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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: The Hurt Business Tease Expanding, Angel Garza Tries to Win Charly Back, More

August 31, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 08.31.20

-Welcome to your weekly RAW Talk Report as we are 24 hours removed from Payback and are heading to Clash of Champions. RAW closed with Orton becoming #1 contender so we have the WWE Title Match set with McIntyre/Orton II. As for RAW Talk, let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and is joined by her co-host, R Truth. CHARTRUTH as they are known collectively now. Only a few seconds in and R Truth is already making Preparation H jokes. Again, National Treasure! They discuss Payback and how Dominick picked up his first WWE win and Truth is happy for him as he has watched him since he was a little kid. Next Keith Lee beat Randy Orton and Truth calls him a mountain of a man. Charly brings up that Truth is the 24/7 Champion for the 39th time.

-The Riot Sqaud join the show and they are excited as you would expect. They earned a tag title match and also split The IIconics. I am not sure how I feel about that decision, but the IIconics sold the loss as you would expect and it paid off the rivalry between the two teams. Ruby puts over The IIconics for what they meant to the tag division, but when one door closes, another opens. Charly asks if they are still the Riott Squad and Ruby feels it is something they need to talk about as things aren’t the same as the last time they were the Riott Squad. They are two different people and they are now equals instead of Ruby being the leader. R Truth can see the intensity from them. Charly brings up the task they have in front of them now with Shayna and Nia. They aren’t taking the match lightly. Truth tells them they are cute in what they are saying but he wants them to bring the mean out. They talk about how much they have grown in the last year and how it has made them a stronger and unstoppable tag team.

-Truth cracks Charly as he winks at her when discussing having a party to celebrate getting his baby back.

-The Hurt Business is out and Truth is apparently being paged, so he takes his leave. MVP has been host on this show before, so this will be fine. MVP knows what his men are capable of as they are college educated combat sport veterans. Charly congratulates Lashley on winning the United States Champion. Lashley wants to talk about the group as they were together 12-15 years ago and would always go out together and here they are now gaining championships. MVP mentions they are some of the nicest guys in the world if you do what they want you to. Shelton feels RAW Underground is The Hurt Business Playground. MVP points out that The US Title was his Championship and it has come home. Charly asks what is next for The Hurt Business, but MVP doesn’t want that shared right now. They just let Charly know they like gold. If you have Gold then you are on their radar and nobody is exempt. Charly asks about adding anyone else to The Hurt Business. Lashley teases bringing a woman into the group and someone from 205 Live to be able to claim all the Gold. He also throws out the idea of expanding across brands to get those titles as well. In MVP’s words it’s a family business that is becoming a conglomerate. They are off to celebrate by cracking open a 21 year old bottle of whiskey, but Shelton gets to drink lemonade as he is the designated driver. They are The Hurt Business!

-YES! Our final guest is Angel Garza and he is ready to put the moves on Charly but R Truth is back to cock block him. Ouch! Charly feels it is best for Angel to stay on the other side of the desk. She isn’t impressed with the roses anymore as Angel is a typical man as he started flirting with a blonde that showed up. He continues to work the charm, but Charly isn’t buying it this week. Charly brings up Demi as Truth is lost. Angel says the roses have a name, “Charly Caruso” and Truth asks the roses if they have a name which cracks Charly again. Charly thought Angel was different, but he has had eyes for someone else and then left Demi on her own as well when Retribution showed up in the back. Charly questions Angel’s commitment and Truth asks if they are getting married. Charly says that she has been through a lot and admits she was falling for it, but her eyes are open now. She asks Angel if he has a watch because it’s time for him to go. Truth: “The was cold dawg. She said bye Felicia.” Charly is not in the mood for it, so she shuts the show down.

-Angel and Charly were great and stole the show this week (along with Truth, but that’s a given). The former Riott Squad and Hurt Business were fine, but seemed to step over each other at times, but they all got what points they wanted across. Thanks for reading!

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