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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 2.27.14

February 27, 2014 | Posted by Larry Csonka


  • Match times are not exact.
  • We get highlights from last week’s show.
  • Gunner is backstage, looking for James Storm. When Storm shows up, Gunner says he doesn’t have a chance in hell.
  • Dixie is not here tonight, so Magnus, EC3 and Bobby Roode have matchmaking power for the show.
  • MVP makes his way to the ring. MVP says big things are poppin, and Dixie’s BS is stopping. The half man and half amazing, jaw droppin, modern day Mack is back in London. He promises Gunner a rematch once he gets full control of TNA. But since the title was defended last week, Magnus defends the title against Joe at Lockdown. Joe now makes his way to the ring, followed by Magnus. MVP asks where Magnus’ Sugar Mamma is, and Magnus gets in the mic and says that Dixie is not here is because Magnus reminded her that this city is not what it used to be, due to people like MVP. The city has degenerated into crime and debauchery. This place has gone to hell ever since Magnus left. But when it comes to handling his business, all he needs is himself. MVP has a contract for their title match. MVP adds that he knows how Magnus has been defending his title, and at Lockdown, the Magnus rules will not be in effect, but the Joe rules will be. The match can only be won by submission or knockout.

    Joe signs the contract, and Magus is reluctant to sign and reminds Joe that he has a whole bag of tricks he hasn’t even used yet. He calls Joe an unrefined and dangerous animal, which is why the people chant Joe is gonna kill you. But remember, they put down dangerous animals. Magnus is an articulate, refined representative of the industry, which is why Joe will never again represent TNA as the champion. Magnus signs the contract and they go face to face. Magnus talks some trash and they brawl! Joe works over Magnus in the corner after a head butt, and is kicking the shit out of the champion. MVP watches on as referees pull Joe off. MVP then tells Joe to save it for the cage, but he chases Magnus up the ramp and continues the beat down.

  • We get footage of the Wolves winning the tag team titles over the weekend and the BroMans wanting to get revenge. They find Bobby Roode and want to be on his Lockdown team to get revenge. He says they lost to the Wolves, just like Bad Influence. Tonight the Wolves vs. Bad Influence vs. The BroMans is set, if they win they are in.

    Non-Title Match: The BroMans (Jessie and Robbie) vs. The Wolves © (Richards and Edwards) vs. Bad Influence (Daniels and Kaz)

    Richards and Daniels to begin. Shoulder block by Daniels, off the ropes and an arm drag by Richards. Another, a roll up follows for 2. Richards into a submission, Edwards stops Kaz and gets a surfboard on Kaz. Kicks by Richards, Daniels cuts him off, tags in Kaz but arm drags by Richards. Tag to Edwards, works the arm, quick tags by the Wolves as they double-team Kaz. Crowd likes that. Kaz tries to beg off, kicks by Richards. Cheap shot by Daniels, who then trips up Richards, allowing Kaz to get control of things. Tag to Daniels, some double teams on Edwards including kicks and elbow drops and a cover gets 2. Daniels sends Richards to the floor, which allows Bad Influence to beat down Edwards. Daniels tags in, Richards escapes a double suplex and gets an Enziguri on Kaz. Tag to Edwards and a sweet suplex into a facebuster on Kaz gets 2. Bad influence fights back, toss up neck breaker/powerbomb combo gets 2. Edwards now battles back, pack back stunned on Kaz gets 2 as the BroMans make the save. Edwards with a dive onto Daniels! Edwards with the double stomp to the back of Kaz. Richards up top and hits the double stomp on Kaz, Robbie had blind tagged in, tosses Richards and steals the pin!


  • : The BroMans @ 6:00 via pin

  • EC3 got to pick his own opponent tonight, due to Aunt D’s directions. He will also expose Angle’s truth as Angle goes into the Hall of Fame. EC3 plans to become the new face of American wrestling.

  • Bobby Roode meets with Austin Aries. They argue over the “fluke” when Aries won the title. They discuss the Lockdown match, and Roode says Aries cannot trust MVP. Aries says he cannot trust Roode either. Aires then says this is all about Roode getting 10% of TNA. Roode says Aries has to make the right decision.

  • EC3 announces Douglas Williams as his opponent. EC3 says just like the US will win the World Cup in SOCCER, he will defeat him tonight.

    Ethan Carter III vs. Douglas Williams

    Williams opens up with rights and uppercuts. Back spinning elbow off the ropes, to the corner and uppercuts and rights follow. Crowd LOVES Williams. Knee strike in the corner by Williams. EC3 fires back, boot by Williams and up top and a back elbow connects! Sneaky low blow by EC3, and he hits the 1 percenter (away from the hard camera) on Williams and that is all.


  • : EC3 @ 2:00 via pin

  • EC3 then attacks after the bell and applies a knee bar to add to the defeat.
  • James Storm arrives.

