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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 11.12.14

November 12, 2014 | Posted by Larry Csonka

* Match times are not exact.

* Highlights from last week’s show.

* Backstage, Lashley looks frustrated as he meets with Kenny King. Lashley asks where MVP is, and King says he doesn’t know. Lashley is not pleased and throws shit around.

* James Storm, Sanada and Manik (The Revolution) make their way to the ring. Storm says he gave Richards a chance to pledge to his revolution. The time is up and he wants his answer now. Eddie Edwards now makes his way out, and Richards follows behind him. Edwards starts to talk to Storm, but Richards cuts him off. He told Edwards that he can speak for himself. He makes his own decisions. He’s been listening to Storm, and a lot of it makes sense. But after all of this time, he has come tone conclusion; Storm is out of his mind. Richards is a wolf and his answer is now. Storm says that he is sorry to hear that and has Sanada and Manik attack. Storm chokes out Richards with the bull rope and then ties him up by the leg and grabs a chair. Storm attacks the leg of Richards with the chair as commentary sells that Richards recently had a broken leg. Security makes the save.

* Storm returns with the forgotten Feast or Fired briefcase, which holds a tag team title shot for Storm. They beat down the champions more, assaulting Richards’ leg even more. Storm reveals the title shot to the referee, and he is cashing in now.

Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves © vs. James Storm and ???: Storm covers Edwards and gets 2 as the bell rings. Storm has sent Manik and Sanada to the floor, and hits the eye of the Storm on Edwards. Storm grabs the mic and tells Edwards that he should have stayed out of this. Abyss’s music hits now, and the crowd pops for this. Unfortunately for the Wolves, Abyss is on Storm’s side as Storm reveals the newest pledge to his revolution. Storm tags in Abyss, who chokeslams Edwards and then hits the black hole slam. Abyss hugs Storm and Storm tags in, and covers Edwards for the win and the titles.

OFFICIAL RESULT: AND NEW CHAMPIONS Abyss and James Storm @ 3:00 via pin

* Storm stands tall with both titles, and then hits the eye of the Storm on Richards. The Revolution leaves with the tag team titles.

* We get replays of the opening segment.

Madison Rayne vs. Taryn Terrell: Rayne attacks at the bell, off the ropes and a boot by Terrell. Forearms follow, and a dropkick by Terrell follows and then she slams Rayne’s head off the mat multiple times. Rayne to the floor and Terrell hits a high cross off the apron to wipe out Rayne. Rayne battles back and slams Terrell into the ring apron. Rayne tries to bail but Terrell stops her and rolls her back into the ring. Rayne looks for a time out, so Terrell clotheslines her. Rayne shoots Terrell to the corner, back elbow by Terrell and she heads to the second rope, but Rayne pulls her off and to the mat. Rayne works a cravat, knees to the face and then a cover by Rayne gets 2. Rayne chokes out Terrell in the ropes and then plays to the crowd. Off the ropes, shoulder block by Rayne takes down Terrell, and she gets a cover for 2. Terrell hits the skull fucker on Terrell and then covers for 2. Terrell back with knees to a charging Rayne, heads to the second rope and hits a clothesline. Forearms by Terrell, off the ropes and a clothesline follows. Another connects, and then a neck breaker follows and Terrell mounts and chokes out Rayne. Terrell eats a boot as she charges Rayne, Rayne uses the ropes for a pinning attempt, but fails. Terrell then hits a snap suplex, heads up top, Rayne cuts her off but Terrell shoves her away and then misses the high cross. Rayne with a rollup and the rights, but the ref sees that. She argues with the ref, and then Rayne kicks Terrell in the face. She sets for the Rayne drop, but Terrell fights out and hits a cutter on Rayne, and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Taryn Terrell @ 7:00 via pin

* Kurt Angle meets with Bobby Lashley. Lashley wants his rematch tonight, but Angle says Roode has the night off because he’s doing promotional work. Lashley gets in Angle’s face, and Angle say he wouldn’t do that. Lashley says he’ll do what he wants to who he wants.

* New TNA talent Mahabali Shera walks backstage, and Manik runs up behind him and jumps on his back like he’s a little brother wanting attention. Manik says Shera killed it at the bar last night, and then says there is a powerful man that Shera is ready to meet.

* Kenny King makes his way to the ring. King is here to talk about his squad. While MVP is away for a photo shoot, Lashley is pissed off. But not at him or MVP, he’s pissed off at the fans, Angle and Bobby Roode. And when Lashley gets pissed, he destroys. And then he’ll get the title back. King then discusses his issues with Chris Melendez, and calls him out to the ring. Anderson is with Melendez. King mocks the crowd as they chant USA, and then says people consider him unpatriotic due to what he’s done to Melendez. King loves America, but feels that Melendez is a fraud. Anderson puts over Melendez as a hero and inspiration, he volunteered to fight and lost his leg doing so. Anderson and King have some back and forth and then King calls Melendez “peggy” and says that Melendez doesn’t deserve to be in this ring. King offers a one on one match to Melendez so he can prove that Melendez doesn’t belong. Melendez says that Anderson and the people believe in him, and when they face off, King will learn that Melendez is better than him. King calls Anderson a role model for idiots, and then sucker punches Anderson and bails.

