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411’s WWE NXT Report 10.19.10

October 19, 2010 | Posted by Tony Acero

Hello muddafuckas, hey, hi, how ya dooeerrn! My name is Tony Acero and I’ve been given the task of following Steve Cook around with a tuba as well as doing his bidding for 3 months. Aside from holding his head up after the binge drinking of Jack and Coke, I will be taking over the helm as your official NXT Recapper. There’s really nothing fancy I’ll be doing here, just recapping the show for all the people who weren’t able to catch it. I’m hoping that above all else, it will be a thorough enough report so that you aren’t stressing for the rest of the week because you missed the show, I know how that can affect some people… With that being said, let’s get this show on the road!!

Last week, we had Bengay punches, gold-laced proposals, and an AJ filled competition where she not only one but completely destroyed the competition. How will they top it this week? As an aside, Cook was immensely in love with AJ and it showed in his report, but I assure you I will keep this as unbiased as possible in any way I can…..Actually, no, that’s a lie. I, too am an AJ fan and as cook said last week, any match she has is a two star minimum.


Your eyes are so deceiving, deadly as a loaded gun!

Matt Striker announces all the Rookies to the ring starting with Kaitlyn then Aksana, Naomi, A.J., and finally Maxine. He welcomes the ladies and congratulates A.J. and Naomi on their wins last week.

Vickie Guerrero claims she cannot sit there and listen to the way Striker talks about the Rookie Divas. It really grinds her gears. She asks Kaitlyn what she’s thinking wearing the outfit she is wearing, which doesn’t look too bad in my opinion. Vickie claims that she tried to let bygones be bygones and is re-commiting herself to coaching Kaitlyn and one of the things she needs to help Kaitlyn out with is her looks. She has gotten Kaitlyn a gift, a black hoodie. Kaitlyn tosses it to the ground and Maxine grabs a mic, asking Kaitlyn to just put it on so that the show can continue. Maxine claims that Kaitlyn has no respect and she would love if Vickie were her pro. Alicia Fox takes offense from the stage and asks what Maxine means by that while walking to the ring…damn she’s tall. Maxine says that it’s nothing personal, she just has a lot of respect for Vickie. Vickie clears it up by saying that Maxine is simply pointing out that Vickie has talent, charisma and the looks. Alicia challenges Vickie with a match between Maxine and Kaitlyn, claiming she can outcoach Vickie. Vickie accepts and we have Kaitlyn vs. Maxine RIGHT NOW!!


We return to Kaitlyn in the ring with the sweater on. A recap of 2 weeks ago with Kaitlyn being a homewrecker during Vickie’s match.

Match 1: Kaitlyn (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. Maxine (w/ Alicia Fox)

Kaitlyn keeps the sweater on. We start with a lock up and Kaitlyn tosses Maxine. Another lockup and a take down by Kaitlyn. Also of note, both Vickie and Alicia are wearing live microphones. Kaitlyn tosses Maxine to the corner and goes for a clothesline but Maxine with a kick then a clothesline of her own. Maxine goes for a pin but only gets a 1 count. In the corner now and Maxine with a couple shoulders to the midsection then a hair toss. Maxine uses the hood to cover Kaitlyns face and…choke her, I think….Maxine goes for a pin as Cole gets a phone call and leaves the announce table to take it. Back in the ring, Maxine has Kaitlyn in a rear naked then tosses a knee in her back. We keep going back to Cole and his phone call for no reason other to continue to insult the show and the performers. Back in the ring, Kaitlyn reverses the tide with a side slam and a pin for 2. Kaitlyn with a clothesline then what looks like possibly a spinebuster but was botched and ends up looking like they just both fell near the ropes. Kaitlyn with an ugly small package for 2. Maxine turns it into a Sunset flip for the win.

Winner: Maxine
The match was horrible and was only made worse by Cole and his phone call. Maxine has the aggression down and Kaitlyn is cute but neither of them can put together a good match, or at least not with each other.

We get a “Stand up for WWE” video and Cole pimps it hard. Then insults the show again by saying he wished he could cancel it. That marks insult 5, if you’re counting…and yeah, I am.

UP NEXT….”Who’s That Body”

Rookie Challenge: Who’s That Body
Striker explains the rules…sorta There will be a picture of the torso of a WWE Superstar and it will be up to the Rookie Divas to guess. They’ve got their air horns ready as the first body goes up.