  • James Storm makes his way to the ring. He says that he doesn’t run or hide, so if Gunner wants to know why he did what he did last week, well here he is. Gunner makes his way to the ring. Storm tells Gunner to hear him out, but Gunner wants to bash his head in. Storm says he screwed him last week, and he had it planned out since Gunner stole the title shot from him. Storm wanted Gunner to know how it felt. But when Gunner handed him the tag title briefcase, like a dog looking for scraps, well he doesn’t take a back seat to anyone. Storm says Gunner was NOTHING before they teamed, and says Gunner used him to make a name for himself and Gunner never thanked him. Gunner says it is sad that Storm believes that, because Gunner worked for everything he got. He stood by Storm, and the reason Storm can sit home and drink cold beer because of Gunner and soldiers like him. Storm says no one cares about Gunner, but Gunner says his friends and family cared. Storm says no one owes Gunner a damn thing. Gunner attacks and they brawl. Storm tries to use a chair, misses and then bails through the crowd.

  • After the break, Gunner says Storm will have to go through him.
  • Magnus is in the ring and is pissed about Joe cheap shotting him. Magus found someone to take care of him. Since he couldn’t find anyone in the UK

    Samoa Joe vs. Bad Bones

    Joe rushes the ring and Bones attacks him right away. Joe back with jabs in the corner, and then delivers knee strikes. Face wash in the corner, and the running boot connects. Joe sets Bones on the top, MUSCLE BUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAA connects. Choke by Joe applied and Bones is done.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Samoa Joe @ 1:00 via submission

  • MVP meets with Austin Aries, who feels he is so popular he could run for president. MVP says he needs a decision on Lockdown. Aries says he is on the fence, and MVP says Roode would say anything to get him on his team. Aries feels MVP would do the same and says you cannot trust anyone. Aries isn’t just about money, he wants to be the greatest. Aries wants MVP to prove it and wants to see things up close and personal. He wants to referee their match. MVP wants to know what will stop Aries from screwing him. MVP says he will take the chance and makes Aries the referee, and tells MVP that he needs to be ready because Roode is the real deal.

    Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame Ceremony

    Jeremy Borash discusses Kurt Angle’s career accomplishments, overcoming his broken FREAKEN neck and his arrival in TNA. We now get a special video package on Angle’s career. Angle now makes his way to the ring. Borash welcomes him to the TAN Hall of Fame, and presents him with a Rolex. Angle and Borash hug, and Angle now has the mic. Angle thanks the fans for the ovation, and says this is an honor. This isn’t all about him or TNA, this is really about all of the fans. Because without the fans, TNA would not exist. He was supposed to accept this in October, but he didn’t think that he was in the best of places, both personally and professionally. He says he had to do some soul searching and change things, and after over four months, he is ready to accept here in London, England. From getting himself clean and his matches with Bobby Roode, all he can do it thank people that helped. He thanks the good lord, his beautiful wife who was his rock, his kids who he wants to make proud, the amazing talent in the back and each and every one of the fans. Tonight is a great night to be Kurt Angle, God bless…

    EC3 now makes his arrival and says he is all emotional about this, but he just so happens to have a touching tribute video of his own. It is a comical pop up video presentation of EC3 beating down Angle a few weeks ago. He then says he is depriving the fans of the big news. Angle asks what the news is and invites EC3 to the ring to share this news. EC3 heads to the podium and has a paper that says “I beat Sting (and hurt Kurt)”. He says that he has a report that says Angle suffered an ACL an MCL injury due to the savage attack of EC3, and may never be able to perform again. EC3 apologizes and say she got out of hand. He just wanted to send a message, but out of respect to Angle, he feels Angle should retire. Angle asks why EC3 would get in the ring when he knows Angle would rip out his throat. EC3 says his knee is torn up, and unless there is an Olympic sport for gimping, he would be able to get away. Angle says EC3 should have went to the source to confirm this, while EC3 says the internet is always right 50% of the time. Angle says as the source he is correct all of the time. Angle says no torn MCL, no torn ACL; do you want to be in this ring right now? EC3 says he really doesn’t. Angle knows EC3 is looking to make a name for himself and attacks. Angle is limping after sending EC3 to the floor. Angle then says that MVP gave him a hall of fame gift, a match with anyone he wanted at Lockdown. He chooses EC3.

