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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 1.02.14

January 2, 2014 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:
TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Bro-Mans (Robbie E and Jessie Godderz)

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  • From the new Impact Zone in Orlando, FL.
  • We begin with a grandiose video package putting over Magnus.
  • Kurt Angle makes his way out to the ring. He says that 2013 was the worst year of his career. From Aces and 8s to his personal issues that kept him out of the ring. He took pride in being a world-class athlete, which is why he declined the TNA Hall of Fame, so he could earn it back. They call him a cyborg, but in 2013 he wasn’t. He is here to explain his plans for 2014.

    Bobby Roode’s music hits and he doesn’t seem to give a single solitary shit about Angle. He asks if we are about to hear Angle announce that he will walk away, just like Jeff Hardy. He asks if Angle has realized that he doesn’t have what it takes. If he does walk away, Roode asks that he looks him in the eyes and tell him that Roode is better than him. Angle says he is not leaving, but here to make things clear that he will kick ass in 2014. He challenges Roode to one more match. Roode says Angle is out of his mind and refuses. He has nothing to prove to anyone because he already proved he could beat Angle and that he is better, and most importantly, that Angle is not Hall of Fame worthy. Roode says they are done, unless… unless he accepts the challenge, if Angle puts something on the line. When he beats Angle again, Angle leaves and never accepts the Hall of Fame induction. Angle for the Genesis special, but Angle has a stipulation, THE MATCH WILL BE IN A STEEL CAGE! Angle says you want it, you got it. They brawl and officials rush out to separate them. Rockstar Spud is out and gets shoved down. He says they will not ruin the night, and if they want to fight, find tag team partners and they can have a match later tonight.

  • Backstage Dixie says after 11-years, she found her perfect champion, and he will get a coronation fit for a King. Afterwards, she gets a message from a courier that says “See you tonight”.

  • Dixie meets with Spud, and asks about the letter she got. She demands he find out who sent it.
  • Gail Kim and Tapa are out for her challenge match. She says she dominated 2013, and that 2014 will be even better. She hopes for a challenge, because competition has been pathetic. Madison Rayne answers the challenge.

    Open Challenge Match: Gail Kim © Madison Rayne

    Rayne hits a cross body as the bell rings and then beats down Kim in the corner while screaming at her. The ref separates them and then Rayne spears Kim and slams her head repeatedly to the mat. Kim battles back and slams Rayne to the mat. She mounts and delivers rights to Rayne. Off the ropes, snap suplex by Rayne, rolls through and hits a neck breaker. Tapa trips Rayne and pulls her to the floor. Kim tosses her back in and covers for 2. Kim slams her head to the mat and then works a surfboard/dragon sleeper combo. She transitions to a Chinlock, Rayne escapes and elbows out. Kim slams her down by the hair, and talks shit while laying the boots to her. To the corner, Kim then chokes her out in the ropes. Rayne counters eat defeat and gets a backslide for 2. They clothesline each other and both ladies are down. To their feet, lefts by Rayne, off the ropes and clotheslines by Rayne A boot to the face follows, and to the ropes, on Kim’s shoulders but gets tossed off onto her face. Kim talks trash again, picks up Rayne, eat defeat countered, roll up by Rayne and she gets the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Madison Rayne @ 5:00 via pin

  • Sabin meets with Velvet. He shushes her, and says that she needs to listen tonight, and if she does what he says, he gets his title back. If she doesn’t, he leaves the building without her.

  • Angle says he will beat Bobby Roode, and meets with Gunner to be his tag team partner tonight. Gunner says he is in. Storm arrives, and says that it is very interesting, and leaves.

    X-Division Title Match: Austin Aries © vs. Chris Sabin w/Velvet Sky

    And here we go with our title match. Sabin plays stay away early. Sabin demands a kiss from Velvet, eats the shotgun dropkick and Aries covers for 2. Brainbuster try countered, sidekick by Sabin but back and locks in the last chancery. Sabin escapes with the eye rake, and then yells at Velvet for not helping. Aries slams Sabin to the corner, slingshots him back in and gets an elbow drop for 2. Aries works the stump puller, Sabin escapes and delivers knees to Aries. To the apron, Aries with the shoulder block and stun gun. Slingshot corkscrew splash gets 2. Lionsault by Aries gets 2. Sabin counters a suplex try, back suplex by Sabin connects. Sabin lays the boots to Aries, tree of woe follows. Sabin chokes out Aries, and then Aries is able to use kicks to escape and gets a cutter out of the corner. Rights and chops by Aries, a clothesline sends Sabin to the floor. Aries up top and gets the double sledge to Sabin. Back in the ring they go, Aries up top and Sabin begs for Velvet to help. Missile dropkick by Aries connects. Aries gets distracted by Velvet on the apron, Sabin LOW BLOWS Aries, rolls him up and gets the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW CHAMPION Chris Sabin @ 6:00 via pin

  • Velvet is a sad panda for what she did. Borash is with Sabin, and Sabin thanks the one person he could not have done this without, THANK YOU CHRIS SABIN! I DID IT!

