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411’s TNA Turning Point Impact Report 08.19.15

August 19, 2015 | Posted by Aaron Scott

Welcome everyone to 411’s Turning Point Report! My name is Aaron Scott, This is your Turning Point Impact Report from Destination America. As seen above, PJ Black is your new King of the Mountain, and he has earned the right to challenge Ethan Carter III for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Gail Kim faces the evil Dollhouse in Six Sides of Steel. Drew Galloway fights Eli Drake in a No Disqualifications match. Mr. Anderson faces Bram in an Open Mic Challenge. Plus will the mystery attacks continue? Already Bully Ray and Galloway have suffered attacks, who will be next? Jeff Jarrett is on hand as the friendly rivalry between GFW and TNA continues, all this and much more. Card subject to change, match times are not exact, it is time for the TNA Turning Point Impact Report from 411!


We open with an impressive video package featuring the highlights of the start of TNA vs GFW.

Planet Jarrett Week 2

Jeff and Karen make their way to the ring, Josh Matthews and Pope Daddy on commentary. Jarrett in his Global Force shirt wants to know how Orlando is doing. Let’s talk about last week’s show, Jarrett giving GFW credit for revitalizing TNA. Jarrett wants to top himself, so he’s going to make history. For the very first time, a Global Force athlete in PJ Black, the new King of the Mountain will challenge a TNA World Champion in EC-


Ethan Carter III enters with Tyrus and he is not sorry and doesn’t give a shit about Jarrett. This isn’t his league, this is the house the Carters built. Ethan says Jarrett doesn’t want any part of the World Champion. He refuses to give Black the title defense. Karen steps up and tells EC3 Jarrett founded TNA and has maintained his ownership. She questions if Carter is mad because Jarrett took over and if he’s the one who attacked Ray and Galloway. Ethan mocks her stupid allegations and says he’s going home with the title.

Jarrett threatens to go to Aunt Dixie and call the board of directors, and if he won’t work the main event his title reign is over. Carter is none too pleased as Jeff heads to the back.

We go through a card run down by our announcers and then to Galloway entering the Impact Zone as he is not pleased with being attacked, and he blames Eli Drake. Head up to the ring for our first match of the night!

Mr. Anderson vs Bram

Open Mic Challenge

Bram attacks with fists as Anderson has brought the fight with a hiptoss and a counter into a neckbreaker! Anderson goes to the outside to pull out a table, and pummels on Bram before returning to set it up. Ken goes to the apron and hooks the man but Bram hangs on and the fans chant “WE WANT TABLES”


What the Jesus was that from Anderson? The fans are chanting his name as Ken Anderson returns to the ring, he has the ladder, he sets it up, and proceeds to go for the microphone. Bram is inside and shoves the ladder over before Anderson can get his microphone! Bram can barely stand as he tries to set up the ladder, slow to climb as he makes his way and Anderson has his leg. He misses the clothesline and Bram hits a chinlock slam from behind. Anderson has his ankle and Bram fights into his head, peppering him with shots and strikes him dow. Bram sets up and hits the Brighter Side of Suffering!

Bram once again scales the ladder and he — does not go for the mic? Bram comes down and instead slams the man’s face off the ladder! Bram lariats Anderson down and opts to take the ladder, close it, and sets it in the corner. Bram goes outside and takes out a chair from under the ring, tosses it in and does it with two more. Another chair! Bram throws in a fifth and he has to get a sixth! A seventh chair and Bram sends another and another to pile them on top.

Bram sets Anderson for the Brighter Side but gets reversed into a Mic Check, fights free and Ken instead whips him into the ladder! He drops Bram and continues to use the ladder to head up but Bram is able to slam his back and tries for the powerbomb off the ladder and goes it right into the chairs!

“TNA!” “TNA!” “TNA!”

Bram is up top and he has the microphone! Bram comes down, and talks trash as it hangs from the ceiling. Anderson rises as Bram is nuts, ducks the shot and hits the Mic Check into the chairs!! Anderson on Bram and beats into the man’s head with the mic as the fans count out the strikes! Anderson slaps it on, and

“BRAM, I couldn’t understand a freaking word you just said. I want you to understand this. My name is


He hits the strike with the mic and Bram is down! The cover!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mr. Anderson at 9:05, Mic Shot

Backstage Bobby Roode is in Jeff’s face. He demands Jarrett needs to answer some questions, he says last week Jarrett disrespected him by not putting him in the King of the Mountain Match. Jarrett tells him he has too much to deal with, talking about the attacks. Bobby takes offense saying he didn’t do anything and Jarrett says he wasn’t saying he did, and blows off Roode to head for Dixie.