Body 1: Cody Rhodes
Naomi blows her horn and guesses Cody Rhodes and his correct! Striker tells her that it’s a multiple choice question and they should wait for the choices (Which pretty much gets ignored the entire game)
Winner: Naomi (1)
Body 2: Kelly Kelly
Naomi blows and guesses McCool. Kaitlyn gets the next attempt and guesses correctly.
Winner Kaitlyn (1)
Body 3: John Morrison
Kaitlyn blows and guesses Morrison
Winner: Kaitlyn (2)
Body 4: Maryse
AJ first to blow, and guesses Melina. She’s wrong. Kaitlyn is next, guesses McCool. Naomi guesses Maryse after Striker gives her the three choices.
Winner: Naomi (2)
Body 5: John Cena
AJ blows the horn and guesses Cena
Winner: AJ (1)
Body 6: Gail Kim
Striker gives out the choices, Oksana guesses McCool who wasn’t one of the choices. haha. AJ guesses Gail Kim and is correct.
Winner: AJ (2)
Body 7: Koslov
Naomi guesses Regal and is wrong. Kaitlyn guesses Khali which makes no sense. Striker gives the three possible choices and Maxine guesses Koslov correctly.
Winner: Maxine (1)
Body 8: Melina
Naomi blows the horn before the choices and guesses Melina for the win.
Winner: Naomi (3)

Winner: Naomi
This was HOOORRRRIIIBBLLLEEEE!!!! I’ll give the girls some leeway considering Striker never said he was giving the girls choices before the game and instead did it after the first round, but after that the game just went to hell.

Matthews pimps the Main Event of Kelly Kelly and Naomi vs. The Bella Twins and we get a commercial for the High Flyers DVD.

We’re back and we get a recap of the Nexus/Cena fued/partnership with some mega-dramatic music. Seriously, like the death scene of

We go to the backstage area where Goldust thanks Aksana for saving the Million Dollar Belt. Goldust points out that even though it was a bit out of the blue, the proposal means all of her immigration problems will disappear. Apparently, in two weeks they will be married. Goldust says there’s one thing left that will make this official and gets down on both knees to give her a golden ring. Aksana is thankful and Goldust nearly goes in for a kiss but thinks better of it and shakes her hand. He offers her good luck and enhales how only Goldust can.

Rookie Challenge: LIMBO

Striker in the ring with the girls and introduces the next challenge, that of a Limbo game…We know the rules here, music plays and the girls go under then the bar is lowered and continues.

First Round: We start with Maxine. then Naomi, Aj next. Kaitlyn goes down for push ups for no reason then AJ hops on top for a quick minute. Aksana gives her ring a kiss before each attempt.

Next round: AJ goes down in push up position then Kaitlyn hops on her real quick. AJ has been eliminated.

Next round: No eliminations

Next round: No eliminations

Next round: Kaitlyn has been eliminated.

Next round: AJ is eliminated. Oksana is eliminated.

Next round: Maxine is eliminated and Naomi wins.

Winner: Naomi

I will admit, Maxine looked mega-hot each time she went under the bar and better the lower it got. Either way, Naomi picks up another win which gets her closer to immunity then the others.

Main Event: Kelly Kelly and Naomi vs. The Bella Twins

Kelly and…um….one of the twins start with a handshake. Lock up in the middle of the ring, Bella 1 goes for a clothesline and misses, Kelly with a Twilt-a-Whirl head scissors. Nicki with a drop toe hold then a sunset flip for 2. A double team move that I can’t see because the feed messes up knocks Kelly on her ass. Back up and Bri is now in after a tag with an arm lock. Kelly reverses it to a toss then a tag. Naomi in the ring now and starts to work on Bri’s arm. Naomi with a toss to the ropes then a dropkick. Nicki goes in the ring to check on Bri and goes for a Thesz press on Naomi with some hits for fun. The ref breaks both parties up and Naomi and Bri get back to the match. A handshake in the middle of the ring and Naomi with a hard right. Bri tags Nikki and Nikki starts puttin her finger all up in the face of Naomi. Irish whip to the corner than a clothesline. She locks Naomi in the middle of the ring as Kelly asks for help from the crowd. Feed messes up again and we come back with Nikki knocking Kelly off the apron then drags Naomi to the Bella Corner and tags her sister. Naomi gets tossed to the ropes and Nikki trips her up from the outside. Kelly yells at the ref and the twins pull the ol’ switcharoo. Nikki goes for the cover and it’s over!

Winners: The Bella Twins
The story here is a more aggressive edge in Nikki’s offense and attitude with Bri even showing a bit of remorse from pulling the Twin Magic move at the end. While I doubt this will amount to anything, it may help in differentiating the two as I didn’t know who started the match until midway through it. As for a match, it wasn’t too offensive, the two mess ups during the match made it so that I can’t give it a full rating and I don’t do stars, but Naomi looked good for the amount of time she was in there and that’s really all we should be noticing right now; the Rookies.

Well, shows over folks. Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing and if you didn’t, that’s what the comment’s section is for. Anything you want added or subtracted, feel free to let me know.

Goodnight everyone!


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