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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 2.06.14

February 6, 2014 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Championship Roll Call:
TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Bro-Mans (Robbie E and Jessie Godderz)

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  • We get a video recap from last week.
  • Earlier today, MVP and the Wolves arrived.
  • We then see Abyss and Eric Young brawling. They are scheduled to face off in Monster’s Ball tonight. They brawl through gorilla and it appears that the match will now kick off the show.

    Monster’s Ball Match: Abyss vs. Eric Young

    The bell sounds and referee Brian Hebner is out to officiate the match. Abyss bats down on EY and they brawl towards the ring. EY grabs a big steel pipe and starts to fight back, beating Abyss down. That doesn’t last long as Abyss backdrops EY on the floor. Abyss grabs a table and sets it up on the floor. He looks for the chokeslam, EY with elbows to escape and Abyss then tosses him back into the ring. Abyss gets the trashcan of fun, tosses some weapons into the ring. Baseball slide dropkick by EY, and then follows that up with a suicide dive. EY tries to rip off Abyss’ mask, fails, and Abyss slams him to the apron. Abyss back into the ring with the steel chair, wedges it in the corner, and EY climbs the ropes and is up top. He leaps into the ring, goozle by Abyss, back elbows by EY and off the ropes and a clothesline by Abyss. Abyss to the floor, grabs another chair and lays it on EY. Off the ropes, Abyss with the avalanche but EY picks the chair up and crotches Abyss with it. Rights by EY, to the other corner, reversal, Flair corner flip by EY, rights to Abyss, up top and a big missile dropkick off the top from EY and a cover gets 2. EY to the corner, avoids the chair, but Abyss grabs him and slams him into the chair that was wedged in the corner. Chokeslam by Abyss, and that gets 2. Abyss to the floor, grabs the bag of tacks, and then spills them out in the ring. Abyss sets EY up top, looks for a superplex, but EY with the sunset flip bomb, sending Abyss into the tacks! EY covers, but only gets 2. EY then puts a mouthful of tacks in his mouth and spits them all over Abyss. EY up top, Abyss is up and stops that and punches him to the floor, and EY flies through the table! Abyss follows, picks up EY and tosses him back into the ring and covers for 2 as EY gets a foot on the ropes. Abyss goes back to the floor, goes under the ring to get “Janice,” the 2×4 with nails in it. Back into the ring, EY unmasks him. Abyss still hit the black hole slam anyway and wins.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Abyss via pin @ 10:00

  • Joe Park now looks confused, and stares at the mask and then a broken piece of glass and realizes who he is.
  • Bobby Roode arrives with a contract for his title match with Magnus, and he says he hopes Dixie will hold up her end of the deal. Dixie says she cannot do this, because of the new investor. Dixie says Roode did his job, but she doesn’t have the control he once had. Dixie says he didn’t win his last match and she cannot sell him as the #1 contender. She then says that Joe is the #1 contender, so she will book Roode vs. Joe, and if Roode wins, he gets the title shot. Roode says bullshit because Joe is killing people lately. Dixie promises to have his back, and he will get his title shot at Lockdown. Roode agrees, and says Dixie better not try to set him up because it will bite her in the ass.

  • We get a replay of the finish from the Monster’s Ball match.
  • MVP makes his way to the ring. He holds up a sign from the crowd saying that he is the new investor. Do not adjust your TV, the half man, half amazing, jaw dropping modern day mack is back on Impact. Many have wondered where he’s been. He has been living life, being happy, calling his own shots. Back in the day that got him into trouble, but he has learned that there are consequences to your actions, and some people in TNA need to realize that. There needs to be change, and we’re sick of tired of owners running wild without concern for the fans or the wrestlers. MVP says he loves wrestling, because he is a wrestler. He could not stand by and let the business get run down. He knew he couldn’t make change as a talent, so he made some money during his career, he invested that money and he found some people that felt as he did, and they went in with him so that he could invest in the company to make the changes he wanted, and the time foe change is now. TNA has talent, an International fan base, everything to make them great. But mismanagement and bad decision-making has hurt the company. That will never happen again.

    Rockstar Spud makes his way out to the ring. Spud says he doesn’t mean to interrupt, and MVP calls him Dixie’s lap dog. MVP apologizes, and says he was rude. Spud says he is here because in the interest of fairness, shouldn’t MVP introduce himself to Dixie himself. Dixie is all about making stars, and if you go to her dressing room, then she will talk fairness with him. MVP seems to doubt this, and Spud says she will welcome him with out stretched arms. MVP says he has educated fists that he has not forgotten how to use, so watch your step because he knows how they roll. MVP then says with the blessing of he board, he has made Magnus in a non-title match against Kurt Angle.