Backstage Carter mocks Jarrett saying he didn’t attack anyone, and Jarrett doesn’t need to accuse him or put the title on the line. Carter makes a plea to his Aunt Dixie to do the right thing and prevent them from stripping him of the title belt.

What does the future hold for The Revolution?

Storm says he’s extreme and there are those that say he’s been accused of being too rough on Khoya. The Revolution surround Storm, Abyss, Manik, are waiting as Shera walks his way out of the back. Storm says he understands why Khoya is cautious and maybe he was too rough on him. He promises him safety because he wants to talk man to man. The fans don’t buy it.

Storm tells Shera the reason he was hard on him was because he wanted to test his strength. When Shera arrived in the U.S. Storm taught him and took him into his home. Shera may have wanted a great living for his family, but dying ain’t much of a living boy. He wants a new pledge to The Revolution.

Shera says he did everything for Storm. And he did nothing for him.


And he tells Storm he doesn’t need to get slapped, he isn’t trash. He likes to fun. He likes to dance and these people like it as well! The fans are dancing as Shera goes to the outside and gets the fans to dance his style as Storm just stands there seething. Shera gets the crowd dancing and he talks to Manik,trying to get the man to follow him, and makes him dance as the crowd is cheering. Storm tells of Manik and goes up to Shera.


Storm tells Shera he is just like the people. He’s nothing but a joke!


Shera attacks Storm and Abyss nails him! Abyss hits the Chokeslam and they tell Manik to go to the top! Manik is slow to climb but he hits the Frogsplash anyways. The audience is booing and Storm hits the Last Call Superkick!

“Sooner or later! I’m gonna cut you down!”

Storm slaps and spits on Shera, and he shoves Manik away. The Revolution stand over Shera.

Backstage PJ Black is with Jeremy Borash, he tells Carter to do the right thing and defend his title. Everyone knows to bet on Black. Eric Young storms in and tells him he’s done putting up with PJ’s shit. He’s gonna take whatever he wants. Eric tells Black he can’t stop him and crazies off.

Gail Kim vs The Dollhouse

Six Sides of Steel

The Dollhouse have their “Doll Parts” entrance as the Six Sides of Steel has been set up. They recap how Taryn broke Gail’s finger and the lights go out… Earl Hebner is your Referee as Kim enters the cage, the lights come up Gail is prepared to face both Marti Belle and Jade in this handicap match.

Strategy session and both miss attacks on Gail, and she hits a double clothesline! Dropkick to send Jade into Marti! Belle on Kim as she attacks Jade and a chokehold from Jade into Gail, sent to the cage and kick to the guts from Jade. Marti with the lackadaisical pin and an easy kickout. Kim in the corner, Marti whipped into charging knee, Jade whipped into a Roll N Slice. Cover by Jade gets a kickout at two.

Welcome back as Gail has Marti in an armbar scissors lock and Jade kicks her partner free! Marti chokes out Gail and sends her into the cage! Jade sends Gail into the cage! Cover and a kickout at two. Marti with the camel clutch and she make her humble! Jade slams the baseball slide and Marti goes for the cover, only gets a two. The Dollhouse begin to climb the cage as Gail slowly rises, she climbs up in between and battles them woozy then hits a hurricanrana on Jade!

Marti attacks and beats Gail down giving Jade enough time to powerbomb raise and run Gail into the cage and deposit her on the top rope. The Dollhouse climb to hit kicks to the seated Kim and she kicks them down! They rise and she flies clear off the cage to crossbody them down! Gail hammers with shots and elbows, sending Jade into Marti and hits the Stinger Splash! Bulldog Headscissors takeover on The Dollhouse! Neckbreaker on Jade and Belle flies to break it up at two.

Marti stomps into Gail and both ladies set her up, Gail reverses out of the double team suplex to land the Double DDT! All women are down as Gail goes for the cage, beginning to climb and Gail asks the fans what to do! She drops down and going for Jade, sends her into the cage! She launches Marti! Splash into Jade! Splash into Marti! She climbs the corner and drags them both up but they throw her off! Jade misses the missile! Marti with the crossbody into Gail and misses to land on Jade!


OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim at 12:46, Eat Defeat

We recap Jarrett telling Carter he defends or he’s stripped. In the office, Jarrett the TNA Shareholder is telling Dixie that if Ethan refuses she only has one decision to make. Ethan walks in and tells her she shouldn’t give one of his guys a shot at their title. Dixie tells him he defends or the title’s off his shoulder. Carter smiles, laughs and Jarrett tells him we had better see him in the ring. Carter heads off without an answer.

Backstage Gail Kim is searching out Taryn Terrell…

Ethan Carter is furious and whines to Tyrus as Matt Hardy walks up. He tells Carter he’s going to stay in his vision, unless Carter is stripped. EC3 tells him he has a plethora of decisions to make. Tyrus tells him he has a problem with him, and Matt tells him he will face Tyrus and then come after Carter. Ethan is not happy and he kicks a damn box!

In the ring Eli Drake says maybe he did attack Drew, and he promises Drew if he did, tonight it ends. So he’s taking credit for the backstage attack? Well here comes Galloway so it’s time for No Disqualification.

Drew Galloway vs Eli Drake

No Disqualification

Eli attacks Drew on his way in the ring and Drew battles back to set Eli up with chops and a short-arm clothesline! Drew sends Eli over the top with a clothesline! Drake is hurting and Drew hits a snap suplex on the floor! He grabs a chair and misses! Eli tries for the chair and Drew regains control, ramming the man back into the apron. He beats on Drake across the stairs with a monster slap! He tries for Old School off the guardrail but eats the stairs instead. Drake fires a chair into the ribs and beats down across the face of Galloway.

Chasing him back inside, Eli hits the pointed elbow into the neck! Drake chokes up Galloway in the corner, he hits a snapmare and snaps the shot then registers a two. Eli wraps in the chinlock as Drew tries to fight out as the fans chant


Eli hits a Tilt a Whirl Powerslam and mounts for punches then walks for the crowd. Eli has the tights and sends Drew through the ropes to the floor. Eli Drake is on the apron and hits the diving clothesline off the side! Drew slaps away with chops and Eli absorbs to cut him off and send Drew back inside. Both in the corner, cross corner whip but Drew explodes out with a tremendous clothesline! He slams haymakers into Eli and the crowd is in approval. Drew to the outside, he has a chair and shows it off. Back into the NO Eli kicks the rope, hits the DDT into the fallen chair!

Drake is hurting and only gets a two. Eli yells at the Referee and then takes the chair to wedge it in the right corner. Eli rams Drew down and sending him on the ropes, whips at the corner Drew reverses and ELI goes skullfirst into the chair! Galloway has his opportunity!

Drew stomping in the corner, #STANDSUP for the the no- Drew slides outside and a look to the fans, he pulls out a table! Galloway takes the table up and sends it inside, DRAKE BASEBALL SLIDES IT INTO DREW!

Galloway gets sent back inside the fans chant to no avail, Eli sends the table in next. Drake has a crutch, entering the ring and he misses the shot! OVERHEAD SUPLEX BY DREW! Galloway with the table in the corner, he throws the stomp into Eli! Whip at the table but Eli skids to miss and kicks the groin! He breaks the crutch over Drew’s back!

Eli slides another table in! He throws Drew on the table as Galloway can only lay there, Eli climbs up high and Drew kicks him in the face! Galloway lands knife edges into Drake and pulling the table closer, beats his former partner again and scaling the buckles, looks to the fans in the Impact Zone and AVALANCHE AIR RAID CRASH THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Drew Galloway at 9:42, Avalanche Air Raid Crash through a Table!

Backstage Velvet cuts off Taryn Terrell, and Gail Kim handcuffs her hand to a pole. Velvet walks the camera away as Gail looks to break her fingers with a pipe.

Crazy time with Eric Young

Inside the ring, Eric Young enters the ring and mocks Kurt Angle’s injury, taking full credit. He says that makes him the greatest wrestler in the world. That makes him the most dangerous man in Impact Wrestling. Tonight, he’s changing someone’s life forever-

And out comes Chris Melendez.