    Lei’D Tapa and Alpha Female w/Kim and Sabin vs. Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky

    Tapa and Rayne to begin. Rayne with rights and kicks, then tries to go after Kim. That fails as Tapa attacks her. Rayne escapes, tags to Sky and Alpha Female tags in. Leg kicks by Sky, but she plays the power game and slams Sky to the corner. More kicks by Sky. Sabin on the apron, Sky pulls him in and looks for the In Yo Face, but Alpha Female stops that. Tags to Tape and Rayne. Dropkick by Rayne, kicks follow. Tapa slams her to the corner, and then slams her to the mat. Ta[a to the second rope, leaps off and misses a splash. Rayne makes a cover, but Sabin distracts the ref, Kim sneaks in for a cheap shot, and Tapa hits the TKO stunner for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Lei’D Tapa and Alpha Female @ 3:00 via pin

  • Sabin jumps around and celebrates. Sky goes after him and Alpha Female attacks and puts Sky in the full nelson. Tapa and Kim beat down Rayne, but ODB makes the save. ODB tosses Sabin, clotheslines Tapa to the floor. Sabin pulls out Alpha Female before Sky can hit the In Yo Face.
  • Tiger Uno is coming.
  • Samuel Shaw claims Christy Hemme was in trouble last week and he helped her. He would do anything to help her and will prove that.

  • Samuel Shaw makes his way to the ring, and Christy Hemme doesn’t look thrilled to see him. Shaw quotes Emerson and says to be great is to be misunderstood. He says Hemme misunderstood him. He asks her to come into the ring, and she refuses. He promises to respect her space and to clear all of this up. She gets into the ring, and Shaw says he enjoyed their time together, and he thinks deep down inside her, she enjoyed it as well. He has respected her space, but there are certain men that will not respect her wish, He sees how they look at her, and how they lust for her, and he is simply here to protect her. Those men want one thing from her, but he wants more. He wants everything…

    Mr. Anderson is now out, obviously pissed about Shaw’s attack from last week. Shaw says that Anderson is one of those guys that only wants one thing, and she is lucky he was there for her. Anderson says to shut up and calls him a creepy bastard. He then says that his relationship with Hemme is not real, but what is real is a real ass whoopin! Shaw says he is not creepy, he has been a gentleman with Hemme. But even if he were to do something to Hemme, he says she would be receptive. Because women like Hemme, are always available. Hemme slaps Shaw, and he then uses her as a shield when Anderson hits the ring. Shaw tosses Hemme into Anderson, and then Shaw locks in his standing choke on Anderson. Anderson fights, but Shaw drags him to the mat and Anderson is out. The crowd chants creepy bastard at Shaw.

  • New wacky Willow promo!
  • James Storm is on his way to fight Gunner.

  • Back from commercial and Storm and Gunner are brawling outside the arena, likely in some kind of parking garage. They brawl for a few minutes until agents Al Snow and Pat Kenny arrive to break it up. Gunner promises that Storm will be done at Lockdown.
  • Tenay says that match is official for Lockdown.
  • Three weeks ago, Eric Young unmasked Abyss. Abyss then said he was going to find someone who understands him, and that he would fix things. EY says he hasn’t heard from Abyss, but says he needs help. All he knows is that we better hope the guy he was in the ring with doesn’t come back.
  • Austin Aries got his referee’s outfit from the late 90s Shawn Michaels collection.

    Bobby Roode vs. MVP w/Austin Aries and the Special Referee

    And here we go with our main event of the evening. Lock up, they work around the ropes and battle for control. To the corner, and Aries makes sure that there is a clean break. Lock up again, side headlock takedown for MVP. Roode escapes with a head scissors. MVP roils, head stand and escape and then backs off and mocks Roode. Aries seemed impressed. Lock up again, go behind by Roode and then shoves MVP away, showing he can play mind games as well. Lock up, side headlock by MVP. Elbow strikes by Roode, off the ropes and a shoulder block by MVP. Some counters, they both try hip tosses, fail, clothesline by MVP and a cover for 2. Roode takes MVP to the corner, a whip and counter, and a big boot by MVP connects. MVP was looking for a tornado DDT, but Roode escapes and pulls him off the ropes and he crashes hard. Roode with a Rick Rude like neck breaker and a cover gets 2. Knees to the back of Roode, a snap mare and into a side headlock for Roode. Roode in control, but MVP gets to his feet and escapes. Off the ropes, boot by Roode and then connects with the block buster. Roode covers for 2. Suplex by Roode connects, and then Roode misses a knee drop. MVP with jabs to Roode, big right follows. To the corner, corner clothesline by MVP and more rights follow. Overhead toss by MVP, kips up and hits a facebuster and Roode is down. Ballin elbow drop connects for MVP, and then hits the Perfectplex for a close 2. Roode counters the playmaker, but a boot by MVP. Shining wizard countered by Roode into a spinebuster for 2. Roode and Aries argue, and Roode looks for the Roode bomb, MVP escapes and hits the playmaker for a close 2. MVP argues with Aries, they trades rights with Roode. MVP now fires away, but Roode fires back and then hits an Enziguri. Northern lariat by Roode is countered by a basement dropkick. MVP sets for the shining wizard, but Aries LEVELS him with the rolling elbow! Roode bomb on MVP and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode @ 10:00 via pin

  • Austin Aries has picked Team Dixie and has sided with Bobby Roode.
  • End scene.
  • Thanks for reading.

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