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411’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 07.13.03

July 13, 2003 | Posted by Dan Wojcik

411’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 07.13.03
Matches Taped in Montreal
Exclusive 411 Report by Chris Pankonin

-A limo shows up with the World Heavyweight Champion Triple H inside. Trip gets on his cell, calls Flair and tells him to keep the women hot and the champagne cold as this wouldn’t take too long.

-Opening Videos & Pyro

-Coach and Al Snow are the hosts for this “Star Studded” edition of Heat.

Scott Steiner w/ Stacy vs. Ruffy Silverstein
Steiner and Stacy enter to a huge pop to kick off the show as Big Papa Pump goes against a youngster from Calgary……Alberta, Canada. Silverstein wrestles in khaki pants with a belt. Complete and total squash match as Steiner roughs Ruffy up both inside and out of the ring. Crowd loudly chants “We Want Stacy”, but she’s right freakin there! What’s the deal with these crazy Canucks? Steiner taunts, poses and finishes Silverstein up with that modified DDT finisher he’s using these days.

Winner: Scott Steiner


-JVC Blast of the Night: Booker T getting screwed out of the IC title two weeks ago on RAW.

-Raw ReHeated: Booker T vs. Christian

-Wrestlemania Recall: Butterbean vs. Bart Gunn, Wrestlemania XV


-Steven Richards comes out to join the commentary team, Stevie Night Heat!

-La Resistance enters to a huge pop! The pop changes to jeers as they proclaim France the greatest country in the world. Berates the Montreal crowd for being French Canadians, because they aren’t from France! Grenier says something I can’t comprehend as Coach insults our intelligence by saying “Well we have been in the Montreal area all week long.” Seeing as how I went to a house show Friday night, I guess I didn’t get the memo that Nebraska is now a part of the Montreal area. I guess I learn something new every day!

La Resistance vs. Dux and Rue
La Rez take on some local yokels in a non-title tag match. Grenier and Dupree take beating on the two jobbers, one has “Textbook” written on his tights. The announcers ignore the match as Richards explains his duties as the leader of Stevie Night Heat. Apparently Richards has given Goldust the week off, or something along those lines. After textbook makes a hot tag to short shorts, the jobber cleans house, but quickly runs into the double spinebuster for the win.

Winner: La Resistance

-Richards runs out to the ring after the match and strangely congratualates La Rez.

-Terri interviews Maven backstage. Maven explains that he’s done things nobody thought he could do all his life, citing such things as Tough Enough. Maven says he takes on the best in the business tonight and we’ll all find out what he can do.


-Raw ReHeated: The entire history of the Stone Cold/Kane angle from last month through Monday night on RAW.

-Tomorrow night on RAW Stone Cold and Bischoff will both be in the house and Gail Kim will take on Molly Holly.

-Backstage, Triple H tells Maven he has it all and is the future of this business. Trip goes on to say that he’s been as successful as he can be right now and that Trip envies him in some ways. Tonight he’ll have a night like no other with his heart pounding in his chest and it will dawn on him that he’s in the ring with The Game, the best that there is, Triple H. I’ve made it all the way to the top and Triple H’s advice is to take a mental snapshot that he’s in the ring with the best that there is, and just as he realizes it, Trip is going to put his lights out, its as simple as that. Take that picture kid, take it. Ain’t no shame in getting beat by The Game.


Triple H vs. Maven
Both men dance around a little to start the match, with Trip making the first attack with a small spear and quick cover and one count. Trip shoves Maven down and the two exchange smirks. Finally they lock up, with Maven hitting a hiptoss and a couple of dropkicks knocking Triple H over the top rope and onto the floor. Trip looks perplexed as he gets back in the ring, but quickly hits a boot to the gut and proceeds to fling Maven through the ropes and to the outside. Trip tries to slam Maven into the steps, but he blocks it and introduces Trip’s head to the steps! They go mid-match into…


-We return with both men down in the middle of the ring. Triple H is the first to recover and goes on the attack, choking Maven. Maven tries to rally and dodges some off the rope attacks, but runs into Triple H’s knee, allowing Trip regain complete control of the match. Trip slacks on going for a suplex, allowing Maven to flip a small package for a two count. Triple H is irate as he knocks Maven to the mat and hits his trademark kneedrop, but still only gets a two count. Maven tries to battle back from his knees with some fists followed by a jawbreaker to the game. Maven regains a small advantage, hitting a back-body drop followed by some top rope firsts, but Trip pushes out, and after a couple of reversals Maven attempts a pin and gets a two count. With Trip on the mat, he grabs Maven’s tights and flings him outside of the ring. Trip follows him to the outside and grabs the belt, he misses as Trip goes back in the ring. An errant shot hits the ref, Maven grabs the belt and hits Triple H with the belt! Maven covers and only gets a two count. Snow is getting fired up as he applies a sleeper hold to the World Champ.Ref checks the arm, which drops three times, but on the third Trip has his foot on the ropes. Maven goes upstairs after a brief argument with the ref, but Trip shoves the referee into the ropes, knocking Maven onto the turnbuckle. Trip goes on the attack but Maven blocks, shoving Triple H back followed by a bulldog! Maven covers and gets another two count, making the TE winner extremely frustrated. Maven goes upstairs again, but Trip reverses into a rollup for a two count. Both guys now go back and forth, Trip goes for the pedigree, but Maven shoves out and throws Triple H against the ropes, Maven sets for a back-body drop, but as he tilts his head Triple H hits the Pedigree, goes for the cover and gets the victory in a great match against Maven.

Winner: Triple H

-End Show

-Obal will be back next week.


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