Melendez tells Eric he fought and will never give up. He wants a fight and Eric tells him he has nothing to prove to Melendez and tells him he has nothing he wants. He does the LEAVE to the crowd’s WHATs and Melendez wants a damn match and will do whatever it takes. Young says… there Is something that he hasn’t taken yet. Something he wants to put on his mantle- Chris’s leg. IF he does that then he’ll wrestle him one on one.

“Oh now you’re scared. Now you’re confused! I want something I want and I want your leg, punk!”

Chris accepts and Eric strikes him! Melendez reverses a piledriver with a backdrop!!

Chris yells as Eric is sent packing! The match has been set!

Backstage Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter are talking about Carter, Jeff wants to ask something but Dixie cuts him off, asking if they can settle the main event situation first. She has a plan in case he walks.

Matt Hardy vs Tyrus

This grudge match of sorts was booked when Matt Hardy promised to take out Carter’s heavy and then return to attack the World Champ. Matt fires into Tyrus but Tyrus absorbs and fights off only to take a jawbreaker. Hardy gets picked up and slammed down hard. Tyrus goes to the second and lands the Jackhammer! Matt wisely rolls outside to avoid the pin.

Tyrus heads after and drops the elbow. He rakes at the eyes with both hands from behind and misses the post charge to send himself into the pole. He tries to get inside and takes a bunch of kicks as Matt gets caught and Tyrus lands the T-Bone Suplex!! Tyrus runs and misses the Avalanche! Matt hits the Twist of Fate! A second one!! It’s over!!!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Hardy at 2:15, Twist of Fate x2



EC3 vs PJ Black

World Title Match

Black and EC3 battling and brawling as Carter beats him into the corner and Black reversing! Ethan retreats outside after a big slap and Flying Tope by PJ Black almost inton the camera! Flying Dropkick through the ropes and then a corkscrew dive over the top to take down Ethan! Carter sent back inside and a crossbody lands on knees as Carter manages a two!

Ethan sends PJ into the ropes, a chop and a second! Sent in, HIGH Back body drop to PJ Black! Carter with a textbook suplex, floats over, does not hook the leg and only gets two. Carter with the lock and traps the arm to keep PJ from fighting free. Black off the ropes and runs into a back elbow that sends him into a flip! Carter with the face and rips as the Ref counts. EC3 looks to the fans and then heads back to the attack- takes a strike to the guts! Carter slaps the shot and backdrop flipped over, PJ with the spinning heel kick, forearm and a flying cross to the corner and a springboard splash to take Carter down! PJ to the outside apron, climbing up as Ethan cuts him off!

Carter on the second as he wraps the head, all the way up top SUPERPLEX!!!!

Ethan for the pin and has the leg! Does not get it in time to get the pinfall! Carter is hurting but taking the man’s head over, sets for the no PJ counters, spinning back elbow, kick and sweep, MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP TWO COUNT ONLY.

PJ Black, the Darewolf springboards off the ropes but misses the moonsault! Schoolboy from Ethan as Black stands out of it and Carter deadlifts the raise into a sit out Powerbomb! TWO!!

Carter to the crowd as the fans are yelling and Ethan has the head, One Percenter countered into a sit out Powerbomb of Black’s own! Two Count only! Both athletes down! Strike from Black and Carter with the shot! Both men brawling and the fans are cheering as both trade shots! Kicks from PJ and Carter down, PJ to the apron SPRINGBOARD 450!! TWO COUNT ONLY!!!

Both men down as the fans are firmly cheering Black!

Black up top and Carter rams the ropes to crotch him! Sends him off the ropes and wraps the head, 1 PERCENTER!!!

EC3 has successfully defended the Championship! Carter is in the corner with his strap, PJ Black rolling out. Ethan Carter III is still World Champion.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ethan Carter III at 8:14, 1 Percenter

Backstage Dixie and Jarrett are impressed by Carter. And Jeff tells her next week, he would like to remain in charge. He wants to run Impact on a weekly basis. Dixie asks him if he’s serious. Jeff says he’s diving in. Carter has to talk about it but she feels good about it and thanks him for it. Jarrett is all smiles as he promises it’s just going to get better.

Next week:

World Tag Team Titles Match: THE WOLVES vs REVOLUTION
X-Division Title Match: TIGRE UNO vs SONJAY DUTT vs DJZ
Knockouts Title Match: VELVET SKY vs BROOKE

Thank you for joining! I appreciate you all, for 411Mania this is Aaron Scott saying see you next time! Good night from Turning Point!