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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 3.06.14

March 6, 2014 | Posted by Larry Csonka


  • Match times are not exact.
  • We get highlights from last week’s show.
  • Bobby Roode, DJ Zema Ion and the BroMans make their way to the ring. They show footage of the BroMans regaining the TNA Tag Titles in Japan. Roode says in three days he will own 10% of TNA, and things will be done the Roode way. The only thing in his way is MVP. Austin Aries now makes his way out to the ring. Aries says not to get ahead of himself, because when he made his decision last week, he did so for what was best for him. Aries helped him beat MVP last week, and everyone knows it. He knows 10% isn’t a big piece of the pie but he wants a piece. Roode says that they have to win the match, and then they can talk business. Aries says that they will talk now; they will split the 10% when they win. Robbie is upset about this, and says the BroMans will be the deciding factors. Jessie and he will want part of the pie as well. Roode says he came to them, he is the captain of the team, and he calls the shots. At Lockdown, priority #1, they have to win the match. Aries says not to worry, because when he made the call to join his team, he changed the game. There is no one that measures up to him that can help MVP.

    MVP now makes his way to the ring, along with the Wolves. MVP says he is a trusting guy, and gave a chance to Aries, but fool me once. He admits he had to do some hustling to get a fourth member of his team. The man who will join them is…

    Dixie Carter now makes her way out to stop that announcement. Dixie tells MVP his decision will not matter. She doesn’t even care who his fourth member is, because she spent last week in New York securing the victory for her team. This company means more than anything to her, and she will stop at nothing to keep control. MVP understands her, and says humor him and allow him to make his an announcement. His man is a former world champion, and a good friend of his. Dixie says it doesn’t matter, but says if he wants to tell her, go ahead. The man that will be the fourth member of his team is Jeff Hardy. Dixie says no way and says he is under a TNA contract, and she suspended him when he walked out. MVP says Hardy will be part of his team no matter what she says. She adds over her dead body. Roode gets pissed and into MVP’s face, and says it doesn’t matter, in three days, he will own 10% of TNA. And they all brawl!

    Elimination Match For The Man Advantage at Lockdown: Bobby Roode, Austin Aries & Robbie vs. MVP & The Wolves (Richards and Edwards)

    Back from commercial and the match begins. Robbie and Edwards to begin, Edwards taken to the heel corner and gets beaten down. Tag to Roode, he hits a suplex and covers for 2. Tag to Aries, off the ropes with the elbow to the arm and a cover for 2. Tag to Robbie, they work over Edwards in the corner, and a clothesline by Robbie gets 2. Knee by Robbie, Edwards counters and gets a tag to MVP. Off the ropes and a flapjack to Robbie. Shining wizard stomp by MVP and Robbie is eliminated. Roode in and attacks MVP. Back elbow off the ropes by MVP, tag to Edwards, he and Richards with double teams to Roode and a cover gets 2. Roode fights back with elbows, tags in Aries, who takes out MVP. Double teams by Roode and Aries, shotgun dropkick by Aries BRAIN BUSTER on Edwards and he is eliminated. We’re 3 minutes in. Aries and Richards are in now. Crowd chanting for Aries as they face off and exchange rights ad forearm strikes. Sidekick by Richards, handspring head kick by Richards. Aries comes back with a spinning elbow. Tags to Roode and MVP. They trade rights, and then forearms. Clothesline by MVP gets 2 as Aries makes the save. Aries distracts MVP, and Roode rolls him up and has his feet on the ropes with help from Aries and MVP is eliminated @ 5:00. Roode and Aries vs. Richards now. A knee and clubbing right by Roode and he takes control. He beats down Richards in the corner, and chokes him out with his boot. Tag to Aries, boot to the gut. Shot to the corner, back elbow and bulldog by Aries and a cover gets 2. Tag back to Roode, side back breaker follows and a cover gets 2. Roode tosses Richards to the floor, Aries up top and hits the double axe handle. Tosses Richards back in and Roode covers for 2. Tag to Aries, double teams on Richards, and Aries covers for 2. Richards battles back against a double team, tosses them together and Aries to the floor. Richards fires up and gets the corner knee strike to Roode. Richards up top, DOUBLE STOMP misses, he rolls through and they trade counters, Richards into a rolling single leg crab. Aries in with a chair shot to Richards, and that is a DQ on Aries. He continues the attack on Richards, and targets the shoulder. Aries is out and Roode tells Hebner to ring the bell, but Edwards is out to check on Richards. Other refs are out to check on him as they debate what to do next. MVP is out as well as they go to commercial…


