covers for a close 2. Aries cut himself open on the last dive. Last chancellery try, and he gets it. Aries cranks back, looking for the submission. He releases the hold and tosses Jeff to the ramp. Aries follows, looks for the brain buster on the ramp, countered and Aries then get a clothesline. Neck breaker in the ropes, and Jeff’s head hits the ramp. Aries up top, connects with the missile dropkick. Aries eats the boots as he tries the corner dropkick, and ten rights by Jeff follow. They trade rights now, but the elbow by Aries connects. Tries another, countered, twist of fate connects and Jeff covers for a close 2! Jeff up top now, crotched by Aries. Aries follows, grabs Jeff and all the way up now. SUPER FUCKING RANA~! Aries sets, corner dropkick connects! BRAIN BUSTAAAAAAAAAAAA! 1…2…NO! Aries doesn’t believe it. To the corner, sets Jeff up top and follows him up. Jeff in the tree of woe, misses the double stomp and then Jeff gets a stunner out of the corner. Twist of fate connects! Jeff up top now, SWANTON! 1…2…3.

OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW CHAMPION Jeff Hardy @ 24:00 via pin
RATING: ****

-Hardy celebrates with the title as Aries is on the floor, obviously disappointed.

-End scene….


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