* Terrell and Kim have issues with Havok, and they want retribution. Angle makes Kim vs. Terrell vs. Havok for the title next week.

ELIMINATION MATCH: Crazzy Steve, Rebel and Knux vs. DJ Zema Ion, Jessie Godderz, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky : Love and Rebel to begin. Lock up, knee by Love and then forearms follow. Side headlock by Love, Rebel with rights and escapes, but Love takes her down with a shoulder block. Rebel trips her up, snap mare and then misses the split leg drop. Basement dropkick by Love and that gets a cover for 2. Steve slams Love’s ass, distracting her and allowing Rebel to roll her up for the pin in about a minute. Knux and Jessie in, Knux does wacky cartwheels and hits a dropkick. Corner splash by Knux, cross body follows and looks to put Jessie away, but he gets slammed to the corner and Ion in with an assisted cross body and he gets the pin as Jessie holds the leg of Knux. Steve then rolls up Ion right away to eliminate him. Rebel and Sky in, and Rebel to the apron and then hits a kick on Sky. Sunset flip and then an odd roll through gets 2 for Rebel. We get an odd jump cut, Love hair sprays Rebel and Sky hits the in yo face to eliminate her. Ion sneaks in and hits a face buster on Steve, allowing Jessie to press slam Steve down. Sky wants the tag, gets it and lays the boots to Steve. She covers for 2. Steve then rolls her up to eliminate her while also kissing her. Jessie and Steve are left, sunset flip after biting Jessie gets 2 for Steve. Jessie stops a RANA by Steve and then powerbombs him. Jessie covers with one hand and Steve kicks out at 2. Jessie lays the boots to Steve, to the corner and then Jessie sets him up top. Jessie follows him up, but then Steve pushes him off. Tornado DDT by Steve and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Crazzy Steve, Rebel and Knux @ 7:00 via pin

* EY talks with Borash about last week’s attack by Tyrus and EC3. Spud arrives and thanks them for all that they have done for him. Spud offers to be in EYs corner tonight.

* We get highlights of Storm and Abyss winning the tag team titles.

* Storm says he is the one that speaks the truth. Manik arrives with Mahabali Shera, and Storm spits in his general direction. He notes that there is a price for salvation. Shera leaves, and Storm then whispers to Manik and allows him to leave. He then laughs an evil laugh.

Tyrus w/EC3 vs. Eric Young w/Spud: EY uses his speed early to stay away, but Tyrus slams him to the corner. EY fires back with rights, tries to slam Tyrus but that fails. Tyrus beats him down in the corner, hits a corner splash and then tries another, but EY hits the back elbow. EY off the second rope and Tyrus slams him back to the corner and follows with the heart punch. EY rolls to the floor, Spud tries to keep Carter away, and Carter laughs at him. Back in the ring they go, jawbreaker by EY, tries a slam but Tyrus is too much and crushes him, covering for 2. Tyrus works the nerve hold, EY fires up but Tyrus hits the TBONE suplex. The big corner splash connects, and then hits the Big Ending (Big E’s finish). He drags EY to the corner as Carter demands that Tyrus squash him. Tyrus climbs the ropes, Vader splash misses. EY with rights now, off the ropes and he rocks Tyrus with a big right. Flying forearm takes Tyrus down. EY then slams Tyrus, heads up top and Carter on the apron but Spud pulls him down and levels him with a right. EY got distracted, Tyrus is up and heads up top with EY. EY fights with rights, and knocks Tyrus to the mat. Elbow drop follows and EY covers for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eric Young @ 5:00 via pin

* Lashley arrives and lays out EY and Spud. Lashley grabs a chair and Pillmanizes Young’s arm. He then applies a cross face with Young’s arm trapped in the chair. Austin Aries makes his way out and chases off Lashley with a chair. Aries says if Lashley wants to send a message, then Aries will give him the chance to face him one on one tonight.

* Brittany tells Samuel Shaw that Gunner came onto her, which upsets Shaw prior to his NO DQ match. Brittany smiles at Shaw’s anger.

* Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring. Joe says that something needs to be done. Sometimes the hardest decisions are the right ones. He has to make the right one today. Joe says that the State Athletic Commission and doctor have informed him that he cannot compete tonight, and not for a while. When he won the X-Title, his goal was to reignite the greatest division in wrestling. This was the division about no limits, innovation and the division of the true wrestler for the true wrestling fan. And because of that and what he believed, there are men in the back who risk life and limb to compete for this title. Those men deserve better. The fans expect the best and they deserve better. Tonight, due to his injury, Joe is relinquishing the X-Division Title. Joe lays the belt in the corner, and says that they will crown a new champion, but know this, that is no collection of gold plates and leather. That is a beacon to him, he will get better, and when he returns, who ever is wearing that belt, Joe is coming for him.

