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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Eight Man Tag Match Set For for Raw Next Week, More

March 26, 2024 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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-That ending to RAW feels like it was so epic that it should have been saved for next week’s RAW! I will make the joke everyone else is, and that’s WWE has gotten everyone fired up for Rock/Cody and Punk/Drew. Poor Seth and Roman are getting left in the dust as World Champions and perhaps they fix that with next week’s shows.

-Megan Morant welcomes us to the show and she is joined by Sam Roberts. We immediately go to highlights from Rock’s epic ass kicking on Cody Rhodes in the pouring rain. I actually had “Sting” joining the nWo in the rain flashbacks. Rock makes Cody bleed, puts the blood on his personalized Mama Rhodes weight belt. I was waiting for Rock to smear the blood on the painting of Pharoah on the bus.

-Sam asks when the last time we saw anything like that. It’s been a while and probably why it has everyone talking. When it happens rarely it means so much more. I think back when Lesnar opened Cena up in the first pull apart brawl they had after Brock’s return. Roberts notes that Rock finally attacked and what he did wasn’t pretty. It was kind of jarring to see The Rock delivering that kind of brutal beating. I will also note when Rock grabbed the tool chest, I was waiting to see if he smashed Cody in the head with a hammer like Hogan did to Rock before Mania X-8.

-We transition to a video of Judgment Day attacking New Day and DIY to end the latter two team’s match. Truth wants a commercial break, but gets tossed in the ring and he holds his own for a bit before Priest hits a Razor’s Edge. That ladder match is going to be great and at this point they need to make sure we have a ladder match of some kind every year at Mania.

-Jackie Redmond is backstage with New Day and DIY. It seems the 4 of them will team and face Judgment Day next week. They joke they have to figure out a name whether it be New DIY or DIY Day! Fist bumps and they are ready for battle next week.

-That 8 Man Tag in front of what should be a hot crowd in Brooklyn could be a lot of fun. Sam doesn’t think New Day and DIY can co-exist.

-Sam and Megan discuss CM Punk’s return tonight and now he will be on commentary at Mania for Seth/Drew. That segment was fantastic and the crowd was eating up everything they were being fed. Drew is great and Punk has a fire back to him. Seth getting The Stomp and walking past Punk was much needed for Seth as for a while it looked like this hyping Punk/Drew.

-WrestleMania The World!

-To the video as Candice fakes a knee injury to sucker Ivy Nile in and uses the ropes to get the pain.

-Jackie Redmond is backstage with Ivy Nile and Maxxine Dupri. Indi breaks in and apologizes for Candice. Ivy and Maxxine want Indi to leave Candice, but the screen goes black and we cut back to Megan and Sam. No clue what happened there!

-To the video as Bronson Reed gets a win over Sami Zayn. I am fine with this as the whole idea is that Sami can’t beat GUNTHER and is now having doubts. This is Rocky III with Chad Gable apparently playing the role of Apollo Creed. Sami just didn’t have to take the ass beating Rocky did in the first bout with Clubber. Chad tells Sami he needs a different approach and if he is ready for that, they can talk.

-To the video as Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch have their first major promo battle. Rhea wants Becky to sit at home and listen to her daughter call Rhea, Mommy! Great line! Becky punches Dom first and then the brawl is on between Becky and Rhea. Chicago loved this. IT’S WRESTLEMANIA SEASON! EVERYONE FIGHT EVERYONE!

-Stand and Deliver commercial!

-To the video as JD McDonagh and Ricochet have another sweet match. This time Prison Dom gets involved and gets tossed out by the ref. Ricochet gets the win with a Shooting Star Press to a big pop.

-Cathy Kelly (who looks fantastic in her Elektra look) is backstage with Ricochet. He is 3-0 against Judgment Day in the last three weeks. He wants Balor and Priest and even Mommy. “I don’t think Sam is going to like that too much.” Nice! All rise for Ricochet! He is going to keep racking up wins and we will see what happens with Judgment Day next.

-To our Main Event as Jey Uso gets a win over Nakamura! Cody and Seth come down to brawl with Solo and Jimmy to keep them from getting involved in the match.

-Next week RAW is in Brooklyn as it is RAW’s final stop before WrestleMania. The show is packed as The Rock and Roman Reigns will both be appearing.

-The Bump will be live from WrestleMania World on April 4th at 12:30 PM!

-We see The Link as Megan closes the show this week. Thanks for reading!

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