  • Rockstar Spud is backstage rehearsing for the coronation later tonight. His phone rings, which has Dixie’s theme for the ring tone, and no one is there. It has happened a few times today to the poor little fella. It was the 678 area code, which is in Georgia. Yup.

    Samuel Shaw vs. Norv Fernum

    Shaw comes to the ring wearing what appears to be normal style clothes instead of traditional gear, and has black gloves to wear. He politely assists Christy Hemme to the floor. What a gentleman. Shaw slams Fernum to the corner, Fernum fights back a lays in a boot. Off the ropes and a belly to belly by Shaw. Shaw hits the 3.0 back breaker after pointing to Hemme. He then locks in a standing head and arm choke, and Fernum is out.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Samuel Shaw @ 2:00 via submission

  • Shaw then creeps on Hemme a bit before leaving.
  • Storm walks, and is not surprised that Gunner changed and will team with Angle. Storm says he made his name as a tag team guy, and say she will prove that Angle made the wrong choice. He then has a secret locker room meeting, obviously with Dewey Barnes.

  • Roode is ranting backstage about his match and asks why he should trust the mystery man, which is Storm. Storm says he hates Roode, but he needs to be his partner tonight to send a message. Roode says he doesn’t need him. Storm says he will be out there tonight, either as his partner, or kicking everyone’s ass, including Roode’s.
  • We get a Magnus video package, showing him with the title.
  • Borash asks Gunner about the possibility that Storm may be Roode’s partner. He says it will be very interesting and physical.

    James Storm and Bobby Roode vs. Gunner and Kurt Angle

    Angle and to begin. Lock up, go behind by Storm and Angle reverses. Storm works the arm, Angle reverses and works a hammerlock. Off the ropes, back elbow by Angle. A suplex follows and Angle tags in Gunner. Gunner works the arm, off the ropes and a high knee by Storm. Roode tags himself in, shoulder block by Roode. Another, and to the corner and boots by Roode. He slams Gunner to the corner, Gunner fires up and slams his own head to the corner and then fires back with forearms. Slingshot suplex by Gunner and a cover gets 2. Gunner and Storm go face to face, allowing Roode to hit a spinebuster. Storm tags himself in and covers Gunner for 2. Storm in control, then tags in Roode. They double team Gunner with elbows and then Roode lays the boots to Gunner. Storm tags in, shoulder blocks to Gunner in the corner and then works the arm. Transitions to a front facelock, Gunner fights for a tag, Roode distracts the ref, misses the tag and Storm beats down Gunner in the corner. Roode back in, eye poke to Gunner and then rakes the face. Knee drop follows and a tag to Storm. Double team suplex on Gunner. Roode and Storm face off, but do not do the Beer Money chant. Off the ropes, Gunner and Storm collide and both are down. Gunner gets a tag to Angle, but the ref missed it as Roode distracted him. Angle in anyway, runs wild with Germans on Roode. Overhead belly to belly on Storm. Counters the superkick and gets the ankle lock on Storm. Roode makes the save, Gunner in and gets the backbreaker on Roode. Storm superkicks Gunner, and Roode hits the DVD and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: James Storm and Bobby Roode @ 8:00 via pin

  • Angle attacks Roode after the match, but Roode escapes. Storm lays the briefcase on Gunner’s chest and leaves.
  • Sting runs into Spud backstage.

  • EC3 makes his way to the ring. EC3 says in 2013 he debuted and changed the face of wrestling. He can’t take all the credit, Aunt D groomed him by making him face top tier competition. But last week, he was in the ring with Sting and Hardy, and pinned Sting. Now Hardy is filled with fear and left wrestling to write song and poems about his creatures. Tonight is a night for redemption, so he challenges Jeff Hardy to a match tonight. He has Hemme announce Hardy, who doesn’t appear. EC3 mocks Hardy’s dance in the ring, and says if Hardy is not here, we should ring the bell, he will count him out and he will continue his winning streak. He starts to count out Hardy, and Sting appears. Sting says he will not listen to EC3 trash talk Hardy, because Hardy is a man and he isn’t sure what EC3 is. EC3 tried to bail, but Sting calls him a puppy dog waiting for Aunt D to feed him treats and rub his belly. Sting adds that he is Dixie’s lap dog, and says EC3 should prove he is a man. EC3 says he will not let Sting manipulate him, and Sting chases him to the floor. Sting calls him a lap dog again, and EC3 leaves. He stops, and then gets pissed with the crowd chanting lap dog. EC3 say she will fight Sting one on one, in two weeks at Genesis.
  • Park talks to EY about not being Abyss. He says he watched the tapes, but doesn’t remember anything from the matches. EY says he has to fight Bully Ray tonight to go back to the beginning to figure it all out. Ray appears and says it is not in his best interest to get in the ring with him tonight. He says Park doesn’t want to be the guy to burn for the sins of Ken Anderson. When Park questions him, Ray says, “I will set you on fire.”

    Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park

    Ray’s wearing his jeans and hoodie to the ring and has his old entrance music back. The bell rings and Ray just stands there. Park acts confused, and slowly walks towards Ray. Ray kicks him in the balls, and that’s a DQ.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Joseph Park @ 1:00 via DQ

  • Ray breaks out the lighter fluid, and squirts it all over Park. Ray then grabs a lighter, and just as he appears to light him up, Ken Anderson arrives. Ray sprays him down and lights the lighter and teases he will light someone on fore, and leaves.
  • Dixie, Spud and EC3 all walk.

    Magnus’ Championship Coronation

    We’re starting this at 10:35PM ET. The ring is all decorated, and Spud and EC3 are in the ring. Spud says they will make history tonight as they honor real royalty. It starts with Dixie Carter. This opportunity to be around the queen herself is something the lads and ladies in Spud’s country can only dream of. He says Dixieland is a place where dreams always come true. But tonight it also about a man who will change the face of wrestling, a man who is king in stature and the world champion, a real man, a British Man, your champion, Magnus. At this time, Spud introduces the Master of Ceremonies, EC3. EC3 says in the US, the power is with the 1%. He is undefeated, and last week defeated Sting. But he is also a Carter, and the world needs them. Tonight, they honor Magnus, who did more than a King could do, he became the champion of the world. He then puts over their Queen, Dixie, and introduces her.

    Dixie Carter makes her way to the ring. Dixie thanks them for the introduction and the crowd for their warm reception. She is here to tell a story. She was on a flight to New York, reading a magazine. There was an article about AJ Styles, but when she turned the page, she saw a six-page feature on Magnus. He was a huge UK star, and Magnus took her breath away. The face, the look, the perfectly chiseled body, she knew she would sign him. And now, Magnus is the champion, and he did it all on his own, and with out any help. She introduces Magnus.

    Magnus makes his way to the ring, looking spiffy in a suit and holding the title high. He sits in the throne they have in the ring for him and grabs the mic. He says this is the champion speaking, because now is the time for everyone to listen to him. he thanks Spud and EC3 for their kind words, which he deserves, and then thanks a special person and a very special lady, Dixie Carter. Magnus says she is the wind beneath his massive wings. As he stands here the champion, he has mixed emotions. He is honored and humbled, but cannot shake the feeling that the fans thought Roode, Angle, or even Jeff Hardy that would win the title. But it’s not, it’s him. They all doubted him, and when people ask him, why did he turn his back on the fans, because they turned their backs on him. he will never again take a backseat to anyone else, and will be champion for a very, very, very long time to come. Gunner appears with his briefcase as we head to commercial.

    Back from commercial and Gunner is in the ring. He says that history has not been made, because he will make history tonight. He is cashing in his title shot right now. Dixie cuts him off and Gunner tosses Spud and EC3 around. He attacks Magnus, and then beats down Gunner along with EC3 and Spud. Magnus looks to lay out Gunner with the title, but AJ Styles is back. He has his title and tosses EC3 and Spud. They do the face off and hold their respective titles in the air as Dixie tries to kick out AJ. AJ lays down his title and challenges Magnus, who bails to the floor. AJ says is Dixie wants her belt back, it is with him. He then says to tell the lawyers to stop chasing him around the world. He is man enough to show up with it, but will not hand it over. AJ says she is dumber than show looks if she thinks he will just hand it over. AJ is here because Dixie screwed over the people when she made a farce of a world champion. He needs to be here; Magnus did not appreciate being called a farce. AJ says Magnus can wear his belt, but he is not the champion until he defeats AJ. Magnus asks is AJ is challenging him, and AJ says two belts, but there can only be one TNA world champion. Magnus enters the ring and asks if Magnus will man up because he needs to prove himself. AJ then says that the people will doubt Magnus being a champion, and says Magnus may act like he doesn’t care, but he does care about the people. HE then adds that Magnus will doubt himself if he doesn’t accept. AJ says if he walks out, the offer goes with him. Dixie tells Magnus that this will not happen, but Magnus says that AJ is not better than him, not any more or ever again. If he wants him to prove it, next week, two belts, one champion. Dixie says it will not happen, and Magnus says if it doesn’t happen, he walks too, because no one will doubt him ever again. Dixie says AJ doesn’t have a contract and doesn’t want to accept liability. Magnus says for Dixie to give AJ a one night only contract, next week, winner takes all. Dixie says if Magnus loses, she will have nothing. Magnus say she feels lucky and wants to roll the dice. ONE BELT TO RULE THEM ALL.

  • End scene.
  • Thanks for reading.

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