  • Bully Ray is with the coffin and says he realizes he has nothing left. So next week, he will stick Anderson in the coffin next week, and take everything from him. The next person he sees goes in the coffin to pay for Anderson’s sins.

  • In three weeks, TNA goes into the TNA Hall of Fame.
  • Chris Sabin says Velvet Sky broke his heart last week, and he will not let that stand. You don’t let a woman like that go. He is in a special room, and invites her there tonight.
  • CURRY MAN makes his way to the ring.
  • Bully Ray and his coffin are out next. Ray says that Curry Man is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Curry Man tries to have a talk with Ray, then fires up the crowd, charges Ray and runs into the big boot. Ray then gives him the piledriver while yelling out Anderson’s name. He tosses Curry Man to the floor, and puts him in the coffin. Ray says that he will end Anderson’s career.
  • Magnus is backstage, complaining to Dixie about having to face Kurt Angle. She says he will be fine. Spud tells Dixie she looks perfect, and she agrees that she looks perfect. EC3 arrives, and tries to eat the snacks, which are apparently for the investor. He needs to talk, and Dixie says she is busy. EC3 is not happy about this, and Dixie says they can talk next week.

  • Austin Aries makes his way to the ring. Aries gets a great crowd reaction, and says he is the greatest man that ever lived and the X-Division champion. The title doesn’t make the man, the man makes the title. Within TNA, he has held every major title, including the world title. He is also the man that created option C. And when option C came about, he cashed in the X-Division title and became the world champion. He has every intention on repeating that once again. He will take the title… But before he can continue, the BroMans make their way out to the ring. Aries asks if they are lost, and DJ Zema Ion attacks Aries from behind. Ion has his Feat or Fired briefcase and is cashing in his title shot.

    X-Division Title Match: Austin Aries © vs. Zema Ion

    Thee bell rings, the ref is in and Ion covers for 2. Repeated covers for Aries, who is wrestling in slacks and a polo. Aries to the floor, baseball slide dropkick from Ion connects. Aries fires back with chops, but Ion back in control, rolls Aries back in and hit a slingshot tornado DDT and covers for a close 2. Ion up top, but misses the corkscrew moonsualt. Forearm strike by Aries, flair knee breaker into a backdrop suplex. Shotgun dropkick follows, BRAIN BUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA hits and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin Aries via pin @ 3:00

  • Dixie and Spud prepare to meet with MVP.

  • Clips of last week’s Christy Hemme/Samuel Shaw video where Shaw is totally creeping on Hemme and obsessed with her.
  • Earlier today we see Hemme meet with Samuel, She says they need to talk about last week. Shaw says he likes to collect things of beauty, and maybe he went over board. She asks about the mannequin, he doesn’t answer. She thinks he is great, but thinks they need to keep their relationship professional. He agrees, but then looks like he wants to eat her liver.
  • Bobby Roode rants about his situation with Dixie Carter, and the fact that he has to face Joe tonight. Magnus arrives, and says Roode should do his job. Roode says he saved his ass repeatedly, and tells Roode to stop complaining, and to focus on his task and opponent, Samoa Joe. Roode reminds Magnus that he tapped to Joe last week, and Magnus says he will tap out when the title is not on the line, because he is smart. Roode then wishes him luck with Angle tonight.
  • Dixie and Spud meet with MVP. She compliments his entrance and the fact that he kept himself a secret. She wants to focus on the future, and says they should get to know each other. Dixie discusses single handedly building TNA from scratch, and she took it from a concept to a global entertainment empire. MVP says that is impressive, and asks how she did that. She puts over the roster, and says they love working for her. She says it doesn’t matter who works for her, she treats them all the same. MVP feels that is interesting, and asks if AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy or Sting feel that way. Dixie calls them disgruntled employees. She then says MVP should get a great rub from working with her, and adds she can speak wrestling carny language. She asks where they start, and MVP says they start in the ring, in front of her adoring fans, and he says they should do their business in front of the fans. They argue a bit, and MVP leaves. Spud says he seems like a “bloody nice bloke”.

    Non-Title Match: Magnus © vs. Kurt Angle

    And here we go. Lock up to begin, Magnus tries to work the arm, but Angle quickly reverses that. Off the ropes, shoulder block by Magnus. Charges again, but runs into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Rights by Angle in the corner, Magnus rakes the eyes, and then connects with forearms. Off the ropes, boot by Angle, and then grabs a German suplex. Hits another, and then the third. Angle sets, tries the slam, but Magnus rakes the eyes. Magnus up top, but Angle to hit feet, runs up the ropes and suplex Magnus to the mat. Ankle lock by Angle, but EC3 is out to save Magnus and give us a DQ finish.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle via DQ @ 3:00

  • EC3 with chop blocks and focuses on the knee. They brawl to the floor, eye poke by EC3 and then a chair shot to the knee of Angle. Another chair shot connects and Angle tries to limp away and slides back into the ring. EC3 follows, and applies a knee bar of sorts. The ref tries to stop it, but EC3 continues to apply the hold and finally lets it go. The ref throws up the dreaded “X” symbol, and the EMTs are out with the stretcher.

