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411’s WWE Saturday Morning Slam Report 8.25.12

August 25, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 8.25.12
-Scott Stamford welcomes us to the show for a run down of what we’ll see today.

-The Saturday Morning spotlight is on Brodus Clay. He discusses getting funky and entertaining the WWE Universe. He admits that the girls are better dancers than he is, and then says he loves bringing the kids into the ring to dance. We then head to a segment where Brodus says to get off your but because it is time to dance. The girls arrive, and he walks us through the Funkasaurus dance.

-We head to a from the vault video, showing WWE superstars of the past that brought dancing into the ring.

-The next segment is the “Third Degree.” Stars were asked what their favorite Olympic Sport is.

-Santino Marella, announced as the US Champion (and he wears the belt out there) comes out to join Josh Mathews for commentary. Bad continuity slip up there, I know it’s a show for kids, but usually WWE wouldn’t make a mistake like that. As Steve Cook would say, it is what it is.

Kofi Kingston vs. Heath Slater

Kofi offers to shake hands, but Slater refuses. Lock up, and an arm drag by the one-man rock band. He celebrates, they lock up again and an arm drag by Kofi. Slater charges in, another arm drag and holds on, working the arm. Reversal by Slater, and he takes Kofi down to the mat. Kofi escapes, and works some ark drags, and tries to work the arm. Monkey flip by Slater, but Kofi lands on his feet ad gets a monkey flip of his own and covers for 2. We do the old school criss-cross, Kofi stops and lets Slater blow himself up, and Slater asks for water. Hip toss by Kofi, and back to the arm he goes. Kofi sends Slater to the floor, and as he celebrates, we head to a commercial @ 4:00.

Safety promo from Daniel Bryan, who says that they are trained performers, and to not try what they do here at home or at school. Stay safe and do not try this.

We are back from a commercial @ 7:00, with Slater covering Kofi for 2. Slater works a seated abdominal stretch. Kofi to his feet, slam by Slater. He tries to toss Kofi, fights back with a sunset flip and gets 2. Slater fires back, and then locks in another abdominal stretch. Slater goes old school and grabs the ropes behind the ref’s back, a little thing that doesn’t get done nearly enough these days. The ref does catch him, and Kofi with the hip toss escapes. Kofi with the slam, boom drop and he is fired up. Slater ducks trouble in paradise, but then misses a corner splash. Kofi up top, high cross body connects and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kofi Kingston @ 11:00 via

-That match had an old school, WCW Saturday Night feel. Slater with the simple, but effective heel tactics, the baby face winning with the high cross body off the ropes; which by today’s standards is considered lame, but is a fine finish for a basic match like this. Also, at least for this match, it appears as if the “unspoken rule” (moves aimed at the neck, which would include anything from a simple headlock to the RKO) looks to be in action. Instead of always going back to a headlock, it was going back to the arm. AN interesting change, but an understood one for a show on Saturday morning’s designed for little kids.

-They come back from commercial, and we see a B. A. Star video.

-On next week’s show, we get a segment on Rey Mysterio, Superstar catchphrases and more.

-They close with the Sumerslam Music video…

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