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411’s TNA Impact Report 10.26.06

October 26, 2006 | Posted by Larry Csonka

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    TNA Impact Begins…NOW!

    We begin with tons of highlights of Bound for Glory.

    Tenay and West welcome us to Impact and announce right away at Genesis that Angle will face Samoa Joe. They then hype the tournament for a chance to face Sting at the same PPV.

    Sting makes his way to the ring. Cage is also in the ring. He hates to rain on Sting’s parade or steal his thunder, but he wanted to return the favor to Sting. He wants to say that it is a load of crap that he has to fight for a right to face Sting for a title he didn’t lose or get a rematch for. So 17 other wrestlers that couldn’t carry my jock will get a chance. What is the deal Sting, is this because I cracked you in the skull and you are afraid would it? So this is the new and improved Sting huh? Let me tell you what I see, I see a man that is scared. You know you are staring at the biggest star and that is me. Let’s cut the crap Sting, you know you have the stroke to name your opponent, so give the peeps what they want and make thematic, Sting vs. Cage, one on one for the NWA Title. Be a man and make the match.

    Sting says if he wants the shot he can have it…it won’t be at Genesis, it will be when I say. He pulls out the bat and beats down Cage and clears the ring.

    JB says Kurt Angle will speak to the Impact Zone fans. Joe is here. He says everyone will get to know him, but he already does. Tonight, they will get up close and personal.

    Back from commercial with Shane Douglas in the ring. Cut his damn music and all. The time has come for his Naturals to finally get their shot here in Orlando! It is his honor to introduce the #1 contenders, that lost at Bound for Glory, the Naturals.

    We get highlights of Gail taking the border toss last week. Good way to focus on THIS match.

    AMW is out to beat down LAX! Yeah, great focus here. They brawl with LAX into the crowd. AMW are also faces again, who knew?

    NWA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: LAX (Homicide y Hernandez) © w/Konnan vs. The Naturals (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens) w/Shane Douglas

    LAX in the ring and security takes AMW away. The Naturals in control early, but Hernandez works over Andy. Cide tossed and Chase and Andy double-team Hernandez. Double shoulder block to Hernandez. Cide in and a face buster into a high knee combo. Double necktie to Hernandez and Cide tossed Andy to the floor. Chase beats down Cide and clotheslines Hernandez. Cide gets the GRINGO KILLA on Chase out of nowhere! Andy into the ring, slap jack by Konnan and BORDER TOSS by Hernandez! Cide covers 1…2…3.

    Winners: LAX @ 2:10 via pin

    LAX beats them down after the match. Shane Douglas looks on and is depressed that he wasted his time. He makes his way to the ring and bitches out the Naturals. He slaps Chase and Chase slaps him back! Andy nails him with a right and Douglas is bleeding from the mouth. The Franchise is pissed off! Nope, he smiles.

    Paparazzi productions is back. Alex says he lost, and they tossed Devine from the group. STARR is here with the trophy. Nash says Starr single handedly brought back the division. He tells Alex to get every frame Starr does. Starr says he needs no explanation, just do it.

    Back from commercial with a Genesis video package.

    Tenay and West hype their mention in the World Series program by AJ Persinski.


    -Contestants: Christian Cage, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, Eric Young, Senshi, Frankie Kazarian, Raven, Lance Hoyt, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Brother Runt, Brother Devon, Kip James, Ron Killings, James Storm, Robert Roode and Abyss

    -In essence this match is a reverse battle royal, hybrid-gauntlet style battle royal, seeding indicating match.

    -The rules are the above listed 18-men begin on the floor. They battle to get into the ring, over the top rope. Once seven men are in the ring, the next stage of the match begins.

    -These 7-men will battle in a traditional battle royal setting, until 2-men are left. When the 5-men are tossed, their order of elimination is what determines the bracketing or seeding for the singles matches in the tournament.

    -The third stage of the match will be under regular match rules, where the first to get a pin or submission wins the match, and a bye to the finals. As you can see, it’s quite simple really.