  • Back from commercial with a replay of EC3’s attack on Angle.
  • Joe checks on Angle and then says Dixie has started a war against a man that she cannot win. If he has to stand alone he will and he will make them all pay.
  • Eric Young is asked about Monster’s Ball from earlier tonight. Young says he had to show him that Joe Park and Abyss are one in the same, but now, now he has no clue what will happen.
  • We get a recap of the Velvet Sky/Chris Sabin relationship drama.
  • Sabin thanks the cameraman and audio guy for being there tonight. Sabin says a few years back, on the TNA tour, he and Sky had their first kiss in this room. He has a special surprise for tonight and has a ring box. She arrives and Sabin says she will remember this for a long time, and asks her to have a seat.

  • Back from commercial and Sabin says that relationships have good and bad times, but when she told him it was all over, it was the worst moment of his life, his soul broke into a million pieces. But he also felt as if he was awake, he thought more clearly, and he knows what he needs to do now. He has something to ask her and busts out the ring box and asks “will you”. She opens it and she says it is empty, and he asks “will you get out of his life”. He is so sick of her, and sick of hearing her name. When he was world champion, all he ever heard about was Velvet, dating her, and he is going to prove that he was the star of the relationship and challengers her to a match next week. If she has the guts, she will show up, if not, she proves she is a coward. Sabin also says that he says when it is over, so now, it is over. Velvet is a sad pigeon.
  • Highlights from earlier tonight.
  • MVP and Dixie Carter will have an in ring summit tonight.
  • We see Joe submitting Magnus last week to become the #1 contender for the world title.

    #1 Contender’s Match: Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode

    Lock up to begin, Joe in control with a go behind and then avoids a right and lands jabs to Roode. Roode backs off, regroups, and then locks back up. Joe in control with the snap mare, chops and knee drop. To the corner, Roode tries to fight back, but Joe gets the back splash and enziguri and Roode is down. Face wash by Joe, goes for the charge but Roode is able to cut him off with a back elbow strike. Roode foolishly tries a suplex, Joe almost suplexes Roode to the floor, bur Roode escapes and dropkicks Joe to the floor. Roode rolls him back in, hits a neck breaker and covers for 1. Boot by Roode, up top and connects with the blockbuster and covers again for 2. Lays the boots to Joe, snap mare and then into the chinlock. Joe fights out to his feet, hits jabs on Roode, who then cuts him off. Boot by Roode, off the ropes but the atomic drop by Joe connects. Big boot, but then misses the senton. Roode then misses the knee drop, slaps and chops to Roode. Off the ropes and Roode gets the spinebuster. Joe goes all Road Warrior Hawk and pops right up, Roode charges him and Joe gets the snap slam. Roode escapes the muscle buster try, hits the enziguri and then the Northern Lariat, which gets 2. Roode sets for the Roode bomb, has Joe up, Joe escapes and gets the choke on Roode. Joe works to escape, does, and lands chops on Joe. Roode charges Joe in the corner, STJOE connects. Joe sets Roode up top, MUSCLE BUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA connects! Joe then applies the choke, and Roode has to tap!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Samoa Joe via submission @ 7:00


    Dixie hits the ring first with Spud, and says she knows the fans are happy to see her. But tonight is not all about her, there is someone else special that will be here. He is not only a VIP, he is MVP.

    MVP makes his way out the ring. Dixie welcomes him to TNA, and MVP says it is an honor to be here tonight in her regal presence. She says flattery will get him everywhere. She says it was his idea to come out here and to share their vision for the future of TNA. She wants to start, and says that it is important that they start at the top with the TNA Champion, Magnus. Dixie says in a short time, has accomplished everything we hoped he would. He has class, dignity and integrity, something everyone should try to follow as he sets the bar high. She says their country and her nation, and even Spud’s little nation and the other little nations around the world, should emulate Magnus. The crowd hates her, and she says that if they all continue to follow her lead, they will all be very successful. In her 11 years she has dealt with investors and partners, and she hopes that she and MVP can work together and never be forgotten.

    Dixie wants to talk changes, and MVP has some ideas. Since meeting her and learning all about HER, he discovered that they agree on only one thing, that they will agree to disagree. She doesn’t know a headlock from a padlock. Her mismanagement has nearly brought TNA to its knees. He is MVP, and if she thinks he came to be a butler at a Paula Dean party, she is mistaken and her reign of terror is over. He will not be a hands off investor, he will be very, very hands on, and changes will take effect soon. Dixie, your party is over.

  • End scene.
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