  • : Undecided @ 10:00

  • Richards was taken to the back during the commercial break. There is no official winner apparently.
  • Edwards asks the trainer how bad it is, and Earl Hebner will give them one hour for him to get back to the ring or they forfeit. The trainer says that will not happen.
  • We get highlights of Samuel Shaw being creepy. He says when Hemme slapped him, it was beautiful. He cannot wait to create something more beautiful when he goes to the ring tonight.

  • Hemme left the ringside area because Shaw was coming out.
  • Ken Anderson makes his way out and says that tonight Hemme will be no where here the match because of that freakin guy. However, playing the part of Christy Hemme is Anderson, Anderson. Anderson announces Shaw as “Creepy Bastard”. He then says Young’s beard weighs in at “two and a half stones”.

    Sam Shaw vs. Eric Young

    Anderson distracted Shaw and Young rolled him up for 2. Mounted rights in the corner by Young, and Shaw seemed to like the punishment. Shaw back with a shot to the throat of Young, and then chokes him out in the corner. Anderson keeps trying to distract Shaw, who is on control. This allows Young to fight back with rights, Flair corner flip by Young, strut and then slides in and gets a flying forearm. Belly to belly by Young and a cover gets 2. Shaw to the floor, Young follows and Shaw tosses a drink into Young’s face. Shaw attacks Anderson and we get the bell.


  • : No Contest @ 3:00

  • Shaw chokes out Anderson on the floor, and the crowd chants creepy bastard at him. Shaw then announces that he will go back and claim what is rightfully his.
  • We see Hemme looked afraid backstage. RUN!
  • The trainer checks on Richards, and MVP says to take care of him and he will be back. MVP says he needs heart from him, and he signed them because they were two of the best on the planet.

  • MVP looks for Austin Aries, and is pissed. He charges into his locker room and tries to attack him, and is held back. He says he sees how it is and says Aries has no character.
  • Highlights on EC3 injuring Angle and then from last week’s altercation during Angle’s Hal of Fame induction.
  • Dixie Carter is trying to do an interview, and EC3 arrives to check on her. She says he needs to beat Angle on Sunday, and EC3 knows his knee is not 100%. Remember, you’re a Carter. He discusses the MVP situation, and she says she hasn’t worked as hard as she did to allow him to take control.
  • Samuel Shaw creeps for Christy Hemme.

  • Back from commercial, and more creeping from Shaw. He enters the ladies locker room and finds a partially undressed Velvet Sky. Shaw asks where Hemme is, and Sky says she is in the make up room. He leaves and thanks her.
  • EC3 hits the ring and calls out Kurt Angle for sucker punching him last week. You don’t ever sucker punch a Carter. He looked up to Angle and got into wrestling because of him. But he also knows you should never meet your heroes, because THEY WILL SUCKER PUNCH YOU. In three days, they meet in a cage, and he knows Angle is happy he can use the cage as a weapon, but Angle will do that because Angle is afraid of EC3’s submission skills, and his LEG LOCK. He can tear his knee apart with the leg lock, and will tear his whole leg down. EC3 says he has accepted and defeated every challenge. He defeated Sting to become the new Icon of wrestling, and Sunday, he will defeat Angle and become the new face of American wrestling. After this Sunday, he will be dubbed the American Icon! We’re printing money he says.

    Angle now makes his way out, and he is limping. Angle is not impressed with the new name, and calls EC3 an American asshole. In three days, he will end EC3’s short and pitiful career. But Angle doesn’t want to wait, and since they are here, lets do this. Angle rolls into the ring and EC3 bails. The crowd chants for Angle.