    They begin to brawl around the ring. Three refs are inside to make sure the rules are followed. James Storm drinks and watches on. AJ and Devon battle as Tenay announces a Barbed Wire Cage match between Christian and Rhino on the primetime special. Robert Roode makes it into the ring. Earlier today, BG James left the building due to nasty comments against JJ. Chris Sabin makes it into the ring. Maverick Matt watches on in Raven like attire, watching from the stands ala Raven. Ok. AJ and Daniels make it in as well. Shane Douglas and ray are out to argue and Abyss makes it into the match. Hoyt is in now as well. The Naturals and Team 3D stand off as Killings and Cage battle. Rhino grabs Cage and pulls him out. Killings makes it into the match. LAX attacks AMW as we head to commercial @ 5:12

    Back from commercial @ 8:15 and the final seven that made it in the ring are: Robert Roode, Chris Sabin, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Abyss, Lance Hoyt and Ron Killings. They all brawl and Hoyt and Abyss pair off. Flatliner by Killings on Daniels. Hoyt tries to toss Abyss but Killings is tossed to the floor and gone. Boot by Sabin to Roode, but Roode tosses him. Big boot by Hoyt to Daniels. Rude then gets the Payoff to Hoyt. Daniels and AJ work over Abyss. GOOZLE by Abyss on Daniels, AJ over to help and HI/LOW on Abyss! AJ saves Daniels but Roode levels him with a clothesline. Daniels sets Roode up top…Miss Brooks grabs his leg and Daniels is tossed by Roode! AJ eliminates Roode! AJ and Abyss pair off, rights by AJ. He tries to toss Abyss, almost has him but Abyss kicks him off. Press slam by Abyss, AJ escapes and then Abyss tosses him. Abyss and Hoyt are left as we head to commercial @ 11:47.

    Back from commercial @ 14:45 as Abyss and Hoyt go at it for a bye to the finals to face Sting. Corner splash by Abyss. Rights now and he has Hoyt down. Off the ropes, boot by Hoyt and a flying forearm to Abyss. Corner mount punches to Abyss. Big boot by Abyss as Hoyt celebrates. Abyss has a chair now, the ref takes it away and Hoyt gets a bog boot to Abyss. RUN UP MOONSAULT BY HOYT! 1…2…NO! Hoyt looks for the boot again, Abyss stops him and gets the SHOCK TREATMENT! 1…2…NO! Abyss misses v, dropkick by Hoyt. Abyss in the corner, Hoyt gets the chair and lays it on Abyss, to the other side of the ring…VAN TERMINATOR TO ABYSS~! 1…2…NO! Hoyt has Abyss up, escape…BLACK HOLE SLAM! 1…2…3!

    Winner: Abyss @ 18:21 via pin

    Hoyt was obviously there just to take the pin, plus he and Abyss did have a really good PPV match so this I really didn’t mind.

  • Next week (Nov. 2nd) we will see the following tournament matches:
    -Ron Killings vs. Lance Hoyt
    -Chris Sabin vs. AJ Styles
    -Robert Roode w/ Miss Brooks vs. Christopher Daniels

    -The three winners of the above matches, which take place November 2nd will face off on November 9th in a triple threat match.
    -The winner of that triple threat match will face Abyss on November 16th.

    After Bound for Glory, JB interviewed Jeff Jarrett. JJ cries to some somber music. He says for 10-minutes, he had Sting’s number. But there was something, something transformed him and that was a new Sting. He was the better man. JJ says no rematch, he will go home. In every career, there comes a time to step back and refocus and rethink, and this is his time to do so. He has done more than he ever could have dreamed of doing. To come as far as he has and carry TNA after starting it from scratch was hard. He dropped the ball on some personal things as well as professional things. But he is going home. He has one last thought. Be careful what you wish for, he is exhausted and he wished Sting the best because he knows how hard it is. He hopes he is up to the task.

    Tenay and West say they have never seen this side of JJ. West says people love to hate him, but to see this private side was something else. Tenay says next, Kurt Angle addresses the Impact Zone crowd.

    Back from commercial and the MAIN EVENT INTERVIEW.

    Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring to loud chants.

    ANGLE: A lot of people asked why I left the other place and came here. They asked if I was fired, was it a mutual release or if I quit. I quit, and that is what happened. I didn’t want to quit wrestling, I wanted to come here for you guys and this promotion. It is real, it’s damn real. The other reason I came was because there is no other company with the talent that TNA has. No one compares and I wanted to be a part of it and kick ass, to prove I was the best of TNA, which would make me the best in the world. The one man that made me want to come is undefeated, **Joe’s gonna kill you** chants. Am I afraid of Joe, you’re damn right I am. I love fear and when I am in fear, I make people tap and I am at my best. Now Joe is unbeatable, but one thing that TNA didn’t tell me is that Joe was a bleeder.

    Joe makes his way to the ring.

    BRAWL~! Security floods the ring to break them up. They break away and go at it again only to be broken up but they still go at it! The locker room empties to keep them apart! Joe is loose and attacks yet again! Now Angle breaks away and more brawling as the show ends.

    We get our recap video to close the show.

  • Remember to send your thoughts on the show for the 3R’s!
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