* Next week, Low Ki vs. Tigre Uno vs. DJ Zema Ion vs. Manik will determine the new X-Division Champion.

* We get highlights from last week’s Dreamer and Devon vs. Magnus and Bram tag title match.

* Bram challenges Dreamer to a hardcore match for next week’s show.

No DQ Match: Gunner vs. Samuel Shaw: Shaw hid during his entrance, and when Gunner came out Brittany distracted him. Shaw then attacked from behind. Shaw chokes out Gunner with his shirt, and then makes out with Brittany a bit. Gunner and Shaw brawl, and then Gunner slams Shaw into the ring apron. Shaw manages to slam Gunner to the post, and then grabs a chair. Shaw misses the chair shot and connects with the post. Gunner hits the sack of shit slam on Shaw and Brittany checks on him. Gunner gets chairs and nails Shaw in the gut as they work back into the ring. Shaw then dropkicks the chair into Gunner’s face and makes out with Brittany more. Shaw locks in his choke, but Gunner slams him to the corner to break that. Gunner then misses a charge, rights by Shaw follow as he beats down Gunner in the corner. Shaw off the ropes, backdrop by Gunner. They do the Cactus clothesline spot and spill out to the floor. Gunner nails Shaw with a chair in the back. Brittany yells at Gunner, distracting him enough to allow Shaw to hit the flapjack on the steps. Shaw sets up the steps and Gunner tries to roll into the ring. Shaw grabs him and looks to suplex him out of the ring, but Gunner suplexes Shaw into the ring. Boot by Shaw, leaps off the ropes but Gunner cuts him off with, well, a palm strike possibly, it looked odd. Gunner now lays out chairs on the mat and then hits Shaw with another. Gunner sets Shaw up top and follows him up. They battle on the ropes, Gunner hits the SUPERPLEX onto the pile of chairs. Brittany distracts Gunner, but Gunner then powerbombs Shaw on the steps. Brittany yells at Gunner, who then rolls Shaw into the ring. Brittany in the ring now and kicks Gunner in the balls. Shaw then lays out Gunner with s chair shot to the back as he tried to go after Brittany. Shaw picks up Gunner, looking for the choke, but then Gunner counters into the F5 onto the chairs and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gunner @ 9:00 via pin

Austin Aries vs. Lashley: Aries attacks at the bell, but Lashley shoves him to the corner. Aries then connects with a dropkick, looks for the brain buster, but Lashley stops that and tosses Aries to the corner. Rights by Lashley, misses the corner shoulder block, Aries rolls into the knee strikes and last chancery. Lashley counters, to his feet and tosses Aries to the floor. Lashley follows, Aries fights back and into the ring. Tries a slingshot plancha, caught by Lashley. Aries escapes being slammed into the post and then Aries hits the dropkick to Lashley. Back into the ring, Aries goes for the missile dropkick by Lashley just swats him away. Back elbow follows for Lashley, and then takes Aries to the corner and beats him down. Aries fights back with rights, corner mounted punches but then gets tossed to the mat. Clothesline by Lashley connects as we head to a commercial…

Back from commercial as Lashley hits a belly to belly suplex. Lashley then connects with the overhead suplex. Aries back with chops, but Lashley then hits another overhead belly to belly and another and another. Lashley is straight up destroying a man here. Lashley with another overhead belly to belly, and then chokes out Aries with the boot. Jesus, another overhead suplex by Lashley connects. Lashley sets, looks for the spear but Aries gets a boot up. Aries up top, Lashley cuts him off and follows him up top and looks for a suplex. Aries tries to bite his ear off, boxes the ears and Lashley to the mat. Aries hits the missile dropkick; forearms off the ropes and leg kicks follow. Forearms by Aries connect, tries the brain buster but Lashley escapes. Aries to the apron, hits forearm strikes and then drops Lashley with a big forearm. Aries hits a neck breaker in the ropes and Lashley falls to the floor. Heat seeking missile connects for Aries, rolls Lashley back in and heads up top. Lashley then tosses Aries off the top and onto the steel steps on the floor. Lashley slams him to the steps, hits the spear on the floor and we get a double countout.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Double Countout @ 14:00

* Lashley press slams Aries on the floor and then applies the cross face to send a message to Bobby Roode.

* On tap for next week…

~ Hardcore Match: Bram vs. Tommy Dreamer
~ Knockouts Title Match: Havok © vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell
~ For The Vacant X-Division Title: Low Ki vs. Tigre Uno vs. DJ Zema Ion vs. Manik

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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