  • As Angle tries to leave the ringside area, EC3 returns and attacks the knee. Chop block by EC3, and then tosses Angle into the ring. Basement dropkick to the knee by EC3, and then elbow drops to the knee follow. EC3 gets his leg lock and looks to take out Angle before the PPV. Refs are in to try and break it up and finally do as EC3 is very happy with what he just did.
  • MVP gives the Wolves a pep talk, and says the stakes are high. He believes in Richards and wants to see the strong style spirit. Richards recalls a moment from Japan, and seems motivated to compete.

  • We get a video package for Kenny King. The King of the Night.

    Velvet Sky, ODB & Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim, Alpha Female & Lei’D Tapa w/Chris Sabin

    Rayne attacks Kim right away and the match starts. Northern lights suplex by Rayne, and Tapa tries to stop her, which allows Kim to dropkick her in the back. Kicks by Kim, misses a corner splash and a tag to ODB. To the corner and a splash by ODB. Bronco buster by ODB follows, and then stacks her up for the 2 count. ODB nails Alpha Female and Tapa, but Kim cuts her off and tags in Tapa. Back breaker drop by Tapa, she then shoots ODB to the corner, a splash connects and ODB is down. Tapa tries to intimidate the ref, which allows ODB to fight back with rights. Chops by ODB follows, and she then rolls for a tag to Sky. Alpha Female in as well, clotheslines by Sky, which do nothing. Kicks follow, and then a neck breaker takes Alpha Female down and Sky covers for 2. it breaks down, all six in and brawling. Sabin in with the chain, and it is now just he and Sky in the ring. He is pissed she broke up with him and calls her stupid and a skank. Sky slaps him, he charges her, she low bridges him and he flies to the floor. Alpha Female in and looks for the full nelson, drop down and kick by Sky. Hits in yo face and pins Alpha Female.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Velvet Sky, ODB & Madison Rayne @ 5:00 via pin

  • Samuel Shaw creeps on Hemme, by searching for the makeup room. He’s a polite creeper.

  • We get a wacky Willow promo. We hateses the Carterses.
  • Creeping Samuel Shaw looks for Hemme, but instead finds Ronnie Garvin Ken Anderson in a bad red wig. They brawl. Anderson then spreads makeup on Shaw’s face and continues the beat down. Anderson warns Shaw to stop messing with Hemme, or he will be in a bad way. Shaw laughs it off and says he will see them both on Sunday.
  • We get a video package for Storm vs. Gunner.
  • Gunner makes his way out to the ring. He says over the past few weeks a lot has changes. He takes life day by day and takes shit as it comes. He works hard for everything he has. When he won the briefcase, things changed with Storm, and a rage developed, one he never saw. He never thought Storm would stab him in the back. At lockdown, they will be in a steel cage, and when they go into the cage, bad things will happen. Gunner says he will become a different man. That cage will become a battlefield.

    Storm then makes his way out. Storm says that Gunner uses the military stuff as an excuse. Just like when he is older, he will say he lost the title of Storm costing him for the title. Storm then says in three days ay Lockdown, pack your lunch because this will be an all day ass whippin. Gunner wants the fight because he has something to prove to everyone. He will prove that he is the tougher man. Gunner then says lets make it a last man standing match to see who the real man is. Storm is insulted that Gunner wants to test his manhood. He is the man here, he has been the champion, something Gunner will never be. Storm says Gunner should pray to his God, because Storm will cut him down. LOW BLOW to Gunner, and then a last call superkick to lay out Gunner.

  • Roode is tired of waiting on Richards, and makes Brian Hebner go to the ring with him.
  • Richards gets taped up.

  • Roode makes his way out to the ring. He says Richards has had his hour, and he is too injured to compete, so he tells Brian Hebner to count him out and award him the match. He rings the bell and starts counting, and here comes Richards.

    For The Man Advantage at Lockdown: Bobby Roode vs. Davey Richards

    Roode attacks the shoulder immediately, and takes Richards to the corner. He slams the shoulder off the post, back in and continues his assault on the arm. Richards fights back with rights, but Roode slams the arm to the mat, and then knee drops the shoulder. Stomps to the shoulder follow for Roode, but then misses a knee drop. Richards with a boot, tries to go up top, but the shoulder is too injured. He manages to get a leg whip on Roode in the ropes, and follows with rights. They trade shots, off the ropes, enziguri to Roode. Richards low bridges Roode as he charges, and Roode flies to the floor. Richards then follows with a suicide dive that connects. Richards rolls Roode back in, heads up to slowly, and hits a missile dropkick and covers for 2. Richards tries to fire himself up, lays in the kicks to Roode, misses the head shot and Roode tries the Roode bomb, countered into a sunset flip for2. Richards then gets the single leg crab. Roode escapes with kicks to the shoulder, Richards then charges Roode, who moves and Richards hits the post with the bad shoulder. Roode bomb, and then the cross face and Richards taps.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode @ 5:00 via submission

  • Roode then applies an arm bar post match, MVP and Edwards run him off.
  • Tigre Uno is coming to Lockdown.
  • Magnus meets with Dixie, who says she has the Lethal Lockdown match all set. Magnus asks about the bigger picture, himself. Dixie asks what their strategy for Sunday is. Dixie says why doesn’t Magnus back up his mouth and beat Joe on Sunday. She’s super serial.


    Joe makes his way to the ring for the final face off with Manus prior to Sunday’s PPV. Joe says if Magnus has one shred of courage left, he will come to the ring to see what Joe has to say. Magnus arrives and says that Joe should know better than that, better than to question Magnus’ courage and manhood. Magnus says they know each other better than anyone else. In this building, and in this ring, they won titles in TNA and Japan, and then Joe turned on hi. Then in the BFG Series, the spotlight was on Magnus, and then looks who wants to team with Magnus. The Main Event Mafia was a joke, and when the Mafia was gone, he became the main event and champion, and he says Joe cannot stand that. Joe is full of rage, and the rage will be Joe’s undoing. Magnus has a fear of Joe, Joe is a bad man and has been champion before. But how many times has Joe had the chance to be the top man and blown it because of his rage? Magnus knows Joe cannot control the rage, which makes him vulnerable and weak. Magnus will defeat Joe and walk out as the champion. Magnus drops his mic, and Joe says that everything he said is absolutely true, accept his perception is a bit off. Joe says sometimes he has a problem, because he wants to drink the pain of his opponents and drink their blood Sometimes he blacks out and gets crazy and doesn’t understand the things he does. The rules of wrestling are not conducive to his rage, but this will be Joe’s rules, and which is KO or tap out, and we know Magnus knows how to tap pout. When you come into the cage, and you stare across from him, know her will drink your pain, shed your blood and you will not walk out the champion, in fact, you won’t walk out at all. Magnus attacks with a head butt, and tries to beat Joe down, but Joe fires back and gets the choke and Magnus starts tapping!

  • End scene.
  • Thanks for reading.
  • Join me Sunday night for coverage of the TNA Lockdown PPV!

     photo lockdownmain_zps23cb5a17.jpg

    Updated TNA Lockdown Card

  • Steel Cage Match: The Great Muta, Senada & Tigre Uno vs. Bad Influence & Chris Sabin
  • Steel Cage Match: Samuel Shaw vs. Ken Anderson
  • Steel Cage Last Man Standing Match: James Storm vs. Gunner
  • Steel Cage Match: Ethan Carter III vs. Kurt Angle
  • TNA Knockouts Title Steel Cage Match: Madison Rayne © vs. Gail Kim
  • Lethal Lockdown Match For Control of “Wrestling Operations”: Team Dixie (Bobby Roode, Austin Aries & The BroMans) vs. Team MVP (MVP, Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards & Jeff Hardy)
  • TNA World Title Steel Cage Match: Magnus © vs. Samoa Joe

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